Monday, February 27th, 2012

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about glitter eyeshadow. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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24 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Glitter Eyeshadow

  1. Lisa

    Everything about it drives me bananas!

  2. GUSnail

    Love the idea of glitter eyeshadow, but often it doesn’t look as bright on the eye-and then of course the issue of fall out!

  3. I love the look of it, but clean up is a nightmare!

  4. P.Cruz

    While I generally like glitter eyeshadow (so pretty :D), they are usually harder to work with, when compared to mattes or shimmery ones. They don’t usually “stick” as well to my eyelid. And don’t get me started on fall out. D:

  5. I love the sparkly effect but hate all the fallout. I usually use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base to help the glitter adhere but there usually is still fallout because my eyelid creases in a strange shape which tends to displace eyeshadow.

  6. Hate GLITTER EYESHADOWS!!! But I love glitter when I use the right binders for applying them. ^_^ I rarely use Glitter as it’s a much more dolled up look for special occasions.

  7. In general, I can’t stand them. I don’t want to have to deal with fallout. I guess if I had started wearing makeup when I was much younger and going clubbing often enough, I might have appreciated it. At this point of my life glitter just feels a bit too much. The only remotely glittery shade I own is Sidecar from the Naked Palette. I wear it from time to time because the base color is amazing (especially when paired with Darkhorse). However, I can’t bring myself to appreciate the fallout!

  8. Miss J

    I don’t particularly like glitter on my eyes, or anywhere on me, really. I typically only go for glitter when I want something a little more festive, usually for a holiday or special event, but not for everyday wear. I do think they are pretty, but they don’t usually stick as well, create fallout, and can be painful/harmful if it gets into the eyes. I try to steer clear of them for the most part because I have had too many bad experiences.

  9. Makaegan

    I love glitters, but they’re such a pain to work with! I got lucky on a recent trip to the mall though and picked up a product that I’ve been raving about since I first tried it. It’s the VS Beauty Hypergloss Eye Shimmer and it’s like a cream to powder kind of glitter topcoat for your eyes. Just pat it on over any eyeshadow and it gives the same effect as a glitter shadow with none of the hassle, zero glittery fallout and they stay put all day. I adore them! They only come in black, gold and silver, but they’re lovely.

  10. Kelly B

    I hate everything about them…especially when the base color is beautiful and just what you’ve been looking for but you can’t use it unless you want to put out an eye and have your face look like a disco ball. I have never been able to get off all of the fall out…and when I get close, more falls out! The LAST time I tried one from Urban Decay my eyelids were swollen and scratched for 3 days from the glitter chunks even though I was very careful when taking it off. Of course, always had moisturizer and primer underneath but not enough to protect my lids. Sorry for the ramble, I’ve never posted but this is a major pet peeve.

  11. Dinitchka

    I save full on glitter for a night out on the town or a special occasion. Sometimes I wear it during the day but I have to really tone it down.

    LOVE: It’s glitter, what’s not to love? *LOL*

    HATE: Oy, the mess of taking it off and the fall out of certain shades/brands, espcially when I am in a rush :(

  12. I bought the NARS Night series platte which has all these black-based eyeshadows with different coloured micro-glitter which fortunately fallout isn’t really an issue.
    I still have yet to really master these eyeshadows. I don’t like patting glitter eyeshadows because the finish is too opaque for my taste but blending motions totally take out the glitter and I can’t seem to find a sticky enough base!

    • You summed up my frustrations perfectly. :{ I end up using many different colors in the same shade gradient and patting them on, since blending a single glitter shadow will result in a faded lid color with tons of fallout beneath my eye! I use Too Faced Glitter Glue, though, which helps keep what stays on my lid *on my lid.*

  13. Lorena

    I love how it looks on the lids if the right amount paird with the right ocassion but i HATE how it almost inevitably travels all over your face! At least on me, glitter is not flattering any other place of my face but my lids. I even have a very glittery paintpot from a recent collection (name escapes me) which i got thinking that in the form of a paintpot it would stay put but it travels just as bad as my other highly glittery shadows such as one in the UD Naked pallete the original.

  14. jessica

    can’t stand the fallout!!! ugh. even when I do everything “right”, I still get fallout later in the day and it drives me nuts. I just used a smidgen of sidecar from urban decay, because I love that color, but an hour later, I had fallout all over my cheeks. :(( I also really want Maui wowie, but I can tell just from looking at it that I will have that same problem. glitter eyeshadows are just too high-maintenance for me….

  15. amy

    i actually like the fallout of sidecar. since its a neutral the glitter brings a subtle shimmer to my cheeks that msf’s don’t. brighter shades the color and the glitter stick in my pores and makes it look dirty. i usually have to apply an extra amount of powder to my face as a result.

  16. Lark

    Let me tell you kinder a secret- if you relax and go with it your lives will be fun instead of driven to neurosis. Anyplace you want to wear glitter eyeshadow is fine for a dusting of sparkles along the cheekbones- meaning cock your head so the fall out lands well. And quit sweating it. And quit buying Nars glitter shadows because Did They Work For Anybody Here? Let’s encourage them only on other things, not shards of glass in eyeshadow.

    That said- getting it to stick on the lids can be a pain; glitter eyeliner spread across a shadowed lid works better sometimes, (comes in glue!) and I may not like a lot of MAC Mineralize but the Style Black and Magic, Mirth from Holiday 2010 have great glitter stickage. It’s metal foil in the original ones, a gold leaf think that tears up easily.

  17. civa

    I like the look of glitter in person cause you can see it glisten in action but it’s annoying that you can only appreciate the beauty of it in person – it just looks bleh in pictures…

  18. Stephanie

    I couldn’t live without my glittery eyeshadows or pure glitter! I use my finger to put the glitter on because brushes tend to flick the glitter everywhere. Yes, glitter will go in places you may have not wanted them…but that is what tape is for! <3 glitter. The urban decay glitter eye liners are really cool though if you don't want to deal with mess. Once they have dried they don't budge. They make for a really cool glitzy cat eye.

  19. I love glitter eyeshadow…love love love…especially if Fyrinnae pixy epoxy is used….my favorite now is Tom Ford’s eyeshadow….titanium smoke…the one Christine used on her “what we’re wearing” last Friday…I wonder if there was fallout for you Christine?

  20. Most of the time I do`nt like glitters. Especially when they go all over my face. But sometimes it can make an eyelook really pop.

  21. Tori

    The sidecar shadow in the Naked 1 palette is a beautiful colour but I hate the fall out. You end up with gold glitter all over your face by the end of the day.

  22. Amanda

    Some are better then others. Tend to like some of the MAC Lustre shadows better then others within the same brand. Same goes for UD. Chopper isn’t as bad as some others with the fall out. All in all they all still have the fall out issue. I wear them when I have time to work with it. Unless I have something underneath that will make it stick well, it isn’t worth putting in all the effort to make it work.

  23. Melody

    I love Bobby Dazzle by Urban Decay. The glitter stays on all day and doesn’t fall down onto my foundation as long as I use a primer!