Monday, April 7th, 2014

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Finishing Powders!

my answer: Five years ago, I probably would have said, “What’s the point?” For the past couple of years, though, I’m all about a great finishing powder! They really do finish a look–and I think the effect is more noticeable in person, as it gives skin the look of real skin.

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41 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Finishing Powders

  1. I just haven’t found one that doesn’t make me look really dry yet. I have very dry skin, but when I put on serums and primers, it makes it VERY dewy/oily, so I need a powder at least on my t-zone. When it gets on my nose, the powder, it makes it verrrry dry and that’s a pain. I’m thinking of trying a pressed powder once my loose powders are done. Maybe that’ll help?
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    • Hi RIKKI! I have a wonderful suggestion that I think you’ll fall in love with!! I was once like you! :) WITH A BIG POWDER BRUSH: Undo just one hole and tap this powder into the lid and gather the product and press it into the skin with the brush, no rubbing or swirling on the face, just press it into lightly! I swear you will look immaculate and your makeup will last all day! Here’s a link! Check out this product at – NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder – Translucent Crystal

      SEPHORA HAS THIS! It will last FOREVER! <3 & Enjoy! I hope this helps!
      Lotus :)

    • What has really worked for me is setting sprays (I use Skindanavia’s…the same brand that makes Urban Decay’s but the bottle is twice the size as UD’s and half the price).

      When I first heard about setting sprays I thought they were nonsense, but no, they actually work. And a light misting after makeup application totally takes away the powdery look and leaves a nice soft natural finish.

      For my combo/oily & dry skin I use the oily skin formula (same as UD’s De-Slick, I found the All-nighter formula didn’t have the same lasting effects for me, but still helped with fixing the powdery look)

  2. I love the way they make my skin look all glowy. Some days I accidentally overapply though, and it makes my face look a lot paler than the rest of my body, which I dislike. D=

  3. I hate that I can’t live without them. I’m so oily! I’m still trying a bunch of different ones in hopes to find my perfect match. I’m tired of having to blot every hour! I also see a lot of them claiming to make you “poreless” to which I say “lies!”. I’ve tried several of these and my pores are still big!
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    • Hello! I’m suggesting this in response to almost everyone! I hope it’s okay! :) I was with you before I found this! It’s sold at sephora, will last forever! Just uncover 1 hole and tap product into lid and then use a good powder brush to collect the product and tap it into skin. It’s a wonder product! I promise and hope this helps! Please let me know! :) <3 Lotus

      • Thank you. I will give this a try!
        Christine Recently Posted: Smashbox X Santigold – Apocolypse Now Palette Eye Look

        • You are so welcome! I hope it works well for you! Please let me know! :) Yay!

        • Avatar of Irene Irene

          I’m also very oily, and I do use the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder, however I use it differently than the way Lotus recommends. On my skin, using a powder brush gave a very meh look, not at all the “airbrushed” look that I heard raves about, either pressing into the skin or buffing. Then I started using a powder puff instead of a brush, and that truly works. You can open 2 or 3 holes of the powder lifting the sticker, then pour about a pea sized amount of powder, shift it a little on the lid, then press the puff against the lid to pick up the powder. Gently press the puff onto your skin wherever you want powder. I usually get a bit too much powder on, so afterwards I take a big fluffy powder brush and swirl it gently all over the skin to buff, and that takes away the excess powder and gives the most perfect, airbrushed look ever. Applying powder with a puff rather than a brush also sets concealer instead of moving it like sometimes happens when using a brush, and I haven’t noticed the brush I use *after* I use the puff messing up any concealing!

  4. I’m not sure my Armani Loose powder counts!
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  5. kurohana

    i usually skip finishing powders and opt for the UD makeup spray but lately my t-zone has been oily which is odd since i have drier skin. i have a pretty light hand with makeup but powders always make my skin look dry and pale, dont care for them but if you have a good one i would love to know. i’ve tried bare minerals,korres, dhc, etc. i do want to try the primed and poreless from too faced

  6. I’m on exactly the same page as you. I never really saw the point before and always opted for a powder foundation. I find that the last few years have seen leaps and bounds in the technology plus I’ve also gained an appreciation for more subtle effects. I find it’s the difference between looking like you have great makeup and looking like you have great skin.
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  7. Rave- I love my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. It gives my skin a gorgeous glow, it’s a good way to “finish” my makeup

  8. I can do without, but if I do use one, it would be the Ben Nye Neutral Set. I set my entire face with this powder because it’s translucent and I especially use it for my brows so they don’t get that greasy/shiny effect.

  9. Once I found Nars Loose translucent setting/finishing powder, I’ve had no complaints! How can I forget color correction and blurring into perfection with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders? LOVE! if I had to dislike something, I quests it would be the way they are caked on terribly wrong with some people but to each their own! :)

  10. Totally ADDICTED to powder and finishing powders!

  11. Avatar of Abigail AbigailOD

    Guerlain changed my idea of finishing powders (c/o Temptalia, of course!), and it does make a difference. I used to wonder if it’s all in the head but once loved ones and strangers alike comment on the ‘skin’ (like mentioned here), that was my Aha moment!

  12. Love ‘em!

    I do not feel ‘finished’ without them. I press translucent power into my t-zone only (Chantecaille HD in compact form or NARS Light Reflecting in loose form..I really like both) and then I dust a bit of Hourglass (mood, and dim are my favs) on high planes, down front of nose, cupid’s bow, bit on my forehead.

    When I overdo it and look like a little too glowy..*ahem* and similar to Natalie’s comment, it can make your face look paler than the rest of your body! Ooops.. Yeah, I’ve developed a lighter hand.. :D

    • I forgot one caveat.. I always always spritz with Jane Iredale D20 following finishing powders. I have aging skin and a quick spritz settles the powders into skin.

  13. I’m really on the fence with them. I feel that they can be phenomenal for people who have relatively smooth skin (i.e. people who don’t have giant pores or texture-type acne scars like me). But every time I put any of these powders on my “need-to-check-out list,” I end up removing them after I swatch them in person. And I don’t swatch that heavily mind you. But every time.. it’s just like, “No.. this is going to make my pores look huge–something that I’ve seen happening with many online rave reviews where the person LOVES the product, but in my opinion, it doesn’t flatter the person at all.” Maybe from far away, but anything less than about 3-4 feet away, depending on the viewer’s vision, and it just looks obvious and rather unpleasant.

    The ones I’ve considered are (of course):

    The NARS ones, which I’ve been turned off because of the white color. I’ve never had luck with “translucent” powders because in certain lighting they make my face appear ashy and gray, as if I needed more of that. Cough: mineral sunscreens.

    The Hourglass ones, too have been on my list for a while. I had originally though that Diffused Light would be the most appropriate one for me (due to the allegedly low “glow” factor and its light yellow base), but after swatching it in person, I was put off by its powdery texture AND that it contains random flecks of shimmer. Dim Light on the other hand, surprisingly does not have the obvious flecks of shimmer. But the sheen it gives is a bit strong.

    Finally, there’s the Guerlain Pressed Meteorites. I wouldn’t consider the ball ones since they provide more of a highlighter affect. Now, I don’t have any anything against this product, except perhaps for the price. But because of the issues I have with my skin and with highlighting powders, I’ve just never jumped the shark with this product either. Plus, I believe I get a pretty flattering and natural effect from the NYX Dewy Makeup Setting Spray. Do I really need these?

    So yeah, I guess I’m very conflicted haha. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do? Although, I’m pretty sure I have the solution to my problem… which is to just try them on my face, rather than swatching them and over-thinking everything. Sigh.

    • Avatar of Maggie Maggie

      lol–not over-thinking it is a good strategy. You should check out Christine’s review on the new-ish Urban Decay Naked loose powder if you want a loose powder that isn’t “white” or translucent. I heard the NARS one is better in comparison with oil-control though so if acne is a problem that one might be the better way.

  14. I am finding I am really liking the Nars Pressed Light Reflecting Finishing powder. For a more less expensive one I love is the Koty Airspun Loose Powder

  15. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a finishing powder (as in, a dedicated one), but I’ve always been curious! What gives me a wonderful finish is using a fluffy brush with some of my YSL pressed powder foundation!

    I would like to try a translucent powder some day though!
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  16. I use Chanel Les Beiges in 40 as a finishing powder and I get so many compliments on my glowing skin. I swear by this stuff so much that it’s the first compact powder I’ve hit pan on in years!

  17. Avatar of LU LU

    I love when they actually work. I also like that they can all do different things, my guerlain crazy Paris pressed pearls give me a nice pink glow, my MUFE hd gives me a nice matte look, and my ud loose powder that I now love gives me this nice, soft focus effect.

  18. I’ve always hated finishing powders. They feel so caky, no matter how finely milled. Even BE didn’t really cut it for me. I’ve always opted for the UD setting spray instead. But the Hourglass Ambient light powders converted me. They feel and look so natural and really do put a finishing touch on everything.
    If there’s anything else out there that feels similar – I must know!

  19. Avatar of Irene Irene

    I had never used a finishing powder (just regular pressed translucent powder) until I bought the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder, and it’s my favorite make-up product ever! It didn’t work so well until I started using a powder puff to apply it and then buffing with a brush, though.

  20. Avatar of Quinctia Quinctia

    I like cream foundation, so I often find a little bit of powder a necessity to set the cream product. I like that I can change the effect of everything depending on what powder I use. I try to keep a mattifying powder and a glowy powder on hand.

  21. I havent explored this area much and have to go a long way..
    I have tried just loose powder but most of them didnt worked the way I wanted .. I would love to get hands on Hourglass Ambient ones..

    BTW.. Any of your favorites here? if possible do a post a on ur top fav finishing powders.. :)

  22. I have fairly good skin texturewise, but it’s so so dull in tone during winter!!!… I honestly use highlighters as finishing powders.. no shame :D everything else looks like simple mattifying powder and makes me look all tired and dry! :(

  23. I’ve learned over the years how important application is. Too many people try to pat powder on with the “puff” that comes with it, or cake it on by using too much with a brush. The lighter the application, the smoother my skin looks.

  24. I do get a bit oily, but whenever I would use a powder it always looked cakey on my chin. The NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder is definitely my favorite right now. I bought it a while ago, but recently pulled it out again and I’m loving it.

  25. THe one powder that has not disappointed me is Make Up For Ever’s HD finishing powder (loose). It does everything it promises without leaving me looking dry, chalky, or giving me that weird white “flashback” in photographs. I’m tempted to try the pressed version for on the go touch ups.

  26. I’ve been using Ben Nye Banana powder for over 15 years; long before it was revealed that Kim Kardashian wears it. To tell you the truth, I always wondered if it “worked” as well as I thought it did, and knowing it’s used on someone so beautiful made me feel more confident about the products I choose. I used to have really oily skin, so I needed powder, but it seemed impossible to find a match, and white powder looks terrible on me (it’s not “sheer” on my skin). A makeup artist working on a play I was in used the Banana powder initially for a “special effect”…but upon light application we both said, “This actually looks really good…” I still use Banana, but these days I mostly use and love Inglot Translucent Loose Powder in Shade 217 (yellow), and Inglot Mattifying Face Powder in Shade 302.