Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about fall makeup collections. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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21 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Fall Makeup Collections

  1. livnzoe

    on one side i love that products change their colors (most collections include more smokey and berry colors instead of bright an funky ones!!)

    .. but on the other side i’m not really able to wear lots of these dark colors (like dark lips etc..) because i’m so pale!!!

    • Emily O.

      Isn’t it interesting, I love dark lips because I think they contrast so well with my super pale skin :)

      • Veronica

        I’m the same. Contrast as the centerpoint of a look is always a big draw for me. It’s the same reason why I really love bright, opaque colors on women with darker skin tones – it’s just something that immediately stands out to my eye.

  2. Cupcake888

    I love the fact that there are NEW collections to play with, but I don’t like that most companies try to tell me what I should wear in Fall. Why does it have to be all muddy and dusty and vampy? I live in Cali and I don’t necessarily feel these colors this time of the year. And think about it, it’s Spring time in the Southern hemisphere! Think global, big cosmetics!

    That’s why I gravitate towards unconventional collections, a la MAC’s neon for fall.

  3. Sharon

    It seems as if the colors are always the same every year, it’s just the way they are marketed that is different . . . . as if customers aren’t smart enough to realize this. It’s like cmopanies saying that purple is going to be big for fall, isn’t it always?

    • Maddie

      Purple is a staple for Autumn, usually it’s elaboration on which shade is the It look, kind of like how blockbusters are a (early spring) summer thing, and it’s the genre that varies (recently comic book/superhero movies).

      I hope that makes sense to more people than me.

  4. Miss

    I love makeup for this time of year. I can wear dark eyes with my preferred black clothes and not be considered weird, because it’s the one time of the year that goth is considered “chic”. I gravitate towards these colours because, well, darker colours simply sing to me. (My eyes are pale blue, my skin is pale, and as a result bright colours look horrendous on me.) So every year around this time, my heart does little dances at the sight of new Fall collections. Sure, every year companies come out with very similar colours, but there’s a reason for that – these colours are timeless and classic.

  5. Maddie

    I hate that most collections tend to favor cooler skintones, even with how dark and rich most fall colors are. Autumn is this black girl’s favorite season and she hates being left out!

  6. Nesita

    I dislike that fall trends are all about dark lips and nails. I like my brights, no matter what time of the year!

  7. beachgal

    I really like the transition time to amping up my eyes a bit more – bringing in a stronger brow for nights, and really feeling it’s time to wear my deeper red and russet lipstick shades.

  8. Carrie Ann

    I like fall makeup because the colors tend to flatter my warm skintone, but I’m not one for dark lips (or dark eyeshadow). Fall and summer shades are always really pretty, though.

  9. judith hall

    The Fall makeup collections I’ve seen to this point are silly, over- jeweled, glittery eyeshadows, liptsicks and nail polish that 99.9% of women would never wear! (MAC Fall collection, for example) Some of the reasonable items from other lines look like makeup I might wear for an evening out, but nowhere else. I enjoy trendy makeup as much as the next person, but there is nothing I would even care to “trend” on here. I’m looking for Fall makeup that I can wear everyday and gloss it up to go day into evening. Maybe I’ve missed the good stuff somewhere, I hope I have, at least I know it’s out there.

    • Deb

      Judith, I so agree with you. It seems like all of the fall collections are competing for who can put the most glitter in the products. Every year, it gets more and more like the only target audience these companies are after are the very young girls and women who can wear all of this glitter. I’m not talking about shimmer, I’m talking about full on glitter. There needs to be some balance. Some of us are older now and still love and lust after our makeup and we have reached a point where glitter all over our face is not attractive. I too feel like I must be missing the good stuff because even the high end brands are looking like disco balls.

  10. Veronica

    I like fall collections, in part because I tend to fall more into the vampy/dark color spectrum as far as makeup goes, so it’s my “stock up” season. I do think the stress on “appropriate” seasonal coloration is a little overdone, though. As dreary as winter can get, why not cheer it up with some bright colors occasionally?

  11. Catherine

    I love the colours of fall but I’m living in Australia so it’s actually getting into Spring here! It’s a bit frustrating that all the collections cater towards northern hemisphere seasons so I end up buying collections that I’m excited about that don’t really fit with the weather. Same with all the fall youtube tutorials! Has me in the mood for fall when we’re just coming out of winter :)

    • Anita

      As a fellow Aussie, I have exactly the same issue!

    • Emma RZ

      I’m a kiwi living in the US but I feel your pain. I’m sure that it’s nothing new to you but I just did a youtube bronzer vid if you’re interested. Look for KiwiMakeupGirl. Just think though, you will be enjoying a wonderful warm Christmas while we freeze our behinds off up here!

  12. I always love the vampy colours, but I hate that I never know how to pull them off. Brights are my usual “safe, go to” colours, while vampy, darker colours terrify me when it comes to application.

  13. summerblue

    I’m a fall & summer person so I usually don’t care for fall colors; love pastels & bright colors. One of the issues with collections is that many individual items I like can’t be purchased separately, & I just can’t justify a huge price for 1 item in the collection that I love.

  14. nida raees

    hey im really excited to see mac 182 brush … as mac is not really available in pakistan and i tried to buy this twice when i was in uae for a week but it was out of stock really want that brush plzzz ….

  15. Courtney

    I adore fall makeup. Lots of bold colors instead of pastels. Drama is in!