Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… EYESHADOW PRIMER/BASE!

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67 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Eyeshadow Primer/Base

  1. Shayla

    I’ve never actually used a product meant specifically as an eyeshadow primer/base…I’ve tried MAC Paints (in a neutral shade), but didn’t really like the results. More recently I’ve been using Shiseido Makeup Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow…the name of the shade is Glistening Sand, I think.

    I’ve heard good things about the Urban Decay priming potion or whatever it’s called, so I’m thinking about picking it up on my next visit to Sephora :)

    • claudia m.

      The Urban Decay primer potion is like glue! I love it, eyeshadow does NOT move all day =)

  2. Joli

    I’m used Benefit’s lemon-aid for years just because it brightens my eyes and dark circles. That it doubled as a base was just a bonus.

    I just got two paint pots (fresco rose and delft ((I LOVE Teal!)) ) and I love them for providing a base color that adds depth to basic eye shadow. Delft also makes an awesome eyeliner.

  3. Sara

    i was in a rush the other day and i just put on some chocolate brown pigment without a base. by the afternoon it was creasy and greasy ew!! i love using painterly as a base, i use udpp on occasion. i also love your pigment+mixing medium technique! i use it all the time!

    • Shayla

      What’s this mixing medium that everyone’s always talking about?

      • Shefali

        You can buy mixing medium at a PRO store or you can make it by using glycerin and water. There is a post in the forum that says how to make it. It’s totally cheaper to make it…it’ll cost like $2 and it works amazingly with pigment.

      • PRO product, or you can do the homemade version which is 1 part glycerin, 3 parts water.

  4. cloudburst

    I rarely use a base, but sometimes use mac paint pots. I’m torn – on one hand your eyeshadow does have better colour intensity, but on the other I find them kind of cakey & harder to blend shadows on top of bases, plus if you make a mistake, it’s difficult to blend out, or remove just by wiping with a q-tip or something. I think bases are worth it if you’re makeup really has to last, but not really imperative if it’s just for everyday life.

    • Shefali

      I agree cloudburst…I don’t like to use Paint Pots as a base b/c I just can’t seem to blend my shadows well and they do get kind of cakey.

      • Emma

        Could you be using too much product? I use paintpots as a base everyday and have never had a problem blending!

        I LOVE bases, gosh, couldn’t live without ’em! 😀

  5. K

    It’s hard to find a good one. I used Clinique’s touch base for eyes for years but got annoyed about going to the mall to get it (I’d rather be able to pick up my primer at Ulta or with my Sephora orders). It worked really well for me, and I should have just sucked it up and went to the mall; I have yet to find another primer that works for me. Due to the fabulousness of Smashbox’s products, I tried their eye/lip primer duo, but the eye primer did nothing. Hopefully the Urban Decay will work. I do really recommend the Clinique option for anyone who is looking. The only problem is that it always dried out before I got through it all, but that was at least 6 months if not longer.

  6. Sovann

    Mac Bare Study paint pot is my favorite!!!!

    • Calico

      I have this but find it doesnt offer enough coverage… are bases supposed to offer coverage?

  7. DaniMae

    I use Urban Decay Primer Potion on a daily basis and I can’t go with out it. You only have to use a tiny bit and smooth it over your whole lid. I also use it as a base to set my brows because I don’t have any so I have to draw them on. The UDPP sets well on my skin and it makes my colors pop. It helps the color stick so there’s less fall out and my make up doesn’t crease.

    There aren’t too many products that I just swear by, because everyone likes different things, but I LOVE UDPP and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality shadow primer.

    • Shayla

      Thanks DaniMae…that really makes my mind up on primers! (I’m picking UDPP next time I’m at Sephora, so…Friday!)

    • Shefali

      UDPP IS THE BOMB. IT’S AN HG PRODUCT FOR ME…I’LL NEVER GO WITHOUT IT. (had to do it in caps to express my love and passion for this product…it’s changed my life!)

  8. AmyLou

    I like UDPP and Mary Kay Eye Primer.

    I’ve used Clinique touch base before, but not anytime in the last 10 years or so, so I can’t remember.

    Benefit’s FYeye is pretty good, too, though UDPP and MK are both better.

    I use it every day because I have fairly large lids/deep set eyes, making even the most long-wearing eye shadows crease within hours.

  9. Ashley

    I usually use MAC Paint or Paint pots, I always use a primer since if I don’t, my eyeshadow creases. HATE THAT!! Use a thin base and the shadows stay nice and neat all day!

  10. Kharina

    UDPP is my HG eye primer! Love that it is soft and creamy so that makes it easy to apply in the lid, yet it dries well and makes applying eyeshadow like a breeze but with awesome staying power…by the end’s day I still have my eyeshadow without any creasing! That plus it’s only about $15 and lasts really long. What more could I ask for?

    Hope this helps for anyone out there still looking for a good eye primer 😉

  11. Monique

    MAC paints don’t work for me the way UDPP does.
    It doesn’t crease and it makes the shadow go on like Butta!
    Love it.

  12. kimberly

    im old school and i love bare canvas paint…i am sure i will graduate to the pots soon

  13. Charlotte

    I have oily lids, so I never go without eyeshadow base. Benefit’s F.Y. Eye has always worked perfectly for me, so I have never bothered to try anything else. I use Shadesticks, paint paints or cream shadows on top of it, then powder eyeshadow over top of that for a look that stands out and lasts all day/evening :)

  14. elie

    UDPP!! Is a gift form God! I used to use MAC paints and paint pots for awhile then decided to try Urban Decay Primer Potion, and there was no going back! I love that stuff, so nice and creamy and easy to blend colors with it and my eyelids are super oily, but with that stuff no creasing!! Best stuff ever!

  15. It’s got to be UDPP, love that stuff- My eyeshadows just wouldn’t stay put otherwise!

    I have paints and paintpots, but they just don’t work on me on it’s own, I have to apply UDPP before Paintpots to stop creasing!

    • Heather

      Yes – my HG is UDPP with a MAC paintpot OVER it!! I swear to you – if you use this combination, your eye shadow will NOT crease (not even the dark colors). It will last all day, and into tomorrow if you forget to take it off. I SWEAR by it!!! Pleeeeeeease try it if you’ve ever had problems with creasing!

  16. Jessika

    i always use a base of a dusting of powder followed by paint or paint pot and another dusting of powder, it really does make eyeshadow budge proof. i know a girl who uses a shadestick as a base, but i find that it ALWAYS creases and stick to a neutral paint or paint pot. does anyone else use shadestick as a base?

  17. Pauline

    On my lids, even my foundation creases in about 3 minutes. I am not even kidding, whenever I see my classmates with eyeshadow on and no base, I get so jealous! I have to use a base. I used to use UDPP but now I prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance becuase it lets me blend more easily. MAC Paints and Paint Pots creased on me in a few hours :( My eyelids are so greasy, its so annoying!

  18. Sandy

    I cannot go without primer, makes the colors last longer and prevents creasing. I use MAC paints and paint pots (love both of them for different reasons). I dislike UDPP though, I know it works for some ppl, but not for me.

  19. Candice

    I just picked up Urban Decay Primer and I love it! I have large lids, so in a matter of an hour my eyeshadow is a creasey mess, but since I’ve been using the primer, it stays in place. It is sooooooooooooo worth the money.

  20. Michelle

    I use painterly paint pot and bare study paint pot. I own a couple of paints, but they aren’t quite as easy to use as the paint pots. Plus the paints tend to dry super fast, and I am not that quick at deciding on a shadow to go on top. The paint pots will crease on me sadly, but I think it depends on how much I put on. Also I was given the tip to only use it on one eye at a time. Don’t put it on both at the same time.

  21. toni


    the other day i used uppity as a base and my makeup creased within my 8hr workday as if i had no base at all. so i guess ill stick with pigments and mixing medium(my fav)

    • How weird. Did you let it dry a bit before applying shadows on top of it OR put too much on? It shouldn’t crease… I’ve never worn it alone, but it’s always held up amazingly under shadows.

  22. tanya

    i LOVEEE TooFaced eyeshadow insurance!! its by far better then UDPP because of the wise packaging and it works better! my eyeshadow lasts ALL (and i mean ALL) day long!!! its my new fav primer!!

  23. Janis

    I love MAC Paint Pots!! I love the fact that you also need just a little product to cover your lids, a jar could last a lifetime. I also love UDPP, but the trick is to just use very little product on each lid and really wait for it to dry before apply the shadows. Otherwise it will make the e/s very unblendable.

  24. Val

    I swear I will never use eyeshodow without my Urban Decay Potion Primer!! It is the best! You only have to use the smallest amount and your eyeshadow is on for the duration. I usually have my makeup on by 8:30 in the morning, and my eyes look just as good when I am removing it after 10 pm. JUst make sure you let it dry for about 30 seconds or so before applying your makeup.
    *Tip* If you remove the stopper from the bottle when you are running low, there is at least 2 months worth still in there! (well there was for me, and I use it EVERYDAY!) It is a little messier, but I am all about getting my moneys worth.*

    • Shefali

      Totally Val! I actually pulled out another 6 months worth of product by taking out the stopper AND cutting the entire container in half and literally scooping gobs of product off the sides.

      • Nora

        Agreed. Look on YouTube for videos on how to do this. I also got mad at the company for trying to trick me into buying more of their product sooner! There is at least three times the product if you cut the bottle open.

  25. trojanchick99

    My lids are so oily that I have to use both UDPP and paint. With both on, my eyeshadow stays all day. I still cannot get eyeliner to stay. I don’t know if I ever will.

  26. karen

    The best eye primer for creasing problem is UDPP. MAC’s matte cream eyeshadow is also great for creasing, and also good to make the color more intensive.

  27. Love it! HAVE TO HAVE IT! I have normal/dry skin, but for some reason my eyelids are OILY! By the end of the day (or even a few hours) my shadow slides right off without primer!

    Plus, it makes the color look brighter!

    My first primer was from Garden Botanika, and it was A LOT like Mac Paint Pots. In the last year I’ve used Chanel Eye Base a lot, and it makes things stay for DAYS. So does UDPP, but UDPP dries fast and sometimes makes it hard to blend. But right now my HG is Painterly Paint Pot! <3 LOVE IT!

  28. janet

    I have super oily skin and I am a hairdresser so i’m always around hot tools so my make-up always seems to just melt away, i havn’t found the perfect face primer but I am OBSESSED with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion, it actually makes my eyeshadow stay exactly where i put it all day long! MAC’s “untitled” paint seems to work okay too but the consistancy is a bit thick for me.

  29. SOPHIA

    I use my UDPP which I have sliced and transferred into a pot. That will last me forever, since I just need to use so little. I also have MAC prep and prime for eyes in Light. I also sometimes use Painterly paintpoint as a base.

  30. Anne

    I can’t live without my UDPP, i love that it prevents smudging but hate that sometimes it makes my eyeshadow hard to blend.

  31. I used to hear everyone raving about UDPP, so I tried it. That stuff is the best. I use it every time I do my makeup!!

    I even got my little sister to buy some!!

  32. Before the internet, I didn’t even know about primers, LOL! I’ve always wondered how come other people’s eyeshadows don’t crease and fade!!

    I’m currently rotating between MAC paint pots, UDPP and Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer.

  33. Nell

    I never used primer since I got into MAC a year ago or so, but I did not wear a lot of eyeshadow then either 😉
    Now I love how it evens out the color of my lids (which was not necessary before turning thirty btw), I have a clean canvas to work on.
    I use UDPP, MAC pp in Bare Study or Soft Ochre, Benefit creaseless cream shadow in Tattle Tale or Bobbi Brown Cream Eye shadow in Bone or Navajo (I like to choose from a variety).

  34. Jennifer

    I use UDPP every day, and I’ve never once had a problem with creasing or fading like in my pre-primer days. It is truly HG stuff.

  35. shimmermoss

    primer is a must!
    i use bare canvas and untitled paints, bare canvas rocks but untitled changes the e/s colors a little bit. but their staying power is amazing! (ex. 12 hours with all kinds of activities)
    and recently i told my friend about too faced shadow insurance, she bought it and she’s so pleased!

  36. anna

    i LOVE mac paint pots. i have “painterly” and “groundwork” and i use one of them everyday. i love how the color gets so intense and stays put all day long. honestly, i do not know how i survived without these..
    definitly getting the “sof ochre” one as soon as i can.

  37. I have heard so much about UDPP, but I have been using Loreal HIP cream eyeshadow paint in Secretive and LOVE it! My shadows stay all day and night! I did not know MK had one. I have a friend who sells it and is always after me to buy something, so I may have to try that out!

  38. Chloe

    Hey Kimberly, I still use the Bare Canvas Paint and I’ve been wearing primer for years! So, you’re not the only one…lol. Honestly, I love the paints even though I have some paint pots. I feel that they glide on a bit easier for me and are great for blending. One thing is for sure, I love my paints and wear them every single day!!! Once you go primer, you’ll never go back! 😉

  39. DaniMae

    I don’t know why I didn’t mention this before but:

    L’Oreal has a shadow primer called “De-crease” and it’s sold in all the drug stores + Walmart, Target, etc. I haven’t tried it yet [I have too much UDPP back up] but I’ve heard good things about it. I’m going to give it a try one of these days.

  40. Sanayhs

    I adore MAC’s bare canvas paint. I use it a LOT. I also have a bunch of paint pots and shadesticks. Nummy. I never, never, NEVER wear eyeshadow without a base.

  41. Latia

    I’ve been using Benefit’s FYeye as a shadow base. I don’t use it all the times, but during certain times of the month, my skin gets more oily than usual and I certainly need it.

    The primer is great and my eye makeup has lasted through nights of sweating dancing at clubs.

    The paint pots at MAC don’t seem to work for me as a shadow base/primer. I think they’re more of a base eye shadow than a shadow base. The shadesticks work great for putting loose color on top if you want more intense color, but still, i don’t think they’re a base/primer. I think they’re there to intensify the color.

    Laura Mercier makes a thing called “Caviar” that is similar to sharkshin shadestick. You still need a primer beneath it, but it acts as a shadow base and intensifies the color of your shadows.

  42. Sarah

    I love MAC’s paint pots, but the Rollickin and Soft Ochre do not apply as great as Bare Study? Any advice…I use my finger and not a brush. What brush should I buy to apply it? I always feel as if I am a tuggin on my lids….

  43. Jennifer

    Definitely UDPP for me… I’ve been using it for over a year now and cannot go without. I can’t believe how long my shadow lasts now – from morning to bedtime with no creasing. Definitely the product for me!!!

  44. I never use it. What one do people think is the best?

  45. claudia m.


  46. i actually use milk of magnesia for eyeshadow primer. i use the stuff around the opening that has thickened up. and it works! i admit its’ not the greatest, but out of a ten i would give it an 8.5. plus its a heck of a lot cheaper than UDPP. although i also have that as well

  47. Annie

    UDPP is the best base I’ve come across. It really makes my shadows vibrant and stay put. I don’t like the bottle, though, it’s like they design it so you can’t get enough use out of it. I also don’t like that it’s expensive, but I deal with it.

    My least favourite “bases” are MAC shadesticks. I bought 3 of them awhile back, when everyone was raving about them. They just don’t work for me. It’s like trying to use a coloured pencil on my eyelid. And shadows look very weird over them on me, and don’t blend well.

  48. katie

    urban decay primer potion makes my life complete.

    i would never try to wear eyeshadow without some sort of primer, or at least a paint pot or cream shadow as a base. it just doesn’t work, even with the more expensive, more pigmented brands.

    BUT, recently, i’ve been using the lise watier eye and lip primer and it conditions the lids, keeps shadow from creasing, and still lets you blend easily.

  49. Christine

    I’ve yet to find a better eye shadow primer than one called Mattify! Loose Powder. I have insanely oily skin and until I discovered this powder, my shadow wouldn’t last for even two hours. It’s a white powder that goes on clear – I usually apply with a powder brush. Then, I apply eye liner & shadow. They also make an incredible eye makeup that stays on without creasing for about 8 hours. The Mattify Powder is also perfect to use as a makeup primer in general. I apply it on my entire face before using my liquid foundation & it keeps me oil-free for about 5 hours. I put it over foundation too and keep it in my purse for touch-ups. It’s the only powder I’ve ever found that has so many uses and doesn’t give you that thick cakey colored-powder look. You can buy it at for about 8 bucks.