Monday, January 26th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… EYELASH CURLERS!

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33 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Eyelash Curlers

  1. HoneyBrown1976

    I can honestly say that I ignored them for the longest time. I bought and used my first this month and I love it. I’m not obsessed about them; but, I appreciate why they are available.

    So, no rant here!

  2. AshBash

    i have never used one. im curious about what people have to say.

  3. Can’t say enough about the Shu Uemura eyelash curler… I’ve got thick, straight eyelashes that are tough to hold a curl. The Shu curler is the best!

  4. Gotta agree with Christine. I just got my Shu curler with an Xmas GC, and then immediately kicked myself for not getting it earlier.

  5. Katherine

    I inevitably either pinch my eyelid in or rip out an eyelash or two. When I’m done my lashes aren’t usually curled, but are instead sticking straight up from the bottom. I’m really not the best when it comes to eyelash curlers so I just stay away. Heh.

  6. Anitacska

    I’ve never used one. Can’t see why I would want to either. Mascara does the job fine for me. :)

  7. i dont have a use for one, my eye lashes curl so much already i ALWAYS get mascara all over my lids! im lucky lol.

    but i do think they work well for people who need to use them.
    I bought one once, sawno difference, but gave it to a friend because he lashes were stick straight and it worked wonderfulyl for her! really opened up her eys.

  8. IZzySA

    love the Shu Uemura. NEver buy any other — what I need to get are several of the replacement pads, but when I asked I was told that one “should” replace the Whole Aparatus every 3-4 months.. lolol.

  9. I have a pretty decent one from a UK beauty store which is pretty similar to the shu uemuras. I do have the mini shu uemura curlers and have to say that they do make my straight lashes nice and curly. I rarely wear mascara but always curl my lashes. I hate that on the odd occasion I will pull a lash out!

  10. brie

    my left eye is always loosing eyelashes from my curler! i heat mine up with a blow dryer! i havent gone without an eyelash curler for over 12 years!! though been in canada i cant seem to order the shu from sephora :(

  11. Amy

    They don’t do much for me. Plus, they tend to bend your eye lashes, rather than curl them, which can eventually cause breakage.

  12. cloudburst

    I love, love, love my Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler – I also have the Shu Uemura one, but prefer KA’s. It is wide enough for my big eyes & curls my stick straight lashes perfectly. People have asked what mascara I use, but truly the curler is what makes the big difference.

  13. victoria

    i wish there was an eyelash curler than you could just curl once instead of curling and working your way towards the ends. i always tend to not work evenly towards the end so sometimes one lash curls more than the other so i have to work on the one that’s less curly and by then time i’m done, both lashes have curled too much than i really wanted them to. i wish i could just do everything with one step, one even curl for both eyes. maybe with one press there could be less chances of breakage, less pulling, less guessing. i love curling my lashes but sometimes i just want a natural curl and sometimes with more than one press my lashes tend to go different directions too.

  14. rayne

    I use one on a daily basis. The one thing I hate is how after a while, my eyelashes get stuck to the cushion attached to it & I end up ripping some out. But overall, they work. It’s something that you get what you pay for, literally.

  15. Gigi

    LOVE! MUST-HAVE. CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. I would rather live without mascara than without an eyelash curler, because mascara on my uncurled lashes…I might as well be wearing nothing.

    I’ve used a Shu Uemura but I prefer the Shiseido simply because it fits my eye better.

    • vinna

      I totally agree!! Now that you mention it… i think i would choose my eyelash curler over mascara too.

      I have the Shiseido but i’m really wanting to try the Shu Uemura one too just to compare the two.

  16. gkate

    Absolute must have!!! Shu Uemura really is the best.

    My tips:

    Do it once close to the lid, and again about half way up the lash.

    Another tip – if your curler is really cold, blast it with a hairdryer for one second (seriously one second, it heats up very fast) and then use it – helps the curl stay longer.

    Dont press it too hard or you’ll get lashes sticking out at a right angle!!

  17. Sara

    i used to always use one, and then mine broke and i went for 4-6 months without curling my lashes because i kept forgetting to buy one. i bought a cvs one for 5 bucks a few days ago and used it-the difference was amazing!! i totally forgot about the huge difference it makes. my lashes looked 2-3x thicker just by curling

  18. CeeBee

    I heart my eyelash curler!

    I used to use a metal one (can’t remember what brand) but it broke (and boy is that scary when it happens near your eye!) so I bought a Tweezerman Pocket Lash Curler (it comes in a little black leather pouch, great for traveling!) and it is a little flat black plastic device with a little flip down latch at the back and a nice wide cushion (so I only need to curl once! and it has a replacement cushion tucked in at the bottom) and it even has a clear plastic insert and a little window where your eye lines up so you can see with both eyes.

    I’ve not found a curling mascara that does as much as an eyelash curler, though the Guerlain one is pretty good.

  19. i love my eyelash curler!
    my holy grail one is Shiseido eyelash curler, even better than my Shu Uemura one.

  20. Frances

    I don’t love it, but I do really LIKE my Shu Uemura curler. I have long, curly lashes that naturally reach my eyebrows, so the curler doesn’t exactly make a huge difference, but it does help to give a curl to ALL the lashes, and not just those in the middle. So I’d rather have it than be without it, y’know?

  21. Tina H,

    I have something better….a spoon. Get a super thin metal spoon and use that as a curler. It works! :)

  22. Ruth

    OMG I couldn’t live without my Revlon lash curler.

  23. How ironic. I just got home from buying my third eyelash curler, a Shu Uemura one. I’ve been looking for one here in Canada and found one in Holt Renfrew. (we don’t have a sephora yet)

    I’ve only used it once but I already love it.

  24. recessionista


  25. Claudia M.

    Love them!!! I use a spoon and a MAC curler, but all you guys have me wondering about the shu…

  26. Jenny

    i dont get all the hype about the shu uemura curler. ive tried it once, and it was honestly not that much better than my revlon curler, which was 5x cheaper.

  27. Eva

    As someone with rather long, but straight and slightly downwards pointing lashes, an eyelash curler is a must have!
    I use a cheap one I bought at a drugstore and it does the job good.
    My lashes look great when I am done curling, it really opens up my eyes; but I have to stick to using Maybelline

  28. Marjolijn

    I love curling my lashes :) they are quite long (they used to touch my glasses but now I wear contacts) but not curled at all. I use a very cheap curler from a common department store. I tried that curler from the Body Shop too but I hated it! My lashes got stuck in the soft bit so I had to pull the curler from by eyelids every morning and it pulled out lashes too! So I’m back to my cheap Hema lash curler and it works wonders :)