Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… EYE CREAM!

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52 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Eye Cream

  1. Nicole15

    For me, eye cream is a must. At 31 yrs old, wrinkle prevention is quickly jumping up to the top spot of my skincare routine. I make sure to apply an eye cream both morning & night every single day. And I am a firm believer that the sooner you start, the better.

  2. Heidi Pena

    I agree completely with Nicole15.

  3. HoneyBrown1976

    I don’t need it; therefore, I don’t use it. Yes, I’m 32 and no wrinkles! Genetics are lovely.

  4. KyaLyn

    I agree with HoneyBrown1976. I’ve tried a couple though, just to see. There wasn’t any difference. It seems like a waste for me.

  5. jasmine,W

    i dont get any sleep…ever,so i’m looking for a eye cream to use..

  6. Nicole15

    I don’t have any wrinkles yet either but I guess I am just too afraid of them appearing later in life and that’s why i take the preventative steps now with my eyes. My mother has used an eye cream since she was 25 yrs. old. Today she is 54 yrs old and everyone thinks she’s my sister. She doesn’t have any wrinkles. I can only pray I have the same luck. Would stink to try and apply beautiful eyeshadows to wrinkly lids. UCK!! LOL :)

  7. Linda

    I;m 25 and just started using an eye cream about two months ago not for wrinkles but for making it easier to put concealer on as I have massive dark circles due to insomnia. I’ve tried both estee lauder nightwear eyecream (the one in the brown jar) and bobbi browns eye cream. I swear since i started using eyecream more wrinkles have formed my undereyes have gotten dryer and even started to flake at times. This happened with both. Any advice would be great thanks.

    • Ana

      Lush has an amazing undereye cream. Enchanted eye cream I believe it’s called.

      I’m 25 as well and have severe dark circles and this product has made a difference. I use it at night and my eyes just seem refreshed in the morning. I still have dark circles but I’m hoping that once I find a good liquid concealer (right now I’m using a solid one, and it seems to dry out the eye area) they will be hardly noticeable 😀

      • mia

        Hi Ana, thanks for the tip with the Lush cream. I have the same problem like you and Linda, dark circles.
        Dior has a very nice under-eye-concealer, but the shades are pretty dark.

        Linda, I think the eye creams you used were to heavy for you. Maybe you could just try a hydrating eyecream. Did the wrinkles go away after you stopped using it?

        • Linda

          Hi mia,

          I haven’t been off them long enough to notice yet, but fingers crossed, i’m way too young to have my eyes looking the way they do now.

          • Violet

            i had that same problem. had to put hydrocortizone cream under my eyes for a week to get the flaking and wrinkles to go away. you prolly have an allergy to the product.

            I had this reaction when i used MUFE concealor pallet, and a few months later with Benefit Lemon Aid.

            Now that i ave a liquid concealor (MAC) I have had no more troubles.

          • mia

            Thanks, I just had the same problem last weekend and I still look horrible. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, too :)

  8. sej

    I wish I could love them, but I have yet to see good results, but regardless I use an eye cream morning and night. What I don’t like about eye creams is sometimes they don’t absorb into the skin very well and so it makes it harder to apply makeup on my eyes.

  9. DanielleO

    I’m using Prescriptives VibrantC Eye cream, mainly for dark undereye circles and I *think* it’s working pretty well. Still can’t do w/o concealer though…

  10. Christy

    I can’t seem to find an eye cream that works on my dry eyelids. It’s so frustrating that I’m using vaseline and then eyeshadow base.

  11. Susie

    chanel is always my go to eye treatment. Im 37 and no wrinkles. YAY

  12. Its the one step I really struggle with sticking to. I’ve got some Philosophy Hope In a Tube to try, but I’ll use it twice and then forget or get lazy, I know what I’m like! :)

  13. cloudburst

    I use the Garnier Anti Puff Eye Roller – not really a cream but I like it. In general though I hate when its in a jar & not a tube, also the price, they are too expensive considering they have less active ingredients than facial moisturizer.

  14. Diabla

    No wrinkles yet, just a little puffiness on the morning. Said puffiness is strangely enhanced by every eye cream I’ve tested. I don’t know why. So since it seems to be more harmful than beneficital, I’ve skipped the ritual.

  15. Deb

    I think its a made up product from the cosmetic companies.

    • Sanita

      me too. unless you have very different skin type on your face, it’s fine to use regular moisturizer imo.

  16. KaylaK

    I think eye creams are pretty good, I have only tried about 3 so far but all I use it is for protection (sunscreen) and to keep it moisturized, I’m only 21 so it’s just preventative measures. I never get my hopes up for too much because any type of moisturizer is only going to do so much for your skin without any surgical or dermatogical help but if it delivers great results then cool lol.

  17. Kathleen

    The number of people deadly afraid of aging is disturbing. Aging is inevitable, so let’s stop worrying to death about it, and let’s laugh, and enjoy our lives – age gracefully. So long as we are healthy, using SPF, we are fine. Eye cream is not necessary. AND it is awfully expensive.

  18. MMT

    Although I am skeptical of any eye cream that claims to fight aging and reduce wrinkles and dark circles, I do want a good eye cream to moisturize my delicate eye skin (which has been marred by milia in the past). I love Clinique All About Eyes–super moisturizing and luxurious! However, it is spendy and I’d prefer something w/SPF for day. I’m looking at different drugstore brands and some of them burn like crazy (Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage, I hate you! L’Oreal Revitalift, you’re up there too!)

  19. carriespooner

    I wish I’d used eye cream in my 20’s and 30’s.. and I wish I had not tanned either.. so there I said it.

    I have tried Strivectin eyecream and it migrates and burns.

    I use eqyptian magic as a go to face/eye cream. It’s great. I’m looking to raise my game though…

  20. Michelle G

    i have terrible dark circles under my eyes so i started using an eye cream a month ago and i really see a difference. It even helps me apply my concealer a lot smoother. I’m definitely not against it. If you feel you need it use it.

  21. tremorviolet

    I honestly don’t think eye creams do much; I think it’s pretty much genetic. I’ve always used an eye cream and my eyes are pretty creased but I’m very fair and have thin skin. I still use an eye cream because it does moisturize, the wrinkles look better if they’re not so dry, and it helps concealer glide on properly. I like Caudaulie (sp?); it’s expensive but feels great, isn’t greasy, and hydrates well.

  22. I’m 37 and have only been using eye cream the last two years. Never had a problem till recently. Finally seeing a few lines and when I’ve gotten makeup done at counters, some MAs have said I should use cream now (dark circles are here now too– that’s sleepless nights from having two kids under 6 years of age can do I guess!). Not sure if any of the creams I’ve used actually working. I just tried the Clarins gel creme which dried under eyes out so much. I’m using a new Lancome one and so far so good.

  23. Sweet_Plum

    I’d love to hear of a good eye cream since I know I definitely will be getting crows feet in later years. I use Mac’s studiofix moisturizer all over but as far as eye creams go I’ve only tried the new Biore eye cream and it stunk. Flaked and made my dark circles so bad, I looked like a raccoon for a week. Currently 20, and would like to like to prevent these wrinkles before things get serious.

  24. Heather

    I am going to start using eye cream just to keep the skin around my eyes moisturized, although sometimes I know I’ll forget to use it! I’ve been eyeing this Kiehls one lately..

  25. Carla

    I’m 25 and I’ve tried several eye creams for wrinkle prevention and dark circles that came along with law school and work. Right now I’m using La Roche-Posay Active C (http://www.dermstore.com/product_Active+C+Eyes_1000.htm) and I think it works pretty good. I like it better than Clinique All about eyes. Even though I still have some doubts if eye cream works I prefer to use it just in case 😉

  26. CeeBee

    I absolutely love Dior Capture 60/80 XP eye cream. I have tried heaps of others Clinique, Lancome EA Prevage, etc and none of them work like the Dior does.
    If I had to, I would use pharmacy, department store or supermarket cleansers, moisturizers and stuff but the one thing I would not give up would be my Dior eye cream!
    I know it’s purely a cosmetic thing and wrinkles are inevitable as we get older and I’m not worried about *getting* old as such, but I am vain enough to want to look good for my age.

    I read somewhere that a prominent NY cosmetic surgeon estimated that nearly 70% of blepharoplasties he performed on women were due to the OVER USE of eye gels and creams.

  27. mischel

    eye cream for me is a must like my moisturizer, i’ve been using eye cream since i was 18 and not bec. of being afraid to age but that’s just how i take care of my skin!
    I’ve used chanel, lancome, clinique i like all of them but currently i’m using strivectin!

  28. Rita

    I have used eye cream since I was 20 (which was Ages ago). I believe in wrinkle prevention. When you have the first signs, it’s too late, they just get worse. However, the best method to avoid wrinkles is to stay single – and also away from the sun! And one thing, you should never, never put eye cream on your moving lids.

  29. owwhh i’m 27 years old…i have…dark circle & fine line…anyone have suggestion..which eye cream/eye gel works for me??..hmmm i’m looking forward Estee Lauder.. but..issit okay?anyone used it before?any recommendation?

  30. Michelle

    I use Dior hydraction visible defense eye cream for about 2 years now and I am 22. It has spf 20 which I think is very important for eyes (thin skin). I want to start with anti aging cremes when I am 25. As for the estee lauder, ms.iu, I tried the brown one advanced night repair and it burned so badly and I don’t have sensitive eyes. But ask for a sample first…

  31. stina

    I have never ever used eye creams or face creams because I don’t fall for all that marketing hype and false advertising. The only “wrinkle-prevention” product I use is sunscreen and the only 2 things that have any effect on wrinkles is good genes and UV damage from sun exposure. In that respect, I’m so thankful I don’t have fine lines or dark circles even at the age of 45.

  32. mel

    i use the biotherm eye cream..its just to keep my eyes moisturized. i use it day and night! pretty good =]

  33. Vness_12

    I have yet to find a moderately priced eye cream I like. I definetely need to use one b/c I have some dark circles and some puffiness. No wrinkles but those circles drive me NUTS. any suggestions without costing me a fortune?

  34. 1955nurse

    Philosophy has a WONDERFUL eye cream, high density (thick!) and not too expensive. It stays put and sinks in. It has been in their original line-up for some time – they also have a newer eye cream which addresses (specifically) dark circles, etc. And the stuff lasts a good long time, too!

  35. Carla

    I’m 25 and I’ve tried several eye creams for wrinkle prevention and dark circles that came along with law school and work. Right now I’m using La Roche-Posay Active C (you can find at dermstore) and I think it works pretty good. I like it better than Clinique All about eyes and Dior Capture. Even though I still have some doubts if eye cream works. I prefer to use it just in case 😉

  36. Tanya

    In my 30s and try my best to use an eye cream…I have a bazillion high end samples so I mostly use those…my issue is that my skin is so freakn sensitve that my skin around my eyes breaks out from the under eye creams…YES breaks out!! I get teeny tiny black heads in the delicate skin around my eyes if I use a rich (which they all are, its their purpose) eye cream. As soon as I stop, I don’t break out any more. No clue what to do :(

  37. Kay

    Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment is amazing! I’m 24, and while I don’t get dark circles, my eyes can feel puffy in the morning, so I apply right before bed and its like putting a cool compress under my eyes. So refreshing!!

  38. mm

    AFter 11 years in the business and a lot of education I can honestly tell you that using a separate cream for the eye area is important. The skin around the eye has smaller pores and no oil glands so regular creams do not work. Also it’s important to apply it properly-eye cream should not go any closer to the eye than the orbital bone or else it just migrates into the eye and causes watering. Since the eye is in constant motion during hte day it tends to show age faster than the rest of the face. Caffeine is a good ingredient to look for if you have problems with puffiness and dark circles. Don’t bother with the super wrinkle reducing ones if you don’t have any yet or it will cause problems as it will be more than your skin needs. A basic eye cream is good enough for most people until they hit 40+.
    That being said my favorite for a basic eye cream are Fast Response Eye Cream from MAC to help give moisture, reduce puffiness and dark circles and make concealer go on smoothly and wear better throughout the day and the price is much more reasonable than many others out there (under $30 and it last me at least 6 months). I’ve tried many others and this has been my go to product for myself and anyone I’m applying makeup to.

  39. lexi

    the one i’ve found that i’m loving is:
    Avon Liiv botanicals vitalizing eye cream with spf 15…loving it!!


  40. noi

    im still finding for the right eye cream: not too oily, with SPF and preferably a drugstore brand! can’t seem to find yet..
    my Olay Total Effects one isn’t really working; it just brightens up my eye area (it has micro-glitters) and it tends to go oily (i have really oily skin) so i’m not using it often (even if I should :|)…

  41. Taryn

    I don’t believe in creams that are supposedly made for the eye area specifically. They’re no better than regular face creams.

    That said, I will never stray from my Shiseido Future Solution Revitalizing cream. It’s pricey, but since I only use a dollop for my eye area, it lasts a very long time. Plus I can get decent deals on ebay.

    It’s the only cream that really keeps the fine lines plumped up. I won’t ever use anything else.

  42. Luda

    I’ve tried using eye creams but I can’t seem to find a good one yet. Both my mother and grandmother have pretty deep wrinkels around the eyes so I know I should be using something. I tried drug store then moved to department store brands but all of them seem to make my eyes puffy so I stopped trying.

  43. Ok, I recently came upon a ‘sponsored review’ on cosmos website for Dior Snow Eye cream ( Dior Snow Whitening Illuminating Eye Cream ), priced at $116 for 0.5 oz.

    This angered me.

    Upon googling the cream, the only justification Dior has for charging this price is that they use ‘repairing agents’ (which could be anything) and ‘edelweiss complex’ (edelweiss is a standard cheap run of the mill antioxidant).

    It really peeves me that companies like Dior, who could make a kick-butt eye cream if they wanted to, choose profit over quality and put out standard stuff priced at merely ‘an arm and a leg’. Maybe its because I’ve been burned one too many times from buying stuff like this and wasting my time and money.

    On a brighter note, I am in love with my current eye cream. It’s Extreme Eye Rescue by Isabella Pelle. The company lists all active ingredients used and what the research behind each ingredient is. I like that. The research is solid, the company is upfront, AND it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The only con is that they only sell online, but the shipping is free so what the hey.