Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… EXFOLIATORS!

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34 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Exfoliators

  1. Ahh what’s not to love! Leaves baby soft skin :)

  2. Tamara

    I love exfoliators, though, rarely remember to use them. I’ve got face and body exfoliators and remember to use them only once in while.

  3. Wilcoa

    Love it to take away that dry skin during the dry winter months. Hopefully will never have to go without one!

  4. KyaLyn

    I love them! They remove all the dead, rough skin and leave smooth, soft skin behind.

  5. Kenzie

    I love to exfoliate, but if I use a product that is too harsh on my skin, I tend to get oily or break out in a rash. So, whenever I exfoliate, I make sure to use products for people with sensitive skin.

  6. I love exfoliators! I exfoliate three times a week and I love how it leaves my skin so soft!

  7. Luda

    The skin on my face is waaaay to sensitive to exfoliate. Even if I use a really mild one and dissolve it with water it still leaves me red and burning. Love the body exfoliators. Especially because I spray tan it insures an even tan.

  8. CeeBee

    I like exfoliating gloves best for body, add some creamy product, work up a nice lather and get scrubbing!
    Olive oil and plain salt or sugar makes a really effective hand scrub, or you can whip up a mix with some essential oils – it’s super easy and cheap.
    For face, I prefer chemical exfoliators. I’ve had really good experiences with Clinique Turnaround cream (though not the 15 minute facial mask) but my fave would have to be Guinot’s Beaute Neuve Radiance Renewal Cream. So luxe!

  9. Nat

    I still can’t find one that doesn’t break me out in some parts or dry my skin out in others ARGH!

  10. I love exfoliators! My favorite is CosMedicine’s Medi Morphosis it is the best…and the silica crystals dissolve…to prevent OVER Exfoliation. It is a little pricey, but the bottle will last you a long time! Exfoliation is a key step to any skin care routien.

  11. Sarah

    i <3 exfoliators too!
    both face and body exfoliators, they’re an absolute must have for absolutely everyone in honest fact – no one wants to be covered in dead, flaky skin. ew.

  12. Angie

    Love them! What’s not to love about soft skin?!

  13. Sweet_Plum

    Yay scrubs and exfoliators! I use Neutrogenia’s Grapefruit Scrub every other day in the morning and not only does it leave my face soft and pimple free (hooray for salicylic acid) but I also love the smell of grapefruit which helps me wake up!

  14. sangeeta

    I love exfoliators, I use the Peel pore perfecting facial pollish once a week, and the peeling groovy every night, and I never have rough skin.

  15. sangeeta

    I love exfoliators, I use the Bliss pore perfecting facial polish once a week, and the peeling groovy every night, and I never have rough skin.

  16. Kathy

    I love to exfoliate my skin! Exfoliators just make my skin so smooth and soft. I use Biore Pore Minimizing Microderm Exfoliator once a week and it works wonders! I also love Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub for everyday.

  17. I love exfoliators – I like chem ones better though, I think physical exfoliators, especially the walnut shell ones, are wayyy too harsh and can tear the skin instead of just removing blackheads. I’m currently using Alba Botanica’s Papaya Enzyme Peel every two or three days.

  18. anneliz

    I adore exfoliators I try to use st. ives apricot scrub on my face 3 times a week and I use it all over my body too (especially my legs before I shave!). I find that exoliating before shaving yields super smooth results and for longer!

  19. Ashley

    Face-I LOVE Modern Friction(Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion) by Origins. I have really dry skin and have been using it about 2x/week and it’s working out great!

    Body- I have the exfoliating salt scrub from Bath Junkie and love it as well. It’s moisturizing and does a great job getting off the dead skin cells. Plus, you get to combine their oils to create/pick your own scent!

    • Sugarcrumb

      I used to love that too – until i discovered that it actually tends to go bad (slimy, stinky, blegh!) – even unopened packages =(

      I really like La Mer’s Refining Facial (pricey) and Kiehl’s Ultra Whitening Surface Exfoliator (can be used daily)

  20. Ash

    oh how i love exfoliators!! the only problem is I love the results so much… I find myself wanting to use them too often! lol. which can give the opposite effect and leave the skin red and raw. Right now I am using Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion kit. Its pretty good but after I run out I am gonna try the philosophy microdermabrasion set. I’ve heard lots of good things about it!

  21. Rachel

    I love exfoliators! I have very dry skin and it gets flaky easily so the exfoliating really helps to renew the skin. My favourite is Ocean Salt from Lush :)

  22. Christy

    An absolute must! At least twice a week for my face and everyday with an exfoliating poufy scrubber.

  23. Saria

    YAY to MAC’s microfine refinisher. leaves skin soo soft

  24. Leah

    I adore exfoliators! I have several different kinds depending on abrasiveness (is that a word lol?). Some of my favorites include Clinique 7 day scrub as well as Bath and Body Works aromatherapy sugar scrub.

  25. Nunu

    I’ve tried about a million different exfoliators, gel ones, cream ones, ones with little beads in them, ones containing bits of whatever natural produce du jour, home made ones, ash ones…EVERYTHING!and it without fail will break me out. I get left with these little bumps on my skin, some of these develope into full fledged spots. I haven’t learnt my lesson yet though, I will still continue my search for a perfect exfoliator.

  26. Ricci

    I use the Mary Kay’s set its a God Bless .. awesome stuff

  27. carriespooner

    I use Sugar as a body scrub and Salt for face.

    I don’t like to use exfoliators that have plastic beads. Bad for the environment. Sugar and salt are excellent and cheap. I keep jars in my bathroom.

    I use Retin-a too.. which believe me.. sloughs like crazy.

  28. Kizz101

    Philosophy Microdelivery peel kit once a week!! best of both works with the chemical exfoliant (lactic and salicylic acid) and a scrub, plus it has vitamin C to help brighten yay!
    I have o admit I dn’t use a body exfoliant nearly as much as I should cause I havnt found one I really like yet…

  29. HoneyBrown1976

    They make a bit of a difference. I don’t use them too much. Once a week at the most. Otherwise, it would be too rough for my skin.

  30. rowan

    i never exfoliate, i hate the way it feels :s. dead skin comes off when i cleanse with a lotion and washcloth.

  31. Elmer

    I love exfoliating. It leaves my skin more polished and when I do it, I am less likely to break out w/ a pimple. It also helps with clearing away some of the excess oil on my skin.

  32. queenmarie

    I exfoliate my face almost every single day. I use my beloved Clarisonic twice a day every day. That thing has done wonders for my skin. My favorite thing to use with it is Philosophy’s Microdelivery Face Wash scrub for the face with some Garden Botanika microderm crystals sprnkled on the top. Wow what a fresh clean smooth face this gives you!!!