Monday, January 25th, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: DRY SHAMPOO!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about dry shampoo and all that those entail.

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61 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Dry Shampoo

  1. I LOVE IT! It is one of the most life changing products for me. I have oily hair that I have always washed every morning of my life, or else it would look greasy. Even though I always heard it’s good not to wash your hair daily, I didn’t understand how I could possibly not, until I tried Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. Amazing — my hair looks and feels totally fresh and clean all day as if I washed it in the morning. I used to get dry flaky scalp in the winter, and now that I’m not washing and blow drying every day, that probably is totally gone. Plus it saves so much time and your hair gets less heat damage when it’s not blow dried every day. The only negative is that the product is a white powder and really has to be rubbed in so you don’t have white powder showing anywhere. This is fine for me b/c I’m blonde, but I imagine it might be hard for a brunette. There may be other dry shampoos that would work better for those with dark hair. It has a baby powder smell that’s strong at first but quickly wears off. It really has drastically changed my routine and hair/scalp health.

    • I meant, that “problem” is totally gone :)

    • Grace

      I totally agree with you… on everything! I have combo hair: oily roots, but flaky if I wash it too much. I hate the smell of baby powder, so I got into Oscar Blandi, hoping it would save my hair (my hair isn’t fried … plus I don’t like having to have to wash my hair every day). I have black hair, and it was tricky to apply it without looking like a granny, but I apply it differently. I pat the powder with my fingers and gently massage it into the roots. I’ve used it since February 2009. I still have a bit left. It works, but I wish it was a little cheaper.

      **sorry for the long reply. I just luv this stuff~

    • Shanze


      Where did you buy the Oscar Blandi shampoo? Actually I’m a brunette, so by reading your recommendation I’m guessing it might not be that great but if you do know any other brands of dry shampoo that could help me, please do let me know. I shampoo my hair everyday too and the more I shampoo it, the more oily it seems to get!

      I need your help, please and thank you!

  2. Anitacska

    Never used it. If my hair needs washing, I wash it with water and normal shampoo. :)

  3. I love dry shampoo – I use the Klorane non-aerosol version. Stupidly, my hair gets slightly oily-looking after one day but overly dry if I wash it every day, so usually I wash it every other day and use dry shampoo on the off days. My hair usually ends up looking BETTER on those “off days” than it does on the days that I wash it – it can be a little flat and have flyaways right after a washing, but after a day, the flyaways calm down, it gets just the right amount of “shine,” and the dry shampoo gives it just the volume it needs. :)

  4. Laura

    I think it’s awful stuff: it smells gross and makes very little difference really…However, I’m very, very lazy so I do use it on occasion :)

  5. Kelly

    I really love the concept of it, and the way it makes my hair have a ton of volume…I shampoo my hair every other day, and it looks the best on the days I use the dry shampoo. What I don’t love is the brand I currently use. I use Big Sexy Hair, and it’s started actually coming out wet! I don’t know if something’s wrong with the aerosol and I’m actually spraying propellant on my hair or something, but next time around I’m going to try the Rockaholic brand (which my hairdresser recommended but wasn’t in stock at Trade Secret). But dry shampoo has definitely changed my routine (and my scalp!) for the better!

    • Amy

      I have both the Rockaholic and Big Sexy Hair dry shampoos. I prefer the rockaholic because it’s not as heavy, in my opinion. But the big sexy shouldnt be wet. It could be a problem with your can. :\

    • samantha

      I have been using Psssssst instant spray shampoo in brunette. they also have blonde and non-colored (i guess it’s white). I LOVE it! they used to sell it at CVS but now it’s sometimes hard to find. I did find it at Amazon marketplace, and they had a few more internet sites mentioned. I love it so much that I buy in bulk, 5 or 10 cans at a time, which lasts a long while, but I hate to pay for the shipping! The only other I have tried is Bumble and Bumble and didn’t like it at all! It was heavy and sticky and overall no good. The Psssssst beats it by a long shot!

  6. Sara

    I LOVE Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo. I don’t use it on a regular basis, just when I don’t have time for the whole shampoo/blow dry/style routine. I can only go about a day and a half without a little oil-control. However, I *only* use the powder version. I tried the aerosol version and it took half a can to do my roots just once.

  7. K

    Yeah, it never worked for me. I used the Oscar Blandi stuff, and the result was non-existant.

  8. Jennifer D

    i love it! i used it today. i am using TIGI Rocaholic Dirty Secret, its gets rid of the excess oil nicely and does not leave random stains on my head. i got black hair and the contents are white, i comb it through my hair after i spray it. and all the white is hidden. i love it!

  9. Nicole

    I know NOTHING about it! I have fine hair that is oily and just not pretty the day after washing. So if I am leaving the house, I end up washing it every day. When I had long hair, it didn’t matter. I could put it in a pony tail and who cares! But now that I have an angled bob, there’s almost nothing I can do to make it look good without washing. Only on lazy weekends do I allow my hair to get greasy and scary. Thus, I am totally open to suggestions! 😀

  10. I’ve got very, very oily hair, and dry shampoo doesn’t do anything for it! Everyone always says to wash your hair every other day, but my hair during that ‘off’ day makes me feel disgusting! So I tried Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo, and there was no difference. It made my roots look rather gray and dingy (not oily, but also not my true blonde color!)

    I’ll pass on Dry Shampoos.

    • Cat

      I am the exact same way. My hair is very oily too and looks so greasy if I skip a day. Even if dry shampoo my hair on the off day I can’t stand how gross it feels. I currently have Ojon’s Rub-Out Dry Cleanser for “emergencys” but the smell and texture turns me off. I would rather wash my hair daily than use a dry shampoo!

  11. Haley

    I usually just use baby powder in my hair! If it looks a little on the greasy side, I’ll just put a small amount on my hands and work it in! I’d say it works just as well as the dry shampoo I’ve used before. Only difference is I have to blend it in really well, but for four dollars (CAD) for a big bottle it is definitely worth it!

  12. K.Lo

    I’ve tried Ojon Rub Out Cleanser and am currently using Klorane dry shampoo. The Ojon was great, didn’t leave any visible residue on my black hair, but the Klorane does. No matter how much I brush it out, there’s still a white cast left over. I love dry shampoo because it mops out any oily spots in my hair and gives it a thicker, rougher texture. But…the Klorane ain’t doing it for me. :(

  13. Julia

    I love it. especially after i i workout or something before i go to school. Its like the best invention ever. seriously. I currently use Pssssst, which is found in any drugstore. I want to try another brand though.

    • Sara

      I also use Psssst. It seems to work pretty well for me. I don’t have oily hair, but I do straighten it a lot, and this let’s me go longer between blow outs.

  14. Miriam

    why would anyone use this? why not wash your hair with a good shampoo (and water) every time it needs washing or even each day…that dry shampoo thing leaves something in your hair and I can imagine it causes dandruff, hairfall and what not…it just doesn’t sound good!

    • Alicia

      It’s not good for your hair to wash everyday. Difficult hair color is another reason to use it. Right now my hair is red and idk about anyone else but red is a hard color to keep vibrant. Dry shampoo allows the color to last longer without spending a lot of money on touchups.

  15. Hate it. I have curly hair so if I use dry shampoo, I still can’t brush my hair on the second day. Curly hair naturally runs dry, I know, but I have an oily scalp… if I go without washing one day, my whole forehead feels oily and my scalp greasy. I tried dry shampoo and it killed my curls while I tried to rub it in, and it gave me an afro… my beautiful curls do not need any more volume!

    PASS on the dry shampoo.

  16. Tara

    I only use it if I absolutely have to. I’ve tried the Ojon spray and I only got one use before the rest dried up in the bottle. I’ve also tried Oscar Blandi Pronto, but I think it smells like lemon furniture polish. I just go with a beret, scarf or hat when my hair isn’t looking it’s cleanest.

  17. Rowan

    I love T3’s dry shampoo. It’s probably the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried them all! My hair is always a grease ball the day after I wash it, so I’ve tried Oscar Blandi (it smells nice but leaves so much white behind!), Ojon (smells lemony but I don’t think it really does anything), and Samy (its the cheapest and works better than the other 2. Decent smell too). I can’t find Pssst by me :( And i’m waaaay too spazzy to just use baby powder. lol!

  18. Michele

    I also am an Oscar Blandi devotee! I love it! I’ve tried other brands and didn’t like them but this is great. I have blonde hair and this doesn’t change the color, adds body, and really absorbs the oil. I usually give my roots a quick blast with a hair dryer to help absorb the powder (I read that somewhere and it really works). To me the scent is kind of lemony which I like and doesn’t clash with anything else you might be wearing. I wish I had know about this years ago!

  19. AnGeLwInGz

    I’ve never used a dry shampoo. I don’t feel clean without using water. It’s probably a mental thing, but I think of it as like cleaning your entire body with baby wipes instead of showering.

  20. I love it! My favorite is Klorane because it doesn’t smell like the others and does a superb job. I don’t like washing my hair everyday because the time and I feel it is a waste of water.

  21. Alicia

    I adore it. I got one by klorane sephora and havent had one problem with it. Only good things!

  22. Mollie

    T3 dry shampoo is a MUST HAVE for any dark-haired girl. I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos, but as a girl with nearly black hair, I found that they all left a white, powdery overcast that made my hair look dusty. Ick! The great thing about the T3 dry shampoo is that it’s TINTED! So not only can I get fresh looking hair that doesn’t look like a bad Marie Antoinette wig, I can even cover up my roots! I would honestly die without it. and it comes in both an Auburn and a Black/Brunette tint so I’m covered no matter what shade of brown I choose to be! :)

  23. Andrea

    Absolutely love it! I use batiste and it has saved me many times. I use it regularly because it gives my hair amazing volume! I also have blonde hair, but my roots are starting to grow in, so I spray a little on the roots and don’t work it in too too crazy and it covers them up! Life changing product for sure.. has saved me tons on money that I would have spent dying my roots every month or two.

  24. Kim

    LOVE t3!!!!!!!!!!!! It comes in different shades for different hair colors (the brunette is tinted brown so there is no white powder in sight!) Ive tried the Oscar Blandi aresol and the lemony liquid leaked out and therefore couldnt spray after the first use. . . it was expensive and a total waste. Plus it left a white residue behind. My t3 is a MUST HAVE

  25. T3 has a tinted dry shampoo?! I must try this! All in all, I do like dry shampoo. It’s not a substitute for a wash and dry, but I still like it nonetheless.

  26. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but it really works great for me. I still shower every day of course, but just two days a week of giving my hair and scalp a break from washing and drying really makes a difference for me…my scalp used to be so dry. I’ve always been obsessed with my hair looking clean…if my hair looked oily at all, I wouldn’t use dry shampoo…but mine actually looks better on my dry shampoo days!

  27. K

    It doesn’t work.

    I’ve used Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser.

  28. Kaylabella

    I absolutely adore it! It is a regular staple in my mornings. I shower at night, so my hair is more prone to get greasy through the next day, so I spray it at my crown and in my bangs and I’m good to go all day! It’s especially great when I want to curl my hair, it gives it extra texture and volume so the curl holds longer!

  29. LOVE IT! I’ve tried the Fekkai one and recently bought the Oscar Blandi one. The Fekkai doesn’t last as well as I’d like it to though.

  30. Jasmine

    Love it! I use Bautiste (pink bottle) and it works well in a pinch.

  31. Dry shampoo is my life saver! I have side swept bangs that get oily VERY quickly. I use the Batiste one which only costs about $7 at sallys. A lot of dry shampoos smell funny though.

  32. ShopStar

    I am experimenting with dry shampoos now. Some are too volumizing and make my hair feel dirty (BIG SEXY HAIR) and some work, but my hair is still flat at the end of the day (Biandi). So far, I like Rockaholic. Thanks for the post. I’ve got a few new brands to try.

  33. Haley

    my hair is already too dry to use dry shampoo…lol

  34. jessica

    damn where have i been? i’ve never heard about dry shampoo until now lol

  35. My hair: Dark, thick, and gets oily @roots after a couple days of no wash.

    I love that it works wonders at getting rid of oily-ness (if I ever get lazy and don’t feel like washing it….My hair goes all the way to my lower back, so washing has become kind of a chore).

    + gets rid of the oily-ness at the roots and makes hair clean looking for a bit
    + adds volume!
    + an excellent “quick fix” if I’m in a hurry

    – I have dark hair, so I use the dark brown-tinted dry shampoo. If I run my fingers through it will darken fingertips and under my fingernails. Makes me look like I have dirty fingernails! :/
    – Dulls the shine of hair (kind of “mattifies”…which I guess is what the whole purpose is). It is *slightly* dusty looking but not really.
    – Can drip and get onto other surfaces (ie sink, etc)..possibly clothes? I’m concerned about any fallout but haven’t noticed it yet

    (it would probably help to post what brand I’m talking about..but I can’t remember at the moment. The smell is OK. Not great, but I’m not turned off by it)

  36. Lauren

    These are all great posts and what I have gathered is that Oscar Blandi is great for Blondes (I bought a small can for $11 at Sephora and used it up in about 3-4 times, and also I didn’t like the lemon smell).

    Can someone tell me where to get this “T3″ or “Rockaholic” or “Big sexy hair” dry shampoo?

  37. Diane Kristine

    For some reason, I’m not turned off by the smell of the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo spray. It helps me in between showers, espcially because I used to have bad dandruff and I use Selsun Blue couple times a week to control that. I’m a brunette & I just comb it out and the white goes away. As for the powder, I’m not that thrilled about it, maybe because I haven’t found the best way to use it and I always get it all over the place.

    I’ve tried Psssssst, but after two uses the bottle was empty. The Oscar Blandi one lasts me a while, considering I have long & thick hair and I’m on my second small can in 6 months.

  38. Liz

    Brunette girls, Psssst also makes a tinted one. I can’t find it in stores anymore but have ordered it off of Amazon. I loooove dry shampoo! So far tinted Pssst and Klorane are my favorites but I’m dying to try Tigi/Big Sexy/T3 too.

  39. Jennifer S.

    Your posts are always right on target for your readers! I just purchased Klorane dry shampoo yesterday after seeing it on QVC Saturday Night. I bought it at Sephora. I had been using Oscar Blandi pronto Dry Shampoo and found it to be too “white” for my Brunette hair and did not really care for the smell.
    I love the Klorane shampoo so far. I found it restored the shine back to my hair and the smell is nice with no heavy powder. But I did not have the aersol in the Oscar Blandi, I have the “shaker” for lack of better descrption so perhaps I was using too much. The price is similar and I suggest anyone who is not satisfied with the results of their current product to try this one.

  40. Julie

    I LOVE dry shampoo! I have Oscar Blandi powder, Pssst, Klorane aerosol, and my favorite which is Rene Furterer. I wash my hair every third day, and use dry shampoo on the other days. I read that Ken Paves uses dry shampoo on his clients to add volume to their hair when he styles it. Can’t live without!

  41. Dina

    MUST HAVE. I have curly hair and can only wash every 3 to 4 days because it’s so dry. My scalp can get a little oily but also it starts to smell like “pillow”. :-( I like the Oscar Blandi but I find that I go through the cans too fast. Now i’m using the Ojon and really like it. I’ve tried the Big Sexy Hair but it’s too heavy and makes me look more greasy. And it feels too wet when I spray it. I would like to try the Rockaholic though.

  42. Kaleen


    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive dry shampoo. I’ve never tried dry shampoo and I think I would like it and find it useful, but I don’t want to shell out a lot of money for something I’m not sure I’ll like.

  43. emily

    I’ve used BC Bonacure Styling Tread-Refreshing

  44. claudia

    I guess my biggest gripe is that it doesn’t actually clean my hair? I know it’s not supposed to, but the name is misleading! I have only used the TiGi Rockstar one. it does get rid of the greasy look, but it makes my dark hair look matte, if you will, and then when i wash it all out, my shampoo literally DOES NOT LATHER. i think it’s a gross feeling!

    anyway, i can only use it on my hair for the 2nd day if, because if i don’t wash it that night or the following morning, my hair is a hot mess!

  45. I think I would love it but I’ve never seen it in New Zealand. Though I really want to get my hands on some as my hair is very oily but I don’t want to strip it of oils by washing it everyday!

  46. Jennifer

    I’ve tried Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo, and while it does work well, baby powder does the exact same thing for me. I’m partial to the Johnson & Johnson Cooling Cucumber Melon baby powder. There’s also the lavender scented one. It’s a huge container for a LOT cheaper.

  47. HY

    I hate dry shampoos that show up powdery and white on my black hair!

  48. 0037sammie

    Love how it gets rid of excess oil when I am in a pinch, or adds volume when clean hair is too ‘flat’- hate how I have to be careful of the amount though because too much and you send up seeing white powder! Not cute =/