Monday, May 7th, 2012

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: CURLING MASCARA!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about curling mascara. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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20 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Curling Mascara

  1. I find most curling mascara don’t really have some magical property to curl you lashes of then the wand.
    I use the Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara as I find Waterproof hold the curls you put into you lashes a lot longer then regular mascara formulas.

  2. Chrissy Kim

    Curling mascaras do absolutely nothing for my lashes. If anything, they actually UNcurl my lashes. It’s so difficult to find mascara that doesn’t weigh down my thin, sparse lashes. Good mascara is one of the most difficult beauty products for me to find. All the mascaras that people rave about, Diorshow for example, do not work for me!

  3. Ciliza Xinx

    Try using Lumene blueberry curling mascara best one

  4. Alison S

    Maybelline Full and Soft. This will hold your curl no matter what! but it won’t give your lashes more curl.

  5. My lashes have a pretty substantial curl on their own, so it’s not something I seek from a mascara, but I did notice that Benefit’s Bad Gal curled them even more. Other than that, I’ve never really seen any effect beyond what’s there naturally. I suspect that to get a really proper curve on otherwise straight lashes, you need to employ an actual curler.

  6. Caitlin Mary

    I found Fairy Drops works best.  When I am too lazy to take the extra seconds to curl I use Fairy drops and get a fantastic curl (obviously there is no substitute) but it works.  And when I use it with a curler, the curl is held for a much, much longer time than normal. 

    • Joni

       @Caitlin Mary Yes Fairy Drops is the only one that’s actually worked for me.  My lashes are fairly thick and not too short, but so stubbornly straight and it actually gives them a bit of curl even without a curler.

  7. tuxiekay

    My favorite is the one by Cargo. I think using an eyelash curlers is harmful to my lashes.

  8. misscheriamor

    I run away from curling mascara! My lashes are curled on their own and in all honesty I need straightening mascara for one eye! :)

  9. Inna Malul

    They’re real by benefit or Lancôme defenecils, both amazing! No ones lashes are long enough to “curl” so obviously those mascaras won’t work! Lash curlers help

  10. I have extremely straight spiky lashes (my hair is dead straight as well) that almost point downwards and curling mascara does nothing for me.  In fact, I think it actually straightens my eyelashes even more.  LoL!  I use an eyelash curler and regular mascara and that’s the best I can hope for.  I’ve yet to meet a curling mascara where I have felt the need to establish a long term relationship.

  11. Quinctia

    I’m not a fan of curling mascara, because it’s just not made for my needs.  I have curly hair, and it seems like that keeps my lashes naturally curled.  I don’t even own an eyelash curler.  So, I’m looking for half volume/half length in my mascara.  I’ve tried one, maybe two curling mascara, and the end result was me wondering why the heck I bothered putting it on.

  12. xamyx

    I have a natural “lift” to my lashes, so they curl up a bit on their own. As a result, I’ve never found a *need* for a curling mascara. However, I have bought a couple over the years, because either they were way on sale, I wanted to try something different, etc, but I found they did nothing for my lashes that a regular mascara didn’t, but I don’t care for the curved brush for application, as I find them a bit awkward. I don’t tend to curl my lashes, either, because doing so just makes my eyes look a bit strange.

  13. Beautiful Smudges

    I can’t say I’m bothered about curling mascara. I prefer mine to separate and give length, so it looks like I’ve got thousands of super long lashes. If I was that intent on getting a curl I’d just buy myself some eyelash curlers!

  14. My lashes are straight. Despite the fact that they aren’t short short per se, a large part is tucked under my monolids so I NEED to curl my eyelashes AND use a mascara that holds curls! For me a mascara can be as lengthening and volumizing as it wants, but if it doesn’t hold curls it’s dead in my book! I used to stick to waterproof formula because I thought the dry formula holds curls better, but I have recently tried some that’s not marketed as waterproof but does the job well. Hurrah for new mascara technology! 

    • BooBooNinja

       @Mostly Sunny Sunny, would you mind sharing what these mascaras are?

      •  @BooBooNinja Hey hon, the two non-waterproof mascara I’ve found so far that does an exceptional job holding curls are Fairy Drops Platinum mascara and Diorshow New Look. They each have little problems (Fairy Drops doesn’t volumize much, and it could clump easily if you zigzag too much. Diorshow tends to smudge a little on the lower outer corners towards the end of the day, but it does lengthen/volumize/hold curls extremely well for me), but in terms of holding curls and keeping lashes fluttery soft (without the usual stuff and crunchy feeling you get from waterproof mascara), you’ve got to give it to them! I’m still trying different mascara though (I have 7 in my to-test box at the moment believe it or not, from drugstore to high-end to luxury), so hopefully one day I’ll find ONE mascara that can do it all!

  15. ccphillips195

    i don’t really need curling mascara because my lashes are already curly