Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Crease Brushes!

my answer: There is such a fine line between tapered and pointed, fluffy and barely-there. I love that there is SO much variety in the types of crease brushes one can try, but I find they can really depend on preference, eye shape, and application style so it can be hard to purchase sight unseen! The one thing I really don’t like is when they feel scratchy or rough, because they’re a fluffier brush, sometimes I feel like it can be more pronounced.

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24 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Crease Brushes

  1. Yasmine

    Is the MAC 217 really as great as it is hyped up to be? I don’t have a decent brush to put darker colors in my crease, and I don’t want to spend the money on it if there are better ones out there!

    • Lauren

      I love it. It is a great crease brush. I actually have 2.

    • LU

      For actually placing color in the crease I prefer the Hakuhodo J146 or J142 which are similar to MAC 226, they are more precise. For blending crease color, I use Hakuhodo J5523 which is the MAC 217 equivalent and I love it! I prefer to go in with a clean J5523 for blending, it just makes sure the colors never get muddy.

    • As Lauren said, it is a great brush, not just for the crease but for applying a light but even wash of colour and also for pressing colour onto the outer lid or outer V. I’ve also got 2 of them and am thinking of getting a 3rd except the price, always on the high side, has really gone up in the past year, it seems.

      • Lauren

        Agreed. That’s why I love it so much. I can get color into the outer V and crease and blend beautifully.

        Sometimes I use the Sephora #10 if I’m just looking to define the crease with a midtown shade, but the MAC 217 is my absolute favorite.

    • It’s actually not a crease brush for me… I find it to be a blending brush. It’s an absolute staple for me and I would never be without it, or go a day without using it. But I can’t use it for laying down colour in the crease, it’s nowhere near tapered enough.

  2. My problem is I can never seem to find the right one! I have hooded eyelids, so I feel like I have to be a little bit more picky about which brushes I use otherwise I end up getting way too much color concentrated in one area because my eyelids have that extra skin. I finally did find a great crease brush, and of course it was the Mac 217. I’m definitely open to recommendations for other crease brushes for hooded eyes though!!

    • I was having the same problems. I tried Sephora’s pro crease brush #10 and I’ve been loving it! I use a more tapered brush to apply my crease color and then use the Sephora brush to blend things out. It’s very fluffy yet dense.
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  3. I still haven’t found a great crease brush. So far my favorite is the MAC 217 to apply shadow to my crease, but I’m not exactly blown away by it.

  4. MAC’s 217 is the perfect crease brush for me. I have (slightly) hooded eyes, and it fits perfectly in the cease. It’s soft, not too fluffy..I love it. I have tried tapered ones before, and for me they don’t work as well.

  5. I don’t think I have any rants, I’ve only got raves. I have 2 tapered crease brushes from POSH that I love – one is smaller, one slightly larger and both are tapered. I’ve got a fluffier Sonia Kashuk crease brush – very different shape from the POSH ones – that I also love for a less defined/softer looking crease. I’ve got my beloved MAC 217s and a few others. I love them all for different uses and different end results.

  6. I’m still trying to find my perfect crease brush. Everything I use is either too big or too small. I think I’ll try the MAC 217, I’m just surprised I haven’t tried it yet considering how everyone raves about it.
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  7. I really love my MAC 217, but lately, it’s been so uncomfortable/painful to use.
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  8. I can’t live without my crease brushes. My MAC 217 is definitely the crown jewel of my brush collection and the most used brush in my stash.
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  9. xamyx

    Of all my many, many eye brushes, I’d have to say the majority are crease brushes… I have large, medium, small, tapered, pointy, angled, duo-fiber, dense, soft… I think they are the most essential brush for my purposes. Most of the time I wear “color”, it’s in the crease, and between crease & transition shades, I average 3-4 shades in any one look. I have an abundance of crease-space, which is likely why I never have an issue with shadows creasing, and I take full advantage of it. While I have adequate lid space, my lashes are long & full, so color kind of disappears, so I move the color up.

  10. I still mostly use my fingers for eyeshadow appication 😛 I would love to have a wonderful crease brush, but until then my pinkie finger does a bang up job! 😀
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    • xamyx

      The eye area is sooo delicate. Brushes are much gentler, and there’s no tugging or pulling. There are many fantastic “bargain” brushes available by e.l.f., Posh, NYX, & EcoTools, among others. Even if you continue to apply with your fingers, blend out with a brush. Also, look into “Gifts With Purchase” deals from some of the higher-end brands.

  11. kellly

    I have deep-set eyes and never put color in my crease or I’d look like a skull! I occasionally use a light color in my crease to try and offset the natural shadows and depth of the crease but it still just looks like very deep set eyes to me. (*sigh*)

    • Marissa

      I have deep-set eyes as well and they’re very tricky to work with. What I end up doing is blending a darker color above the crease to recede the browbone. A lighter shade on lid and a matte or satin shade in a natural crease color on the browbone just above the crease look great IMO.

  12. Veronica

    Pfft, crease brushes. I have hooded eyes – what is this crease of which you speak? I use the MAC 217 primarily for blending, and if I want to fluff color into the crease, I use that. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money to get one.

  13. Quinctia

    I like the precision. Nine times out of ten, I use some sort of crease brush in all my eyeshadow application–I just have super small and precise ones I use actually in the crease!

  14. Love crease brushes (possibly one of my favorite brush types), no complaints about any of the ones I have. My favorite is Sephora Tokidoki :/ is that completely silly of me? Always feel like my brushes are supposed to be fancy, but sometimes the cheaper ones do a great job

  15. Meiya

    Love them! My faves are the MAC 266 and the Louise Young 38A & 38B.