Monday, April 1st, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Cream Eyeshadows!

my answer: They’re really great to make colors pop as eyeshadow bases or for 2-minute eye looks… but I will say they’re pain to photograph as a lot of them look good from afar but are way less impressive up-close!

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39 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Cream Eyeshadows

  1. Krista

    I agree, except for the buxom cream shadows, they’re so creamy and smooth, they look beautiful up close :)

  2. Yellowlantern

    I find them hard to use compared with powder. It’s harder to be precise with them (at least for me) so they’re really only good as an all over wash.

    But I already own tons of powder shadows that could be used as an all over wash if that’s the look I’m going for. I don’t like that you need special brushes for them. I’ve only bought one cream shadow and I don’t think I’ll buy any more.

  3. Love cream shadows for some extra staying power, but there’s just no help when a formula refuses to stay put! It’s harder to make a cream shadow work when it’s not made well.

  4. Amanda

    I love them as bases, but I hardly ever wear them alone. I find that they just don’t last on me.

  5. I only ever use them as a sticky base to intensify/create dimension with a powder shadow. I have oily lids so they can be, and frequently are, a total waste of time and money. Little trick I’ve been using lately. Apply the cream base and then lightly pat a bit of Nars primer on top of the cream shadow.

  6. Veronika

    I never manage to put them on properly (how do you blend them anyway?) for me powder shadow is easier. That being said I love the depth of color that the cream eye shadows give.

  7. CARLY

    i’m cream shadow-obsessed. i have a few dozen and have soooo many more id love to get my hands on. i love them for several reasons:
    -they create a really unique looking texture
    -the make my powder eye shadows last longer
    -they enhance the pigment of my powder eye shadows
    -they look great alone or paired with a powder shadow, so they’re versatile
    -i find them easy and quick to apply (i almost always use fingers rather than a brush. one finger to apply, the other to blend) especially when used alone for a wash of color
    -they offer subtle dimension which i prefer to a liner, as i find liner to be harsh and tricky to master
    -i love cream products altogether since i have extremely dry skin and love a dewy finish

  8. Starfish

    I love cream shadows! They’re easy and quick. Great no-brainer products.

  9. Kendra

    I love using cream shadows as a base for powders because they really increase depth and intensity of shades. Plus I find with a good formula they help my eye look last longer.

    I also prefer that the glitter and sparkle on my eyes come from a cream shadow, because there is less danger of fall out, making them much easier to work with than powders in that respect.

    And as mentioned cream eye shadows are a really get quick eye look for a light wash of color. Although I don’t usually use cream eyeshadows by themselves since they are way more likely to crease and fade I always use them with primer and a bit of powder shadow to set them. Even though they usually result in having to do more work, I find that they do add to my look when I use them, so they have their special place in my collection

  10. t_zwiggy

    I HATE them! Hard to apply (evenly), impossible to blend and they all crease extremely fast on me (within a couple of hours with a primer). The only one I like is MAC Painterly as a base to cover veins on my lids.

  11. KaseyCannuck

    I only started using these about a year ago and I haven’t looked back!! The only brands I’ve tried are Mac’s Paint Pots and Maybelline’s Color Tattoos, and I LOVE them!! They add a nice bit of sparkle to my dark brown eyes without the glittery mess from powders, and even though my skin is oily, these last and last without creasing!

  12. Veronica

    Not a big fan. I have a hooded eyes, so pretty much everything creases on me – cream shadows in particular. I like them as a wash, but I rarely use them as bases because it’s pretty much pointless for me. šŸ˜›

  13. stef b

    I just apply with my fingers and the finish always looks great. and there is nothing i don’t like about them!

  14. I love everything about cream eyeshadows as long as they are crease-free and long-wearing. They can be a bit tricky to apply, though.

  15. anna_a

    I love them! My favourites are the Sisheido ones and the Maybelline Tattoo range, lovely colors… MAC paintpots are also on a par quality-wise but I’m not so into their colors.I love cream eye shadows because:

    1.they can be worn alone or as a base for a powder e/s
    2.they can also make some very exciting shades when mixed together – so much easier to mix creams than powders!I just combine 2 colors on top of my palm and then I apply the new color
    3.they can be applied with a brush (I mostly use the MAC 217) as well as with fingers. For a more intense color, I just wait for a few seconds before applying a 2nd or a 3rd layer. I love that the color looks as if it’s one with skin!
    4.they can be used as liners and I find the result to be softer, more organic. Regular eyeliners (gel or liquid) can look harsh on me, especially black ones version of the smoky eye: I line the eyes with cream e/s using a medium-thin eyeliner brush, then I take my 217 and the tiniest drop of MAC strobe liquid lotion and blend outwards and upwards

    I have oily lids but using the creamies of the above-mentioned brands has never been a problem for me, they actually last a bit longer than powder e/s but maybe it’s only on me – or maybe it’s Maybelline :-PPPP (sorry couldn’t resist :-)).

  16. Mariella

    I hate when they crease (sometimes even a good primer doesn’t help) or when they set so quickly that you just can’t blend or sheer them out at all.

    • Mariella

      DUH – I forgot what I LOVE. I love the ones that don’t cream and can be used as enhancing bases for other shadows. I love the ones that give a quick and easy “one product” finished eye. I actually like cream shadows a lot – well, the good ones, that is.

  17. Ivana

    Over the past few months, IĀ“ve been a little bit obsessed with cream eyeshadows. Some of them are really great, like the Maybelline Color Tattoos, MUFEĀ“s Aqua Cream and ChanelĀ“s Illusion dĀ“ombre ones. I like them for a wash of color and as a base.

  18. I love them for a quick look, but they don’t blend easily so they’re more limited than a powder.

  19. Leticia

    I love cream eyeshadows as a base – it’s fun to combine them with different powder eyeshadow and see them change! I love light colored ones, like Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows in Birthday Suit and Samba-dy Loves Me, to brighten up the lids in a few seconds.

  20. Fabulous, especially the Maybelline, Benefit, and Smashbox ones. Super quick and easy to do a great look with, especially with a peachy or champagne color. I sheer out the color up to the browbone, and build it up on the lid. Usually I apply with my finger without a primer–so that makes it perfect when I don’t have much time in the morning.

  21. Cathi

    I have tons of powder shadows but have recently been a convert to creams. Having “older” very dry skin, I find that the creams are less likely to show any flaking. Also, when I’m going for a quick makeup routine I start with UD primer then just cover the lid with a cream shadow and blend into the crease, add a liner and mascara and I’m done. As for brands, I like Shiseido, Estee Lauder and the Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown sticks.

  22. Madina G

    I like to have a variety of them to use with colorful eyeshadows, because otherwise, why get a colorful eyeshadow if it’s just going to fade even with a regular primer? Unfortunately, I don’t get to wear colorful eyeshadows that often and even when I do sometimes I forget to use a cream base. In the end I’m wasting my money to use a colored cream shadow like 10x a year or so when I could just use NYX white base as an all-purpose base. >_< I stopped getting colored ones but I can't bring myself to swap or get rid of my current ones.

    However, I do really like light neutral ones as a wash over the lid for a quick look, and a dark brown and black base for smokey eyes to last for hours without fading.

  23. TwirlyGirly

    It really depends on the brand. Maybelline Color Tattoos do work for me as a stand-alone product; no creasing – ever. After working with them a bit, I am able to layer/blend them just as easily as I do with powder shadows.

    The only other cream shadows I use are the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. I have about 15 of them, but I can’t use them alone. However, they make fantastic bases for me (when used over a primer). Powder shadows don’t move OR fade when applied over them. My eye makeup looks just as fresh at 8 PM as it did at 8 AM when I use them as a base!

  24. Maggie

    I bought Benefit Skinny Jeans because of you and how awesome it looks even up close….thanks for that :) an exception.

  25. Diana

    No love from me with cream shadows. I have extremely oily lids, so even with primer, cream shadows don’t make it 10 minutes on my lids without creasing.

  26. dakotacheryl

    I love the Shiseido cream shadows the best. Followed by Mac Paint Pots, and couple of other Department store brands in colors not found in Shiseido. I use them as all over color washes, and for lining along lashes with a pencil brush. My fave brush for the “all over” eyelid application is the Sephora Pro Cream Shadow brush. I have two of them so far.

  27. I also love the way they look beautiful close up. And I agree that they give a really unique texture, but i am not really sure that the difference is great enough to make the change from the powder I already use.

  28. There are hardly any of these that I can wear, from what I’ve tried. The creamier Mac Paint Pots are OK and I can handle Benefit’s Creaseless Creams as long as I don’t wear them on consecutive days, but all the others seem to irritate my eyes to some degree. I’ve been curious to try formulas from brands that I usually love, but I can’t justify spending high end cosmetic money on a product that I might have a reaction to. I’d love to figure out what the problem ingredients are, though!

  29. Sandra JT

    The thing that peeves me the most is that the majority of more expensive brands I own are absolute CRAP next to the cheaper brands. I’m looking at you, Bobbi Brown! They can’t be layered or built up in opacity at all. Yet my Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows & Avon products work spectacularly. Ben Nye also has some great cream eye products for a fraction of the price of BB that are amazing.

    I love using cream products under powder products to add dimension to a look, to intensify the colors & to add staying power to them. All purposes which BB fails dismally at, unfortunately. But when a cream shadow works well, there’s nothing else like it. I’ll keep adding to my collection, without a doubt, even though I’ve already got far more than I need.

  30. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo Tough as Taupe today as a base for some Madd Style pigments and it didn’t crease at all! I also love Bad to the Bronze, Pomegranate Punk, and the Asphalt one. They are best when sealed with powders or pigments.

    I love my Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Epatant – a cool shimmery green-gray.

    I have the MAC Spring Trend palette for eyes, but can’t get it not to crease, even when sealed with powders and pigments.

    I love the MAC Soft Ochre paint pot as my every day primer.

  31. Erica

    I avoided cream shadows for years. Now, my oily lids love them. It’s about finding the right brand and pigment for my llids. I use them solo with a primer but mostly as a base for e/s. Companies are coming out with better formulations and more colors to play with. Love them.

  32. I personally love cream eyeshadows, I find them to be easy to blend and create the perfect base for a more dramatic look. I love the Maybelline Colour Tatoos because they are very good quality and inexpensive and the colour range is awesome! I also really love the M.A.C paintpots and Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Emerveille.

    Come and check out my beauty blog and be sure to leave me comments with suggestions and your thoughts!
    Alice xo

  33. I hate when cream shadows crease even with a primer. However, the L’Oreal HIP Shadow paints and the Maybelline Tattoo ones are perfect for me. I have hooded eyes and they still don’t crease on me and don’t need a primer. I can wear them alone or under powder. I use a brush for the L’Oreal and my fingers for the Maybelline. I haven’t tried the Benefit or the MAC versions.

  34. I wish they’d work for me as a 2-minute eye make-up, but I haven’t found any that would stay on my oily hooded lids and could withstand my watery eyes! My make-up often go patchy within minutes. >: Recommendations, anyone?

  35. GUSnail

    I love cream shadows. I ususally use them as a base to intensify my powder shadows. I find that most products crease on me, so I use MAC Paint (the one in the tube, not the paint pot), then the cream shadow, then powder shadow, if I really want something to last.

  36. becca

    In the summer i can only wear cream shadows, i become allergic to powder ones with the heat. some are horrible and crease like crazy but i’ve found a few that work for me. benefit has many nice colors that stay on like rsvp and skinny jeans. I also like mac paint pots in colors like constructivist and blackground. my favorites are the chanel ones in colors like epatante and mirifique, they photograph really well and come in very beautiful colors.

  37. I like cream shadows when I don’t want to fuss over my makeup because I know that they stay on me better than powder. I still find powder a bit easier to apply (and more blend-able). But the Maybelline Color Tattoos are amazing.

  38. Melissa

    I hate pretty much all cream shadows except MAC paint & paint pots & certain Maybelline color tattoos. I use my paint pots alone for a quick wash of color or under a powder shadow as a primer & to make the colors pop. They are truly the best products I’ve ever put on my eyes, I don’t think ill be able to use anything else ever again… At least for my everyday makeup.