Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… CREAM EYESHADOW!

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28 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Cream Eyeshadow

  1. hi

    Hmm.. Cream eyeshadow is great when it’s pigmented and long-lasting (think L’Oreal’s Cream Shadow Paints or Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows) but horrible when it stays greasy and sheer (think Revlon’s Illuminance Cream Shadow Palette). Either way, they’re very finger-friendly and easy for a quick on-the-go look! I personally love MAC’s Paints the best. 😀

  2. nenebird

    I love the Bobbi Brown cream eye shadows. The are nice and sheer but cover. The mac ones are a bit thicker and pasty.

  3. Arduinna

    I havent been much into cream eye shadows. I tried recently the Infallible cream shadow from Mad Minerals and i liked the texture and the result but i have oily lids and it creases easier than the powder ones. But sometimes they make a good base (MAC paints and paint pots).

  4. Porcelain

    I find they tend to migrate to the crease unless I’m using them as a base for powder shadows. So I dislike using them alone, but love them as coloured bases!

  5. Rani

    Have been wanting to try the Revlon Illuminance creme quads..are they a yay or a nay?

  6. Nic15

    I like cream shadows as a base or for a single wash of color but they are not very blendable so it’s difficult to try & use more than one color at a time. I’ve liked Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows best so far, but am anxious to try Shu Umera’s after hearing good things.

  7. Rachel

    So far, cream shadows on me have always creased.

  8. Adrienne

    I love cream shadows. My favorite is Dior’s Undressed Beige, a pale gold color with a bit of shimmer. It lasts all day! I also like the creams from Bobbi Brown, those Revlon creme quads, the Shu Uemura ones, and Shiseido’s. I use a primer under all of them. This helps them stay put.

    I wrote Nars and asked how I could keep theirs from migrating into the crease. Interestingly, they said to use a powder shadow under them. I haven’t tried it yet.

  9. The last cream eyeshadow I ever owned, wound up in the trash. I don’t like them at all, and the only ones I keep are white ones so I can use them as a base.

  10. vixitrixibelle

    I’ve never had any luck with wearing cream shadows alone or with a base underneath them; they’ve always creased or ended up migrating into my crease.

    I do find they work well with powder eyeshadow over the top though. This mostly stops them creasing and gives more colour pay off. That said, this can be achieved with Too Faced or Urban Decay bases and powder eyeshadow.

    I’m really allergic to the MAC paint pots; especially the metallic ones.

  11. Zoila

    I love cream eyeshadows! I think a sheer application looks very dewy and glowy in a good way when you don’t want to look all done up… Cream Color Bases & Paint Pots = LOVE! I don’t like it as much as powder eyeshadows, but they’re still great!

  12. The reviews for the Revlon cream shadows in Makeup Alley aren’t too good, but I really love them. My favorites also include the Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows! Every one I have is a must have.

  13. On their own, I haven’t found cream shadows to have enough color payoff or staying power (cringing at all sorts of gunk all up in my crease), but I’ve found them to work well as bases. I really like the ones from Benefit and MAC!

  14. Kimberly

    Getting them to on & crease free all day is something that I’ve found next to impossible.

  15. Sandy

    Honestly, don’t like them. No specific reason. I just find regular shadows easier to work with.

  16. i dislike all of the cream shadows i’ve ever tried. i’m sure there’s good ones that i haven’t tried. even if they stayed put, i rather use powder e/s b/c of the finish and ease of control^_^

  17. alyssamae.

    the only cream eyeshadows i have ever tried were from revlon. i had trouble making it last long and crease free :( im glad this post is up bc i still want to give cream e/s’s another shot and now i get to learn more about cream e/s from you all and everyones recommendations! :)

    • Amber

      i’ve tried those revlon ones and didn’t really like them…..MAC makes great stuff like their paints, paint pots, and cream color bases (the ccb crease more in my opinion) and Nars makes really high quality cream eyeshadows.

  18. Julia

    I have recently bought a MAC shadestick (Butternutty) – not sure if that qualifies as a cream eyeshadow exactly, but it goes on cream-like. It seems to look kind of patchy on my eyelids :( even though it swatched smooth.

  19. Yo

    It’s one of the enemies of my uber oily lids!

  20. Wilcoa

    can’t stand them. They crease and overall for me just don’t last, even though I have very dry skin :S

  21. elle

    I love cream eye shadows: they glide on smoothly, last all day and are very pigmented. The only downside is having to replace them more frequently to avoid an eye infection/ bacteria build up in them.

  22. DoDe

    I love mac paints

  23. Kaylabella

    i’m not too big of a fan, i usually just use them as bases.

  24. penelope


  25. Lauren

    For those of you who have complained about creasing, try the Benefit’s Creaseless Cream ones. I bought my first one recently, and after seeing that it stayed on for hours and hours without budging or creasing, I just ordered three more colors! Sephora has most of their colors, and Ulta or the Benefit website has the rest.