Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: CREAM CONCEALER!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about cream concealers and all that those entail.

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47 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Cream Concealer

  1. AshleyD

    creamy concealers like Bobbi Browns or The Balm’s give me horrible milia!! :-(

    • Stacey

      @AshleyD or Cfhristine – Are there any ways to get rid of Milia??? I honestly never thought it was from my concealer. Ughhhh

      • Ani_BEE

        A dermatologist can do it for you but if you search for “Removing Milia” you can learn how. You have to lance/cut them out which is why I recommend a dermatologist do it. >_<

        • z

          I had terrible milia one summer and nothing worked. Then I bought a clarisonic and used the philosophy microdelivery wash with it. My milia cleared up on it’s own. I know it was milia because I got a facial and she told me that’s what it was. Hope this helps :)

      • KSlone

        Milia can be caused from a variety of reasons. Everything from products to high cholestrol, to sun damage have been seen to cause it. No matter what the reason, you should always seek a skin care professional for removal. While they look like whiteheads, milia cannot be removed the same way. Improper removal can cause bruising, broken capillaries, or scarring. Hope this is helpful! :)

      • AshleyD

        if they are small they can sometimes be reduced in size by using AHAs regularly. I used an AHA toner that was lactic & glycolic acid every other day for a few weeks, and one milia totally fell off! I also have these raised bumps under my eyes that is actually raised oil glands that can get clogged and look like milia, even though it isn’t. again, BHAs & AHAs can help reduce their size…but doesn’t totally get rid of them (you can’t.). As for stubborn milia that AHAs don’t help with, you have to get them extracted by a dermatologist.

      • It’s really nasty to do, but i got one one time and I just stabbed it with a needle and squeezed the nasty stuff out of it. At first it make look like nothing changes but in a few days mine disappeared.

  2. Suzanne

    I have oily skin, and need full coverage for my hereditary undereye circles. But I swear by Mac’s Studio Sculpt. I use it with the 224. And there’s truly nothing better. No creasing, no caking, no blending problems, no off-looking patchiness that comes from some yellow-based concealers. It’s truly, madly, deeply pigmented. I’ve used the same little pot 4 times a week and it’s still 1/5th full. I don’t need foundation, so I just set it with Select Sheer. Heart Heart Heart.

  3. NeenaJ

    I need a heavy-duty cream concealer like TimeBalm under my eyes to cover my bluish-purple circles. But, it makes my undereye makeup migrate.

    To combat this, i have to use UDPP or Smudgeproof on my lower lashline to keep the liner/mascara stay put. All the while, trying to ensure nothing settles in the fine lines!

  4. Carrie Ann

    I like them if they come in a tube, but not necessarily when they’re in a pot. You have to make sure your finger or brush is really clean every time you dip into it.

  5. Vanessa

    I dont like them becuase they make my face feel cakey and full of gunk i rather my imperfections show through a bit. No one’s perfect right lol

  6. Natalie

    I adore cream concealers, especially MAC’s Studio Finish, since I find them easier to control in terms of coverage and product use. Just a little dab and I’m all set! And I never have to worry about leaks or spills!

  7. Mirna

    I love the amount of coverage they give, especially for undereye coverage. What I dislike is that it sometimes it settles into fine lines.

  8. kcrystal

    I don’t ever need concealer under my eyes otherwise i look ghostly but i do use concealer to cover my blemishes. Creamy concealers like Laura Mercier are horrible as they are too creamy and do not cover or set well even with powder. Concealers that are dry but packed with pigmentation works well for cover ups!!

  9. Abril

    I like MAC Studio Finish concealer! Covers perfectly my dark (really dark!) under eye circles (I use NW25) and I also cover blemishes/spots with it (NC30) but always set it with powder!


  10. Farida

    I am not a fan of cream concealers because they are very cakey when applied under the eyes. I am still in a hunt for a really good one that does not CAKE. Thx!

  11. Ani_BEE

    MAC and Amazing Cosmetics are the only companies to make ones that work with my fair skintones.

    I also look for full coverage to cover in a concealer to cover my blue under-eye area so my current one of choice has been Amazing Cosmetics however you have to work with ridiculously fast and with eye cream to blend it out in time. It also tends to dry out in the tube as well which makes it a fairly expensive product to keep having to replace.

  12. monika-luiza

    I only use creamy concealers like benefit erase paste, as these are the only ones that don’t cake under my eyes.

  13. Jakara

    I actually love cream concealer. A little goes a long way. I have kevyn aucoin, and bobbi brown. I haven’t really tried any other concealers.

  14. Catherine

    I like cream concealer to hide blemishes and scars on my face. I have a pretty decent amount of acnee scars on my cheeks (thanks accutane!) and i use Lise Watier Portfolio to hide it. I doesn’t move and set with powder it looks very natural (i don’t wear foundation on a daily basis and i can go away only with concealer and powder). I don’t like cream concealer for under my eyes. It sets in fine lines, making them appear way more present that they really are (Im only 21!) and it looks cakey.

    • Ari4356

      Are you me? I have the exact same problems, and I’m also 21.

      • Catherine

        And its so weird! some of my friends have the same problem but they have really dry skin (and its winter time here so even worst) but i have combination skin. But i find that it is better when i use an eyecream before applying my concealer (i use lancome genefic yeux)

    • Savannah

      I’m on accutane right now! Did it break you out?? I’m nervous!! :S

      • CeeBee

        Hey, I’m on Oratane (isotretinoin, same active ingredient as Accutane) at the moment and it’s not uncommon for the first 4-6 weeks of treatment to still have acne breakouts, possibly worse than usual.
        This is because as the sebum glands are dried out by the medication, they tent to expel anything already clogged in there, hence more zits.
        I was pretty lucky, I have not had another cystic pimple since I started, though I did get a lot of minor surface ones for about a month but they healed up really fast and now my face is pretty clear, just some minor scarring that my derm said might take another 6-9 months to fade.
        I am nearly 32 if that makes any difference, and going on this medication has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s a long term fix (my treatment is for a year), so don’t give up on it just because of short term side effects. :-)
        It does really dry your skin out though, so I had to invest in some heavy duty moisturizers and lots of lip balm!

  15. CeeBee

    I think they look the most natural but I find they don’t last as long as I’d like.
    My favourite is a beeswax based formula – creamy to apply, good coverage and once it sets, that sucker stays where I put it!

  16. Ida

    I have massive dark blue circles around my eyes because I have kidney issues – I rarely get blemishes that I need to cover up. I have some slight redness, but not so much that it’s a problem to cover up. I need something that covers up my dark circles without it looking like I’m wearing any makeup – I still haven’t acheived that 100%.

    I hate concealers with SPF or too much titanium dioxide (like MAC Studio Finish, YSL Touche Eclat), they look like CRAP in flash photography. I hate concealers that cake and are difficult to blend. I hate concealers with light-reflective pigments – that is just wrong. I hate concealers that are too yellow-toned – makes the undereye area look ashy.

    I love when a concealer sets semi-matte – it doesn’t look shiny, but you can still layer it without the risk of caking. A concealer should have a certain amount of pink/salmon. I love concealers that are opaque – you can sheer an opaque concealer out, but it’s difficult and time-consuming to layer a sheer concealer. And the thinner the layer, the better. Basically the same way Christine feels about lipstick lol!

    A good product for me would be MAC Colour Corrector in Peach…it’s a pro product though, so it’s impossible for me to get a hold of. I LOVE Bobbi Brown’s corrector – hero product! I haven’t found the perfect concealer yet – I haven’t found the right shade for me in Bobbi Brown’s range, but I might go to Laura Mercier simply because I’ve heard such great things about the range. Oh, and I do think the BB Creamy Concealer has a bit more slip than the corrector, which has the perfect consistency for me…which is too bad.

    …and that was it LOL!

    • Jakara

      I also love bobbi brown corrector. I own it in dark peach and use it b4 I apply my concealer which I reall don’t have 2 use. Its the best corrector ever.

  17. I use the eve pearl one on dark circles for models/clients and get a really really good result from them, so massive RAVE! I bought the one with the three tones so I could mix and get shades I want. It’s really blendable and doesn’t sink into lines, etc, and I’ll be using this as long as they keep making it.

  18. Joi

    I love Eve Pearl’s.

    • Leenie

      I love Eve Pearls concealer too It’s the only concealer I’m using at the moment , It’s only one other concealer I want to try is Kevyn Aucoin concealer but it’s so expensive maybe one day

  19. Cindy

    I love TheBalm cream concealer. It does a nice job covering up imperfections like sun damage and acne scars while still looking natural. Just a side note – the liquid concealer offered by TheBalm smells horrible! It’s supposed to help with acne, but doesn’t work. At least the cream concealer works well AND doesn’t smell bad!

  20. ali

    love. love. LOVE! i use studio sculpt by mac. since it is a little goopy and a tad darker than my skintone i make sure i blend around my undereye area and blemishes with my foundation so i dont look splotchy.

  21. Tara

    can’t live w/out ’em (MAC & bobbi brown) but i also sometimes dab some touche eclat or something over them. lorac has a good pinkish-toned stick one with a highlighter on the other side that’s good.

  22. mkdallas

    I love cream concealers and find they don’t crease up in my fine lines if I wait until my eye cream is absorbed to apply them. For covering up zits and redness along the sides of my nose, my favorites include Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage, The Balm & MAC Studio Finish. Surprisingly, what I use under my eyes are both drugstore brands: Cover Girl Simply Ageless & Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse.

  23. Grace

    Lise Watier has a color wheel. Love the green and light peach color. Probably not awesome for undereye (which I don’t really have, so I don’t use), but awesome for covering recovering breakouts (green) and scars (light peach) :)

  24. Linda

    I used to hate them until i started to apply them a little differently. When i was first using a regular concealer brush (the little paddle brush things) I fond most creamy concealers looked cakey and settled into the fine lines under my eyes when when i used a setting powder, however when i changed to a fluffer blending brush, (i use illamasquas blending brush) i found it no longer looked as cakey oe settled into my fine lines while still giving mw the same coverage.

  25. Lady Di.

    I have tried so many different ones and the one that is a true winner for me is the Bobbie Brown Corrector in Peach. It is so smooth and creamy and never settles into lines or looks cakey!

  26. MARGO

    if you are middle aged and have dry skin a creme concealor is just too hard to spread even with a good concealor brush..even with a good amount of eyecream that is rich underneath. Yet a liquid in a tube is just too light for a mature eye. Cannot win. Best luck with Lancome. mac cream concealor in a pot. No good for me.

  27. Jamie

    wow…I’m new here never knew about milia but I started using concealer under my eyes a few days ago and noticed a few bumps, which is unusual, now I am aware…I mean it may not be milia, but now I’ll be more careful with the concealer.

    • AshleyD

      look to see if one of the first ingredients is petrolatum (it was in my Bobbi Brown corrector) – that pretty much suffocates the skin. the one that did it to me the worst was The Balm Time Balm but I’m not sure what ingredients are in it…it sure was heavy/creamy though

  28. Kim V

    I love Bobbi Browns cream concealer! nothing else works so well for me! I had to rant about that!

  29. Lissa

    liquid is more flexible and stays (and can set and be layered).

    cream concealers tend to slide off and dig trenches in any fine lines and wrinkles– but not before clogging every pore in a quarter mile radius! AND they smudge and need an true makeup remover instead of a gentle water formula.

    cream concealers= camoflage facial warzone

  30. I hate em cuz that always crease on me :(