Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… CREAM BLUSHES!

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39 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Cream Blushes

  1. I have oily skin so I’m afraid it might just melt on me =S However I heard if you apply a powder blush over it, it lasts longer.. that, I haven’t tried yet!

    • binnie

      hiy alyssamae, i have asian skintone and i love to use creme bliusher then put powder over itor jst leave the creme on itsa own for a nautral glow you should try it :) X

  2. Natalie

    I have darkspots on my face, so I have to use concealer. If I use a cream blush, it would shift my concealer! So, I dislike cream blushes and prefer powder blushes.

    • Nic15

      I am the same way. I feel like cream blushes are for those with farely good skin. Cause if you have to use concealer on your cheeks at all to cover spots, blemishes, etc. then applying cream blush over it just screws up the concealing you just did. I can’t use them for this reason but hopefully one day when my skin is better I can cause I love the concept & ease of use they offer.

  3. Sherona

    Creamblushes are all I use..
    I have dry skin, so the melting would not be a problem for me..
    I have the NYX ones as well as the Mac ones and they are both great! I have yet to try the Nars ones..

    The reason I don’t like powderblushes is because I feel like it just sits there on my skin and the cream ones are natural, very blendable and glowing.. Might I add that I use creamstick blush..
    If you use a powder blush it isn’t recommended to use a cream blush, since it will wipe away your powder foundation..
    the ”rule”
    powder to powder
    cream to cream

    Hope it helped

  4. Sherona

    ^^ I meant: ”Might I add that I use cream stick FOUNDATION”

  5. Liz

    Used to love Lauder cream to powder stick blushes. DC’d. Stilas are too hard to blend, and Tokidoki don’t last.
    Good cream blush, like Carmindy’s, looks like real skin, less like makeup.

  6. I don’t use them, I prefer powder blushes, especially Mac Mineralize. :)

  7. Michelle

    The application is the only thing I dislike. I have tried several ways, but all require a lot of patience. I used the 188, a foundation brush, my fingers. I love the colors of some that MAC offers. Sweet william, blossoming, brit wit and of course ladyblush.

  8. I’ve never used Cream Blushes.
    I’ve always stuck with powder blushes.
    Probly because even though I have clear skin.
    [[ Knock on wood. ]]
    I work in a salon,
    So when I use the blow dryer I fear that it would melt the blush away.
    And then I would look a little tooooo flushes.
    I actually just got into using blushes.

    Maybe next blush I get I’ll get a creme one.
    Just to see how I like it.

    Does anyone have any good recs??

    Peace Love && Lipstick.

  9. Dita

    Definitely creamblush!
    It’s more natural and blendable than the powder one. The creamblush never screw my concealer layer up. My fave is pro cheek Dior.

  10. ali

    I used to think cream blushes were more natural looking on me, but I don’t anymore. What I dislike about cream blushes is that I don’t like to keep them around for long. Also, they do cause more blemishes, and they don’t last as long in general. I refuse to layer powder over cream. Too much stuff on my face.

  11. i LOVE cream blushes – my favorite are tarte dollface and nars portofino (which is more of a cream to poweder). they are easy to put on, just one or two swipes, then blend out the edges. i think it looks more natural than powder and it’s much easier to use. i do find they fade by evening, but then again powder blush fades on me after 8 hours as well.

    i put cream blush on top of my tinted sunscreen and it works well. i wouldn’t recommend putting it on top of concealer or powder foundation.

  12. honeybrown1976

    Love them! For someone, like me, who doesn’t wear blushes that much, they are so easy.

  13. Jezi

    I adore Smashbox’s O-Glow, since it’s a gel blush that has a powdery finish.

    I tried out Stila’s convertible color, but it never really ‘dried down’ like O-Glow did, it just felt like a little slick on my face which was really unpleasant.

    I’ve used just pink lipstick in a pinch as a cream blush before with good results as long as it’s blended out well.

    Powder blushes are just the easiest to work with with a good brush.

  14. Shontay

    I like creme blushes, but I only have one right now. I have the one that came with macs rose romance collection. I have really good, but dry skin and I think that’s what works best with creme blushes. I don’t know why I don’t have more. I guess I’m more paranoid about blending properly and when I’m in a rush (which is most of the time), I can do a powder blush quicker.

    I think I’ll look into some nars and mac blushes. I used to have laidback by mac and it was gooorgeous.

  15. details

    i love cream blushes – gerda spillman crimson – is amazing – MUD tulip is gorgeous – I don’t like the gel formula of Tarte – it just feels greasy to me. I don’t like MAC’s they are to tacky/sticky/hard to blend.

    Nars cream blushes are amazing — penny lane, guele de nuit, cactus flower… and multiple sticks are awesome too – portofino is amazing.

  16. Megan

    I really like cream blush. I only have one the Stila convertiable color in poppy, its so pretty. I have normal to combo skin and I dont really have a problem with it vanishing through out the day. I do want try more cream blushes

  17. Kaylabella

    I like the idea of cream blushes, but I still have yet to master the application, so I don’t really use them.

  18. Melly

    i love the color, but I hate the greasy feeling, even after I put powder blush on top

  19. Karen

    I love cream blushes especially in summer. I use a tinted moisturizer instead of my usual foundation routine and the cream blush adds to the “dewy” look that I love around this time. I tend to like bronzed or gold-ish hues (instead of pinky) since they compliment the bronzer that I use to get that summer ready look. Tried a couple as lip tints with some lip gloss and that worked out fine as well – I love a multitasker!!

  20. Stephanie

    i like maybelline dream mousse blush and mac cheekque in braque n’ roll. it adds more color to my face and lasts longer.

    • Have you tried more than the Maybelline Mousse? I just have one, but I think even for a beginner like me.. its a gorgeous application! How does it compare to the Mac for instance? (Obviously different texture) but is it hard to master? Thanks in advance :)

  21. happyhippo

    not for me. I can’t blend them, and if I do they don’t last as long on my skin. I like them, but prefer powder.

  22. Vee

    I have dry skin, and I’ve found this adds a nice finish and a natural looking flush to my skin. While I’ve just gotten into cream blushes, my fave so far are MAC Cremeblushes in Brit Wit and Lilicent.

  23. Kristin

    Love them!!!!!
    For me, cream blushes look more natural and last longer. My two favorits are Pixi Natural gel blush (From Target!!), and Benefit PosieTint, which I am a recent convert to, and so sorry that I didn’t try it sooner.

    I normally use my primer, then the cream blush, then my powder BE foundation. Since it has been so hot lately, I’ve used a tinted moistureizer, then cream blush, then a dusting of BE Mineral Veil.

  24. Alice

    I LOVE cream blushes. Disclaimer: I do have dry skin. I use them often, and, depending on how much time I have, I may use powder blush over them. I have some Armani ones that I have been using forever. But love other brands as well.

  25. aradhana

    i really like cream and gel blushes, though i haven’t tried any mac ones. i’ve been tempted at the counter, but the stickiness to the touch has frightened me away so far. i might give brit wit or sweet william a try though, since i keep hearing good things.

    i recently bought an illamasqua creme blush in ‘laid’ which is kind of a magenta shade…i like that the colour is very sheer, yet buildable. the other thing is that it can be used under the foundation for a more subtle glow, or overtop for more oomph. and it has a very slight scent (vanilla spice?) to it.

    i have a few marks on my cheeks so i’ve been a bit concerned about the whole concealer issue someone mentioned, but i’ve found that if i apply the blush, then the concealer, then a bit more blush with a light hand where required it generally does the trick…

  26. I’ve only just discovered cream blushes – by discover, I mean been brave enough to try them! I have a Maybelline Mousse blush, and I just got a Stila convertible lip & cheek colour in peony, I do love how it glides on, and it adds a lovely sheen to my cheeks. At the moment, using fingers for better application but annoying that I have to wash my hands straight after. So far so good!

  27. verybecca

    BB Pot Rouges – rave – these are great for my large pore/oily skin situation b/c they act like a stain and they have light shades that don’t sink into pores and emphasize them – they last all day too. Rant is they appear to be phasing them out =/

  28. baybee415

    i dont like them… because it is oily, since my skin is oily at the end of the day my face looks really shiny in a bad way

  29. Julia

    I don’t like them. I have red areas on my cheeks, that have to be concealed and creamblushes “eats” my concealer.

  30. maddy

    I love cream blushes because i feel like using concealer, powder, bronzer, and then powder blush…just makes you look cakey and powdery. i find if i switch powder for cream blush and add a little fix+ it gives you a really natural dewy look, great for summer! i do agree that it works better for clear skin though

  31. Lama

    I love Clinique’s cream blushwear, I have rosy glow, peachy glow and glow and they are all wonderful, slightly illuminated and super blendable. Very easy to apply, oil free and last a long time.
    Sometimes I layer powder, or bronzer, but not everyday.

  32. Melissa

    i HATE cream blushes! ewww; feels like you’re wearing a super thick lipgloss on your cheeks. BLEH :/

  33. lolitaangel

    I love my Becca Lip & Cheek Creme in Tuberose, which is my fuss free au naturel blush for days when I can’t be bothered putting on face powder foundation, etc. It’s also a great disguise for my small pimple scars as the tone of the blush is of similar color.

  34. I love them! I use Jelly Pong Pong supermodel stain on a daily basis. I have dry skin, so the fact that it’s creamy doesn’t bother me. I do however also like regular blushes, so I use whatever color I prefer that day regardless of the texture.

  35. Sarah

    I don’t mind the variety when it comes to blush – powder is my primary choice but in the summer, cream blushes are ace. Plus, i love Stila convertible color and the choice of shades available. effortless chic.

  36. layla

    I actually just recently got into cream blushes and I really love them! I typically over-do powder blushes because brushes pick up so much pigment but with cream shadows I just swipe it on once and blend and its the perfect amount of color! Right now I own 3—Josie Maran Color Stick in Petal Pink, NARS The Multiple in Riviera and Stila Convertible Lip/Cheek color in Lillium and I love the Josie Maran one the best. I really want to add NARS The Multiple in Orgasm to my collection because I love the way coral blushes look on me, and I really loved the look when I tried it on in Sephora! LOVE!