Monday, November 30th, 2009

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: BODY SCRUBS!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about body scrubs and all that those entail.

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34 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Body Scrubs

  1. Eh, I don’t use any. Mostly, I bathe, and those never really clean off in the bath. If i DO shower, usually I just snitch some of my boyfriends soap and call it a day. I REALLY don’t like scents, or textures, I’m fairly a minimalist as far as most non-makeup grooming goes. So long as I’m clean, I don’t care.

    Sole exception to this? I LOVEEEEE the Buffy soap/scrub from Lush. My legs feel so smooth from the coconut oil. I don’t use it all that often because its still a little bit of a pain to rinse the scrub part off, but still…

  2. Marianna

    I love body scrubs, I use them with a loofah often, for awesome exfoliation. I really like the smooth feeling my skin has after using them.
    I do it 1-2 a week.
    I like most I’ve tried, I even like mixing olive oil, sugar, lemon juice, and some honey together and using that.
    Right now I’m using the Neutrogena Body Clear one, it’s pretty nice too :)

  3. Sans

    I know the MAC Volcanic Ash Scrub is not body intended (i think its more for the face) but i loveit in the shower..I like the course beads makes me feel cleaner!:) lol

  4. Angelique

    I loooooooove the cream scrubs from Sabon! Especially the carrot, that one smells amazing!!! The scrub itself is really for your body only. The cream gives you a very smooth skin!

  5. Stephanie

    I love them! Right now, I’m obsessed with Clinique’s Body Sparkle Exfoliating Scrub that comes in a jar. Their scrub has a really fine, soft texture and it isn’t oily at all, which is something I hate about other products I’ve tried in the past. I use it everytime I shower and it makes self-tanning so much easier, no streaks! Loves it!

  6. Meredith

    I love Lush’s Buffy body butter. It’s this solid square bar with a cocoa butter base. Its amazingly scrubby but even after you dry off the cocoa butter lasts on your skin. Perfect for my dry winter skin. Its around $10 and it will last you a while.

  7. Ashley

    I love body scrubs! I use it once a week. My absolute favorite is Carol’s Daughter SweetHoneyDipChocolateBrownSugah Scrub, and it smells as good as it sounds! It leaves your skin moisturized so much that you can get away with putting on lotion afterwards. It’s a serious must have.

  8. luv2smilexo

    i love salt and sugar scrubs but hate the scrubs with the sparsely added beads. My favorite so far is lush’s ocean salt scrub. it says it can be used on the face but it is much too harsh for that. However, i absolutely love it as a body scrub, especially when followed by dream cream :)

  9. Ashley

    I love how they make my skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. I try to use mine once a week, but I never remember when I last used something unless I use it every day.
    I hate how they can make my hands go numb. With Soap And Glory’s Flake Away scrub (my all-time favourite to date!), after scrubbing say, my upper arm, my hand goes numb because the scrubby bits are slightly rough.
    I also hate when the scrub leaves a weird greasy/waxy buildup on the skin. Back when I used The Body Shop’s Shea scrub, although it was really soft and smelled nice, I could literally scrape the build up off of my skin hours later.
    I also hate how they are almost ALWAYS in a tub, which means that any water from your hands can cause the scrub to melt away in there. And when your hands are wet and the scrub’s residue gets onto the lid, it’s hard to unscrew it.

    Oh well, I still love them :)

  10. I don’t normally like body scubs, but I loooooove Lush’s Buffy body butter. It exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time!

  11. i’ve used a bunch. ones from drugstores, bath & body works, etc. my current favorite is victoria secrets pink energizing sugar scrub. it’s all natural, and fantastic. i love that it’s in a tube instead of a tub! :)

  12. I LOVE body scrubs! My favorite is Optimism from Bath & Body Works. I dont like when scrubs are packaged in jars.

  13. MsKianaluv

    I use Tahitian renewal body scrub from Caress. Super cheap, drugstore brand, and smells delicious if you like fruity fragrances. i lather up with a japanese exfoliating wash cloth and a little goes a long way. Not very moisturizing like it claims, but that’s what lotion is for after scrubbing clean in the shower :)

  14. Katie

    I LOVE body exfoliators! I use them before I shave and it makes shaving so much easier, especially when I use a really moisturizing one. I’m a fan of any medium grit sugar or salt scrub as long as it smells nice. So far I don’t have a favorite, but for underarm scrubbing (yes I exfoliate there too) I really like Lush’s Ocean Salt. It smells soooo good.

  15. Jen

    I did a little research and made my own body scrub. I’ve never really used one religiously before – maybe here or there. But I definitely will continue making my own – it was a lot of fun, and I already had ALL of the ingredients in my house. Plus I know exactly what I’m putting on my skin!

    My only suggestion is to stay away from cocoa powder if you make your own. It gets eeeeeverywhere!

  16. Julia

    Another vote for Lush Buffy! I also love their Ocean Salt, but use that more for my face.

  17. I love them, but I usually forget to use them.

  18. Diana

    Body scrubs are nice to use because it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth…i use the Ginger body scrub from Origins then i use the Ginger souffle body cream.

  19. Rite-Aid brand version of St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub, which is way too harsh to be a face scrub however it makes a perfect and inexpensive body scrub. And only the rite-aid will do, it’s the perfect consistency.

    Fresh Brown Sugar body scrub is totally luxe, but makes your shower totally slippery! Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle/clean-up. Also it’s hella expensive.

  20. Diana

    REN Ginger, Revivo-Tonic Two Sugar Body Scrub is absolutely amazing. I use it a lot during the warmer months when I’ve waxing regularly.

  21. Anjee OBSESSED with the Pumpkin Scrub this local spa makes. Obsessed. It is totally natural (no preservatives or fragrances at all), smells soooo divine (but I could be biased because I’m a pumpkin fanatic hahah) and leaves your skin baby soft and moisturized. I’m dry year round and in winter it’s almost unbearable, so this stuff is a must have for me. <3

  22. Liz

    I love how it makes my skin so soft and smooth. I hate the feeling of something grainny against my skin. My current obsession is Fresh Sugar Scrub. It is devine…smell amazing and leave your skin so soft and smooth.However I really dislike the $65 price tag..ouchh!!!!

  23. Susanne

    I love the body scrubs from The Body Shop. They smell awesome and leave my skin really really soft without making it dry.

  24. I LOVE body scrubs!!! Have tried so many of them and love so many of them. Right now, using Kiehl’s Gently Exfoliating Body Scrubs in Pear Tree Corner, Grapefruit and Lavender. The latter I use for shower at night time. While the former 2 smell so refreshing and use during the day. They are so ‘scrubby’ yet leave my skin feeling soft and clean after.

    I also love Boots body scrub as they have this very creamy texture with very fine scrubbing granules.

    Used to use The Body Shop body polishes, but after finishing them, there are other new ‘temptations’ to be tried out!

  25. minek

    I used a body scrub once because I liked the smell (really, that’s the reason I bought half the stuff I’ve got!), and also because it seemed like a good way to exfoliate. But really, all the ones I’ve had so far, whether biodegradable or mystery material, have left my bathtub greasy and disgusting and really hard to clean. So I switched to exfoliating gloves.

  26. Tessa

    I only like them if they actually *do* something and so many of them just seem to have teeny gentle little beads and all they do is smell nice. But I like Philosophy’s Amazing Grace for getting rid of uneven dry patches – actually, all of Philosophy’s exfoliating products are amazing. Nice and hardcore!

  27. amy

    love love love scrubs, they make me feel really clean!

    i love loreal exfotonic but when i want something more scrubby i like makeing my own from a light scented oil and sugar- never fails and theres no nasty preservatives or colours

  28. What’s not to love.. Leaves skin feeling beautifully soft :)

  29. Leah

    I looove body scrubs! I have really dry sometimes itchy skin in the winter and a good paste consistency scrub makes my skin sooo soft. Isle of Eden is definitely my fav!

  30. Sarah M

    I love body scrubs because they really smooth my skin. I’d have to say that Philosophy coconut frosting salt scrub is my favourite. I only use it once in a while though. For me body scrubs are more like a treatment or something for pampering myself. I definitely don’t feel the need to use one regularly. Part of the reason for this is that I normally use exfoliating gloves with my shower gel anyway.

  31. Traci

    Arg this is why I don’t read comments! Now I wanna go buy that Lush buffy stuff!
    I only used a body scrub during the summer, when I’m using self tanner. And I don’t really have a certain one I love since I figure they all do pretty much the same thing. Bath and Body works had one called Tiare flower and it smells amaaaziiing.

    • monica

      I have to vouch for the Lush Buffy the Body Bar. I keep mine in the fridge since my apt can get a little warm. Afterward my skin is always so soft.

  32. I haven’t found a commercial scrub I like better than my own yet, so I usually make my own scrub from grapeseed/sesame/sweet almond oil, brown & white sugar, unused coffee grounds & essential oils. I love how it smells and how it makes my skin look new and glowing and moisturized (I actually love using butters and oils on my skin dry too), but I just positively hate how oily it makes the bathtub! The oil residue is really hard to remove without going all out with dish soap and also totallllly causes more dirt and soap scum buildup too, which is gross. Plus, while I love using the coffee since those particles don’t dissolve in water and I get a better scrub that way, but it sure does stain the tile/ceramic if I don’t wash it off immediately.

    • Oh, I did love the B&BW scrubs in Mango Mandarin and Sweet Pea… but I have since developed and allergy to both, which is pretty horrible if you’re scrubbing your skin at the same time. =/ That’s another huge reason I resort to making my own scrubs since I’m afraid to try new ones LOL…