Monday, January 16th, 2012

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: BODY CREAM!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about body creams. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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25 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Body Cream

  1. Anna L

    I despise all body creams that smell like food. Anything like baked goods, cooked goods, frosting, snowcones or whatever edible! But I definitely don’t hate it as much as I hate food smelling showergel… I don’t see the lux in lathering on fudge..

    But I do like body cream more because a lot of lotions applied on my skin seem to leave a film of wax, and feel waxy, making my skin dry out more later on. I’m not sure why.

    • Jasmine

      I agree with the DISLIKE of food smells! I don’t want to go around smelling like the chemical equivalent of a cupcake, nor do I want to shower with a brownie. I like body cream too because I have very dry skin and it seams to absorb better and last a little while longer than most lotions… but I’ve recently started using Clarind Tonic oil and that seems to be the best.

  2. M.

    I like to use them as hand cream, since hand creams tend to be greasy and other lotions are generally not rich enough. Also, body creams come in a wider range of scents, so I’m more likely to find one that isn’t offputting later when I want to eat something with my hands.

  3. I need body cream because my skin leans dry, especially in winter! I want something that is moisturizing enough yet absorbs well without leaving a greasy residue. Something that smells nice would be a big plus! My favorite is Eucerin PH 5 body lotion (I think US consumers get something different, but the bottle looks exactly like Daily Skin Balance Skin-Fortifying Body Lotion). I like the formula of Korres body milk and body butter too, but I have yet found a smell that I really like!

  4. Marian

    I can’t stand wearing body cream. It makes me feel sticky and dirty. I never touch the stuff.

  5. Roxann

    I look for something like Alba Botanicals. They have a variety of formulations and scents. Those with aha or bha will do double duty as they help quicken skin cell turnover rate. Also, no parabens!

  6. amanda

    any body cream that isnt Bath and body works doesnt like me skin. I can only use bath and body works, and African coco butter. I have tried and searched and those are the only to that don’t make me ashy. So I will spend the money on them.

  7. Jen

    I have been liking Bubble and Bees body butter. It’s all natural and seems to work well with my highly irritated skin. I also use my own chickweed salve as a “body cream”.

  8. Heather

    Body Cream is a must have in the winter! During the summer I use body oil to hydrate my arms and legs but in the winter I need something heavier. My back and stomach get really dry and irritated so I switch to a cream… I use the Nuxe cream for sensitive skin and it’s a little pricy but so worth it! My skin really suffers if I don’t use if after the shower! Also some days I use the Neutrogena sesame oil before I get out of the shower!

  9. Mariella

    I live in Canada and the combination of cold outside and central heating inside make body creams, butters and lotions an absolute must-have for me. The trait I don’t like in some of them is that they don’t absorb into the skin. I’ve got one body butter that is like this – it sits on the surface and, oddly, doesn’t do that good a job of moisturizing my skin. I’ve just rediscovered German made Nivea cream again and it is wonderful!

  10. Rant is when i need to slap on body cream that is very nourishing (Loccitane shea butter body cream) in my tropical climate (Singapore), smells awesome, but has an oily feel after.

    Rave is the effects of having good skin! and it is all worth it!

  11. Curel Hand lotion or whatever the lotion is…is what I generally buy….not only because it is reasonably priced but also it does not leave that sticky residue…even by the expensive brands which I have owned like Cle de Peau, Occitane, La Mer body cream.

  12. Ana G.

    I absolutely NEED body creams. During the winter I use Body Shops’ body butters that are amazingly nourishing; during the summer I prefer body lotions because they are lighter.I love The Body Shop karité body shop and L’Oréal Paris Body Expertise Nutrilift 24hr Hydrating Milk.

  13. Ana G.

    I absolutely NEED body creams. During the winter I use Body Shops’ body butters that are amazingly nourishing; during the summer I prefer body lotions because they are lighter.

  14. Skipper

    I’m lazy when it comes to body lotion and I’m not a fan of feeling greasy or even sticky afterwards. I did however run across one that smells fabulous!!! Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream. OH. MY. GOD. Does it smell SOOO GOOD! It has a sugary orangey sweet smell. Plus, I feel like my skin absorbs it much better than any other that I have tried. This is my one and only go to lotion.

    • Alison

      May I very highly recommend Moogoo’s Full Cream/MSM Soothing Creams to you, Skipper? They’re amazing and sink in like a dream.

  15. I use a Creme de Corps by Kiehls. It is amazing! It also smells so fresh and wonderful.

  16. Theresa

    Right now I have been struck by pityriasis rosea – usually my skin is quite happy with minimal body cream and usually I like the fun, fruity smelling thick creams. But now, since I have to put body moisturiser on quite liberally to reduce dryness, I prefer the cheaper, low-scent, light weight ones from Vaseline and Dove, I’ve been told Cetaphil is quite good too… fun, fruity and thick translates into smelly, sticky and greasy when slapping on body moisturiser isn’t just for fun anymore *sigh* lol seriously, I can’t wait for this pityriasis rosea thing to go away.

  17. Quinctia

    I rarely need lotion, so I tend to go for something light-weight, emolliant, and naturally scented or unscented. Most creams are a bit too heavy, but I love the idea of body butter–just don’t ever really need it.

  18. Lark

    No weird food smells for me either. Does Philosophy think we’re all six years old?
    That said, I like a serious about it brand cream cause I hit that Age Of Hormones-and dry skin is suddenly a scourge! Soap and Glory Body Butter in this huge bottle with a pump from Sephora is lovely. Keeps in water, doesn’t feel creepy, doesn’t smell creepy! It smells great.
    Also the cream for my face is great on body too; I just hate digging fingers into cream and getting it under my nails. CeraVe Cream is a miracle worker! It’s pricy for all over but in dry winter weather I don’t care! Just make it stop itching!
    Great stuff. Most have that waxy or oily feeling. Not these two.

  19. I love Body Butter! Body Lotion just isn’t really as luxurious!
    My favorite body butters are the body shop ones (the best, in my opinion!), I particularly love the Spiced Vanilla scent, but they have so many scents there’s one for everyone for sure!
    I also like Soap & Glory’s “The Righteous Butter”, it’s the best consistency though the smell isn’t my favourite. I love the Soap & Glory body fragrance though, it’s the best scent ever to put over any body butter :)

  20. Alison

    What the heck is “Body Cream”? Moisturiser?

    I find the majority of moisturisers either too sticky, filmy, waxy, or thick – or too light and useless. My favourites are QV Cream, for something cheap but effective, and Moogoo MSM Soothing Cream – for silky smooth, soothed, deeply moisturised perfection.

    • Alison

      I will add that I don’t mind occasionally massaging my feet with some body butter – the thickness doesn’t bother me if I use it on my feet!

    • Donna

      Yup, moisturizer. It’s usually in a big tub since it’s thick and heavier than a lotion and couldn’t go through a pump or squeeze bottle easily.

  21. Donna

    I have oily skin, so generally I prefer lotion or nothing more than an emollient body wash. I do have a couple of tubs of body cream though, because my elbows, feet, and hands get scruffy and dry in the winter. My cuticles are toast right now and really need the moisture!