Monday, May 31st, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: BODY BUTTER!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about body butters and all that those entail.

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64 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Body Butter

  1. sarah

    i love body butter

    i love how thick it is and the texture and smells and how good it makes your skin feel

    i hate that its very oily (some) and seems to get oil on your clothes and i feel i have to pat it dry on my skin to absorb excess oil

  2. First and foremost, because I have such dry skin, I need a body butter to contain a rich oil such as coconut, apricot kernal oil, or olive oil. The oil helps keep my skin moist and is so much better than synthetic products like petroletum, pertroleum, etc because they do not sit on top of the skin’s surface, they penetrate deep down into the skin and keep my hydrated throughout the day. Then the key is to draw water into the body and lock it in with the oil to further keep the body hydrated. Vegetable glycerin is an excellent humectant (draw moisture into the body)so this is also something I look for. The last thing is either NO fragrance or fragrance via natural essential oils that create a natural inviting smell but also has other therapuetic benefits. Dry skin does not do well with synthetic frangrances so I think becoming aware of that and ensuring your body butter does not contain it is also key.

  3. Dawn

    I love Soap & Glory’s “The Righteous Butter”. The only thing I dislike about it, and other butters, is when you get it under your fingernails trying to scoop it out of the jar.

    • Cathy

      Dawn,scoop it out with your knuckle…that’s what I do!!

      BTW,I LOVE my SJP Lovely Body Butter.

  4. Solange

    I just LOVE body butter. Although I only use it to moisturize my legs, feet and sometimes my elbows. I use VS Body Butter in Love Spell, Endless Love and Coconut Passion.

  5. Kat

    I love how they make my feet super soft ehen I put some on, and then put on socks overnight. I hate how it’s so greasy that I can only use it on my feet. I use The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butted, but I only buy if during sales so I’d love a cheaper alternative.

    • Ashley

      Vaseline’s cocoa butter is pretty good, although not as luxurious as TBS. I’ve used it as an all-over product, and I find it spreads way better than TBS!

      • Kat

        Thanks, I’ve heard a lot about that one, and I think I might pick it up and give it a try, especially since I love their normal lotions. Hopefully it’s comparable in quality. And sorry for my terrible spelling hehe, definitely need to proofread.

  6. Lana A

    Soap and Glory’s ‘The Righteous Butter’ rocks! it smells of heaven, provides amazing moisture and softness, it’s not too greasy and you can jump unto your clothes after a minute or so! LOVE IT.

  7. Sally

    I hate body butter! I haven’t been able to find one that lives up to the claims of what a body butter should be! They all say they are super moisturizing, non-greasy, absorbent, etc. But they all seem to be thick and waxy and under-scented. Dislike.

  8. MissDeeCanada

    I find that they can be way too think and take way too long to rub into my skin. A little definately goes a long way with these!

  9. Steffi

    I totally love the Body Shop Body Butter. I have like 7 or 8 different sorts of it 😉 I have pretty dry skin so I use it before I go to bed and it smells sooooo good

    • Sally

      I love Body Shop Body Butter as well! Satsuma is one of the best smells in the world, in my opinion! Its very moisturizing and creamy. I love them.

  10. Anna

    Adore body butter, especially the ones from The Body Shop. It’s not for everyday, but when I want to feel more luxurious there is nothing like a hot bath/shower and then some body butter =) Been wanting to try the one from Lux Naturals but it’s too expensive!

  11. JEN

    i love it during the winter. in the summer, it can feel greasy. i use la licious body butter in sugar kiss…smells like candy and the texture is not as greasy as the bath and body/victoria secret ones.

  12. JoElla

    Body Butters are like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead.
    When find a good one, they are very good, and when you find a bad one.. horrid!

  13. LNU

    My favorite so far has been Lushs Buffy Body Butter. The almonds exfoliate so well, while the shea and cocoa butter leave my skin soft like butter for the next 24 hours.
    I however, only use it on my legs because the smell of it is just too strong for me. Another thing is that it really leaves you feeling like you have oil on your legs which is weird, but its not greasy when you touch your legs.
    It doesn’t transfer onto my clothes or anything like that, although the scent does, thats why I only use it below my waist!
    I have yet to find a better body butter, all I need is for this one to smell a little better and not feel so heavy.

  14. kfm

    I use Body Shop butters pretty much every day when I get out of the shower. I have pretty dry skin and I love how much hydration it provides. Also- this is the only thing I’ve found that doesn’t give me a “razor burn” reaction when I put it on. Any other product I put on freshly shaved legs leaves me hopping around and screaming for several minutes.

  15. Leslie V.

    I absolutely love body butter. I have such dry skin and there is nothing that can make my body soothed from the itchy sensation, The only draw back that I found is that once with olive oil tend to take forever to dry and you get the oil on your clothing

  16. Ashley

    I love the texture and the way it leaves my skin feeling, even if the consistency is somewhat greasy. I prefer using them at night though.
    The only thing I really dislike is that I find they tend to run out faster than lotions for some reason.

    I love The Body Shop’s butters, but they are so overpriced!

  17. vmcrow

    Love body butter on my hands mostly, since they are so dry. Longer lasting moisture than a lotion and feels so luxurious! A cheaper alternative is Tree Hut body butter (I get mine from Ulta for about 6-7 dollars), a jar lasts a long time! I have 3 jars laying around the house. Even my hubby uses it!

  18. Ebony

    I love The Body Shop’s body butters. My faves are the Cocoa Butter and the Brazil Nut. They give my dry skin the moisture it needs without feeling greasy.

    I’ve also recently just tried the Guava Body Butter by Korres, and I think I like it. It’s very rich and creamy and moisturizing, and smells wonderful. Plus a little goes a long way!

  19. CeeBee

    I generally prefer creams but the Body Shop Body Butter in Raspberry is DIVINE.
    Japanese Cherry Blossom is quite nice as well, but I find the Moringa and a few others way too sweet. There was a plum one a while back that I wish I’d got though!
    I’ve tried a couple of other brands but I find them overscented, waxy and greasy. Ick!

  20. I have organic raw shea butter and it’s basicall my daily lotion, very smooth and healing for my skin. You can also use it in your hair which makes it very versatle as well.

  21. I used to love body butters back in high school but now I hardly use them. They can get too greasy for me so I just stick to regular body moisturizer.

  22. igswonderworld


    I have Body Shop Strawberry, Melon and Papaya and oh man.. My BF cannot take his hands off me when I put it on.. I have insanely dry skin – my legs especially – so these are brilliant!

  23. Angela0804

    I love body butters. Whenever, I wear them I get so many compliments on how soft my skin feels, and to be honest I agree. The cost kinda sucks. Most good butters are expensive. My favorites are TBS, Cocoa butter and shea butter formulas.

  24. kp

    TBS Shea Butter. The only thing that lasts on my skin. It is one of the few products I use in it’s entirety.

  25. jenn

    I am convinced that the reason I didn’t get stretchmarks on my stomach during my pregnancies is because I would slather myself with The Body Shop’s Body Butter after my showers & before bedtime a few times a week. My favorite is the coconut scent…yum! Love this stuff!

  26. MC

    I like the idea of body butters. They are so creamy and usually smell great but I never use mine. They are just too heavy for me.

  27. Kaylabella

    I like the fact that body butter is super thick and moisturizing, but I have yet to find one that doesn’t smell a little off. I tried one in Mango Mandarin at BBW, and it didn’t smell very much like my beloved lotion at all.

  28. Mary Ann

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Body Butteras…I go through a whole container (from The Body Shop) every month. I can’t go a day without lotioning my whole body with it. My faves are for the drier skin types (Coconut, Cocoa Butter)because it makes my skin feel sooo good and it has really helped with some of my stretch marks. I can definitly see the distaste in them if you don’t lotion often like I do – can feel greasy if you’re not used to it.

  29. Nik

    I hate them because it feels like they don’t absorb as well as lotion and because I can’t “accidentally” touch my face! I constantly have to wash my hands so if I do touch my face nothing will happen!

    I have also never encountered a body butter that had a scent I went nuts over and would buy anyway!

    I use face lotion on my hands before bed, (Olay or Benefit’s Do It Daily)…my other favorite lotions are by Philosophy and Loccitane, but used sparingly. I hate the feeling of even lotion sometimes, especially in 90-100 degrees! It’s just for emergencies with me.

    • londa

      I also love Body Shop’s Body Butter, but at $20 a jar, I looked for a least expensive option (I have super dry skin and I use quite a bit). My two other cheaper (but same quality) faves are Target’s Boot’s Amazon Forest body butter. It’s just like Body Shop’s Brazil Nut BB and it’s $9.99 a jar. I also just bought Sephora’s Super Supreme BB and I love that one as well. It’s a giant container (13.5 oz) for $25.

  30. I love body butter. I use it a lot in the winter, but all year long I use it on my elbows and knees. I love Bath and Body Works body butter. My favorite smells are Warm Vanilla Sugar and Twilight Woods. I havn’t tried the formula at the Body Shop but I would be willing to give one a try.

  31. Jennifer

    I love the Body Shop Body Butters!
    They smell good and make your skin feel smooth.
    My favorite is the Satsuma Body Butter from there.

  32. Leenie

    I use raw Shea butter on my skin but only at night because it’s kinda thick but I love the way my skin feels in the morning, during the day I use lubriderm lotion I’m not into the body butters.

  33. I really only use Aveeno on my body because I have really dry skin and i find that random brands often mess up my skin. I do like Lush massage bars though for quick moisture during the day.

  34. Hay Mich

    I like Body Shop body butters. They are so moisturinzing and last almost all day on my skin.

  35. If body butter feels too greasy for you, you may not have dry skin that requires something as potent as body butter. I get that alot with my natural body butters when people who have oily skin try them. That usually means they need to use a lotion. My dry skin folks can’t get enough. People with truly dry skin cant use lotions and if you do, you have to reapply several times a day, summer or winter because you skin feels dry a couple hours later. Body butters are expensive but good ones are worth it if they work for your skin. I used to use one at $20 bucks a pop before I started making my own. I used a jar every week and half. However, when I tried to go to cheaper lotions found in Target or such, I found I used twice as much and probably ended up spending the same amount and had lackluster results. I price my body butters at $15 which I think is a reasonable price considering Body Shop is $20 and lacks alot of natural ingredients that are so nurturing for our skin and create better results over the long term use. Assess price and ingredients when shopping for body butter and try shopping on Etsy. There are many great natural skin care producers who make afforable body butters with top of the line organic and natural ingredients but don’t cost $20 because they don’t have the Body Shop name on them.

  36. Roseline

    Please don’t laugh at me girls! But I need someone to help me out? What exactly is body butter, and HOW is it DIFFERENT from regular lotion?
    Like is body butter, just a thicker more solid version of body lotion? LOL

  37. lisa

    I love them they are so moisturizing the only thing i dislike is that they don’t come with anything to scoop out the product with i don’t really think its hygenic to be dipping fingers in a jar.

  38. Emily

    LOVE body butter! All season long! I have drier skin so I need it. My favs are Sephora Brand Body Butter in Coconut (the man loves it too) and Korres Guava Body Butter which I just recently discovered.

  39. Stephanie

    I love love love Clinique’s Body Butter! I use the Sparkle Skin Exfoliator in the shower and then put the Body Butter on top! It makes my skin so silky and smooth but not greasy. It’s great for when you self tan too!

    • Mommy2Maya

      LOL…I was just gonna write about the Clinque Body Butter :). I picked it up up at my CCO. I love that it doesn’t have a fragrance and it is nice and thick without being overly greasy. It has turned my lizard claws into summer sandal worthy feet ;). I also second the Exfoliator! I got the set for $16.50…deal of the century!!!

  40. Janet

    My favorite butter of all time is L’Occitane’s 100% shea butter. It takes some time to get used to it’s consistency (it’s super duper thick!) but once I started using it, my skin has actually become smooth and now I can’t live without it. I have extremely dry skin and after using many different butters this is the only one that moisturizes and lasts. For all those with very, very, very dry skin, you have to try it! :)

  41. Eva

    I have dry skin as well, so I *need* a good, rich body butter, especially in the winter time.
    My favourite so far has been Cocoa Pink´s Cocoa Mango Body Butter – but CP is closed so I am on the “hunt” for a good replacement.
    I do like The Body Shop´s body butters as well since they contain less synthetic ingredients than other available brands.. I do try to use body products without paraben, silicone, mineral-oil derived ingredients (like petrolatum), etc. since those might make your skin feel soft but do more harm than good.

  42. Jakara

    I love body butters. I prefer them to be thick. I am really loving Body Shop body butters. I like to apply them every night. They smell really good and moisturize really well. I love that they are creamy and also have body scrubs as well.

  43. Sofia

    ive always wanted to like Body Shop’s butters but everytime i leave the store in disappointment…i blame my nose for that ,cause i find all of them smelling awefully….otherwise i would have the opportunity to actually try them on my skin…i cant bare their smell on me…but i found my peace with Korres and their Guava Body Butter ,best texture, best results ,with a smell i cant get enough of…. :-)

  44. love warm vanilla sugar by bath and body works!!

  45. Carmen

    I love TBS’s body butters, especially Mango, Vit. E, Shea, Olive oil, etc. I try to buy them only when on sale, because they are pricey, but they are the best! I’ve tried other cheaper brands and they were awful, a waste of money. If you sign up on their website, you get emails announcing special sales. Like this past weekend for one day they had 3 body butters for $30. You can’t beat that!

  46. Carmen

    I love body butters, specifically TBS. They are moisturizing and feel luxurious and like the real thing. I love Mango, Olive Oil, Vit. E, Shea, etc. If you sign up on their site, hey will send you emails announcing special one-day (or more) sales either internet only and/or in-store. These are great deals. This past weekend one salae was buy 3 body butters for $30 – that’s half off. Can beat that!

  47. Jennifer

    loooove body butter! however, i’m addicted more to buying it than actually using it. i tend to use my olay quench on a daily basis rather than body butter. i use body butter when i’m traveling tho. much easier to carry.

  48. vicky

    i loveee the new hawaian tropic with coconut perfume!!!

  49. Loeny

    I love using body butters in the winter because my skin gets so dry. For me, it’s a no no in the summer because it’s too greasy.

  50. Alison

    I like how lovely some body butters smell, but they’re wayyy to heavy and greasy for me to use on large areas.

  51. Favor

    I love the texture of most body butters, but I’ve found that I have to apply them at night as they tend to be a bit sticky and grease up your clothes. I don’t care about them doing that to my jammies, but no the duds I wear in public…lol.