Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… BLACK NAIL POLISH!

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39 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Black Nail Polish

  1. Indifferent!
    I used to wear it a lot when I was younger when me and my friends decided that being a ‘grunger/skater kid’ was cool. Now, I think yes, it can look ‘gothy’ but I have to say it can look timeless, classic and pretty darn fab!

  2. Stephanie D

    I think it can look very nice- and it goes with everything! But, I can’t wear it cuz I have talons and I think it only looks good on short squoval nails.

  3. Shefali

    Love it…I think it looks sleek.

  4. Well, it CAN be good. I used to wear it in high school. I like how now it is worn by regular people. I like the dark nail polish trend.

    That doesn’t mean I’ll be wearing it, though. Mono-colored nails seem to really bug me when they are my own. That’s why I only ever have a French manicure, self-administered.

  5. LOVE it on guys or girls!!! Not sure why, I just am.

  6. Love wearing dark nail polish! Love it when it gets chipped & cracked, looks like I’ve been playing guitar!

  7. Sandy

    nah, I prefer neutral colors. I also love pinks and reds, but I wouldn’t want to wear black, gray or anything that dark!

  8. Christine B

    I think it works for some people but just not for me. If I’m doing dark nails, I go for something that looks almost black but flashes color in the light like dark purple, blue or red. I do like to use black nail polish on myself for a funky french manicure: I do hot pink nails and paint just the tips with black. It’s one of my fav nail looks but it’s time consuming so I don’t do it often.

  9. Love it. A classic. Although right now I am wearing the OPI India blue, black is always my fave nail color.

  10. HeavenLeiBlu

    I don’t care for it. Dark nails remind me of nail fungus, LOL

  11. Briodmun

    Looks brilliant if the nails are well cared for and it’s not chipped to heck. I really do hate that on anyone other than goths and grunge kids… it just looks manky lol.

  12. Black polish is love. And so are all other dark colours!

  13. Kandice

    I love it as well.

  14. Tracy

    Honestly, I think it looks tacky if you’re older than..say, 15? Teenage emo/goth/punk girls can pull it off, but I’m not sure about anyone else…lol

  15. kat

    I would never judge someone else for wearing it; but I personally dislike it. I really don’t like dark colours for nails as it is. I think it’s tacky and it makes me think of emo kids (as Tracy said)

    I think it can work for a certain person or look, but in general I prefer a natural nail colour.

  16. I personally like it.
    If you’re wearing black nail polish on well groomed short nails, I think it looks very chic. Although, when dressed in black, black polish kind of creeps me out. The only problem I have, is that it’s hard to get out of the sides of the nail. It really makes your nails look bad when you take it off.

  17. kellie

    I like it. You should check out the OPI color “linkin park after dark” a really nice purple black. What is everyone’s favorite brand of black nail polish?

  18. viv

    ok. rave. LOVE LOVE LOVE. black nail polish.
    if applied nicely and neatly… then it looks really chic.
    and as someone else said above, black goes with every colour
    so you can match it with any kind of outfit/make up for that extra ‘oomph’

    but then not all people accept black nail polish? some people are still so stereotypical about it. once, i met a friend’s friend… and after i left, my friend called me up.. and told me how HER friend didn’t think that I could ever be friends with her because i was wearing black nail polish.. i was like…!!??!?!?!??!? we barely talked to each other.. it was a hi/bye, my name is… type of meeting. that shocked me. but then, it doesn’t change the fact i still love black nail polish :]

  19. Christina

    I’m a huge fan of wearing nude or light polish in the Spring/Summer and wearing dark nail polish in Autumn/Winter. That being said… I love black polish, it’s sleek and classy if it’s on well-manicured nails. I prefer a black with a shot of shimmery ruby.

  20. I used to buy a nice matte black nail polish a loooooong time ago, I think it was by Revlon Street Wear… somehow the matte-ness made it more elegant than shiny black.
    I don’t often wear shiny black polish- it is sort of tricky and can make me look too much like a teenage goth girl! D:
    I like almost-blacks more: deep blues, dark greens, blackish reds, semi-sweet chocolate browns, etc…

  21. Katie

    My biggest beef is black nail polish is hard to get to look neat and I am too pale to wear it. It makes me look washed out and not fashionable like most people who wear it. :(

  22. lina

    it’s all right i don’t care too much about it
    if i want a dark color, i usually do a purple or a blue it looks more interesting that way!

  23. emily

    oh i love it loads. as long as it remains unchipped on my nails. its a v chic wearable colour!!

  24. Karrie

    I love it, I think it’s the ultimate neutral and very chic and sophisticated. The trick is you have to have perfect application or it will ruin the entire effect.

  25. styrch

    I love it if it looks polished and clean. I also love the trend of Black-like colors which are nice for those of us who have difficulty with straight black. My rant about this, of course, is that it’s nearly impossible for me to keep my black polish looking good for long. I don’t understand how people do it. It’s so hard for me to upkeep.

  26. When I had my natural nails, I would wear it because my nails were short. I don’t think it looks good at all on longer nails. Now I have acrylics and I have a french manicure all the time…goes with everything and don’t have to worry about changing polish!

  27. Hey Cristine,

    Absolutely,LUVING IT.It forever hit one in my list,Can wear it with anything,u say red, greens,blues,even yellows.I adore my black nailpaint.


  28. I love, love, love black nail polish!I love darker shades in nails so much more than pales, so I complete my rocker or elegant look with my black nail polish everytime.

  29. SOPHIA

    i love it!!!

  30. Lish

    I had black nail polish when I was younger and my sister yelled at me and made me take it off lol.

  31. cloudburst

    I’ve always had a love affair with really dark, intense colours. I used to have a Chanel polish called Galaxy(?) that was black with a blue shimmer in it (similar to Blue Satin but more black/less blue). When dark nail polishes went out of fashion in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, I gave this bottle away…now I really wish I hadn’t!!!

  32. claudia m.

    I used to wear it in high school too, and even though I love how it looks, I just can’t do black. I’ll wear other shades that “look” black, but aren’t, like deep, deep, dark burgundy or purple. Something with just a little shimmer or hint of color.

  33. Karli

    I love black nail polish.
    I wear very crazy outfits that always involve multiple colors.
    And I’m very matchy-matchy.
    So I’d have to change my nail color every day.
    But with black, I match all of my outfits.
    It goes with everything.

  34. Izzy K.

    On very neat nails, black can look extremely chic.

    I think it looks silly on nails that are too short, but witch-ish on nails that are too long. My only qualm with black nail polish is the matter of nail maintenance. Keeping up with chips, applying a great base to prevent nail yellowing, etc.

  35. Laurel

    I’m 31 years old, have identified as a goth since I was 17, and I love a crisp black manicure.

  36. Love black nail polish, like “OPI “Russian Navy” or “Black Tie Optional.” Actually I do my toes in darker colors and they come out great looking, and go great with my toe ring. The best way to get a smooth application for yourself is try OPI polishes, they have the wide pro brush, that makes it way to just use three or less brush strokes. Two coats and then try, “Sephora by OPI” nail polish fast drying drops: that use an eye dropper that drops the liquid on the nail and dries to the touch in one minute. Then five minutes you can use your best nail hardener top coat. The pedicure or manicure should last without chipping for at least 2 weeks or more.

    • Geo

      Hi NPF: I love Sephora by OPI nail polish fast drying drops, it’s so cool you never have to use a brush for a topcoat. Plus, the Sephora by OPI nail products where you can actually test the color polish you love and they provide nail polish remover and cotton pads to remove it. You could be there all day sampling all their 54 shades!

      I love black nail polish and yes, it does go great with toerings…LOL…and a good web blog where Michelle, the web blogger tests different nail polishes and upcoming new products like OPI new HD line coming out in June 2009. Thanks for the comments, Have a great day. Geo