Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about anti-aging products and all that those entail.

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46 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Anti-Aging Products

  1. For the most part, I’m indifferent. I’m young enough that I only have two spots I’m concerned about(my eyes have a small line underneath them, and there’s the start of one by my right eyebrow) That said, it boggles my mind the sheer variety and expense of products available. I wouldn’t even know where to start in trying things! And somehow i just don’t think I could ever see myself spending a lot of money on that. I hope that when I hit that point, I can have the confidence to age gracefully. That said, I also hope that by the time I hit that age, we’ll have advanced our technology for it enough to where there WILL be relatively affordable products proven to work, not just a pile of overpriced new “innovations” that you can’t really tell if they work.

  2. happybadfish

    What do I hate? The lack of science behind their claims.

  3. I tried the Murad anti-aging line. I’m young, but it was a free sample, so I though, “why not?” It was really tingly and uncomfortable.

    The only anti-aging thing I use now is a Vitamin C serum. It’s very soothing. I love it!

  4. Sara

    For face my antiage prevention consists in using day creme with spf (in this period La Roche Posay Hydraphase XL spf15) and products with jaluronic acid.
    I have some wrinkles in undereye area :( and I use Shiseido Benefiance eye creme…it’s a fantastic product because Lifts and moisturizes skin, I love it!

  5. Ashley

    I’m only 19, so I don’t really feel that I need to concern myself with anti-aging products. I DO use one from Neutrogena (Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream) but that is for acne and scars, not aging.

    I’d rather just concern myself with properly hydrating and caring for my skin, and if I ever see any fine lines creeping up, I might include an anti-aging product. I’m hoping that my genes help me out in this one; my mom’s in her late 40’s, yet her skin is relatively good for someone who doesn’t use any product whatsoever.

  6. mkdallas

    I’m an old fart (51) with pretty good skin and have managed to keep it that way with Murad Night Reform Serum for the face and MD Forte eye cream. The few wrinkles I have are fairly deep crows-feet and no topical product can eliminate those. I’ve tried a lot of products and these 2 seem to do a really good job.

  7. abril

    I’m 24 and I haven’t though about anti-aging products until i visited the Clinique Counter a few months ago and the man there suggested me to use like 5 different types of cream in adition to the 3-steps system! I was like yeah right you want a huge comision (the bill was like 400 dllrs.) and I did not buy anything because I though he wasn’t been very sincere.
    But in fact I think I’m starting to use eye cream, I mean, to prevent! I have some friends that are about my age and already have fine lines around the eyes! I certainly don’t want that! And I have fine lines when I laugh a lot, around my mouth but I’m ok with them! They mean thay I’ve been happy all this years! LOL!

    • AnGeLwInGz

      I used to work for Clinique. They train their employees to try to sell that crap to young people for wrinkle prevention (ahem… I mean commission). Everyone has lines when they smile and laugh. They’re not necessarily signs of aging.

      • Yup I have also worked for them and to be honest its all BS. I think to prevent aging all you need to do is be happy, exercise, drink 8 glasses of water, moisturize and always wear SPF. that’s all you need. Not xyz cream. And after working for them I stopped using their products too. They program you into thinking that its the best in teh market, but its really like any other brand. I have always had flawless skin, but i started breaking out with DDML.

  8. Diana

    I really think anti-aging should begin in your teens and twenties. The lack of SPF that we go out with during summer and daily takes a huge toll on your skin later in life. If you drink plenty of water, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect with SPF, that alone will do wonders for your skin and turn back time. My rant with anti-aging products is their offensive odors.

  9. kfm

    I have a couple of pet peeves:

    1. Almost no companies actually explain why their key ingredients work and what % of the key ingredients is in each product.

    2. The data given on most skin care products is based on consumer preference (e.g., asking consumers what textures or scent they liked best and whether they thouht they saw an improvement in their skin), rather than independent laboratory tests, where the data reflects testing that can be properly measured and where the results can be repeated.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I work for a company that makes skin care products and these are things I see our competitors doing… So the resentment is sort of personal.

  10. Thincspot

    I think anti-aging products are a matter of preference (at any age). The only anti-aging skincare product I use (and have been using for about 8 years) is eye cream/gel. I find that keeping the skin under the eye hydrated is difficult with just my face lotion. I have tested this theory many times over, convinced that I was wasting my money on eye creams but the truth is, they work better (for me). Eye specific creams keep that area well hydrated and allow my makeup to stay smoother on my skin for longer. I find eye gels are great for swelling and bags while creams are better for fines lines and plumping. As for face creams, I find the anti-aging assortment a bit too rich for my skin just yet. I’m sure as I age, and moisture loss becomes more of an issue, these creams will make more sense for me to purchase (I’m 31 years old).

  11. Bahar

    I’m 18 and I believe wrinkles must be PREVENTED before way before you get them, with a lot of mouisturizing and sunscreen! I cant say much about anti-aging products, but I know that most of them dont just make the wrinkles disappear. Thats why you need to prevent them at a young age.

    • AlyxVeee

      Im 19 and agree 100% I did not go out and fry at the beach last summer and don’t plan to. Im keeping my skin young.

  12. Mandy

    I’m 24 and I just use eye cream and moisturizer with spf. I think that most of the anti aging claims are false, and the best anti aging things you can use are sunscreen and moisturizer, and not smoking. Most of the products are ridiculously overpriced and seem like a waste of money. Also, why are we all being told that we have to look 20 forever?! Everyone ages and we need to accept that.

  13. Ashley

    I’m 18 and I’m tempted to buy anti-aging products and I restrain myself, although I’ve seen great reviews for the Olay eye creams. I’ve conferenced with a few dermatologists in my area and all of them said the don’t recommend it until I’m in my mid 20s like 24/25. They stated that using anti-aging when you’re in your teens can either be a hit or a miss, it can either give you wrinkles faster or slower. Aging in skin, really depends if you have a good or bad diet and if your slap on too much products on your face. I’d say, wait until your in your mid 20s, the less products you use on your face, the better it is anyways.

    • You may not want to use anti-aging like vitamin A to diminish wrinkles as you don’t have any and it can be harsh on your skin. However, no matter how young you are, you should always at least always wear sunblock and remove your makeup at night, religiously. Just my opinions =)

  14. AlyxVeee

    I agree with some women here when they say that most companies dont explain why its anti-aging and why it works. I am a huge fan of natural lines for their use of plants and not too much else, Origins has a lot of science backing up their claims (compared to other companies) and I trust them. I am dying to start using an eye cream (I’m 19) but hate that they are so expensive!

    I also hate that some are just not made for sensitive skin, I tried a Clarins sample and it broke me out and burned :( Harsh chemicals will not reverse aging.

    • LiLi

      There’s good marketing for you. Origins uses some natural products, but it also uses many cosmetic chemicals like many other dept. store brands. Origins probably has less scientific researching than Lancome or some other companies that have MASSIVE budgets, due to sales from larger fan bases. I don’t think I’ve really seen anything too inovative with Origins– they’re formulas seem to be very basic. (Which is great for people w/ hyper sensitive skin.) However, as I said, I don’t think there are too many break-throughs with the line. Origins has always been a pretty simple-jane brand.

    • Ashley

      I hate that most eye creams/gels are “fancy”. I mean, where are the creams for us girls who just want moisture!

      Anyway, I thought I’d let you know about an eye cream that is supposed to be for sensitive skin. It’s from the brand Bioderma, in their Sensibo range. I haven’t actually tried it myself, and there are only two reviews for it on makeupalley, but they are both raving reviews and the product itself is under 30 bucks for 15 ml. Which in my book, that’s a pretty good deal, considering some are like triple that (and unless it’s Costco sized, I ain’t paying that much). Maybe the Bioderma one will work well? They list the ingredients on their website if you’d like to check it out to see if you spot any harsh chemicals.

  15. Paj

    I really dislike the marketing-driven message that aging is a problem that MUST be dealt with or that anything short of absolutely flawless skin needs to be totally covered by thick concealer or foundation. I use moisturizer and sunscreen, wear the makeup that I like to wear (not the makeup that the Sephora lady tells me I absolutely need to look flawless) and every day I tell myself how great I look. Cosmetics companies make a lot of money by convincing women that their natural appearance needs correction. They’re never going to tell me that I look just great with nothing on, so I’ll just do it myself.

    • Kim L

      I agree! I alternate between a full face of flawless (haha) makeup, which I think of as a fun accessory, and no makeup at all- because I look quite good without too.
      Makeup is like a pretty scarf or shoe- just an accessory

  16. Amal

    Haven’t used any yet – I’m 27.

  17. alice

    I don’t buy into anti-aging products. I feel that most of the claims are cosmetic. Most anti-aging products irritate my skin and cause dryness. Even Retin-A isn’t so great. On my face, it just exfoliates my skin, exposing new skin. Great for preventing clogs and lumpy skin, but too much of it can’t be good. I rather eat my vitamins in natural foods. Probably one of the only paths to healthy skin.

  18. Kristel

    I’m almost 24 and in the last few months I’ve really been researching preventive skincare products. I have 1 fine line under each eye. My routine is removing all traces of makeup and dirt, moisturizing, a serum (olay regenerist) at night, And a broadspectrum sunscreen everyday. I’m also going to start using a bha/aha product and thinking of using avene eluage for under eyes.

  19. AnGeLwInGz

    The most effective anti-aging products are hydration and not overexposing your skin to the sun (don’t hide from it altogether, your bones need the vitamin D). Every skincare company has their own “exclusive formula” claims. A jar of cream containing a drop of a rare seaweed extract will not have any effect on your skin, ladies! The best way to get that moisture into your skin and body is to drink water. Avoid mouth lines by not smoking. Prevent the spots by using sunscreen (I recommend Neutrogena). Don’t get sucked in by those expensive creams and serums!

  20. lazeny

    I started using anti-aging products as soon as I turned 25 because I feel that stress, pollution and bad diet are creeping up on me.

    The first product I tried is Estee Lauder Time Zone. It works really good on my skin and didn’t break me out. My major problem w/it is its jar packaging. It has a very strong fragrance once you open the jar but the stuff started smelling bad after 2 weeks or so, even if I’m using a spatula and transferring the amount I needed for a week in a disposable pot.

    After that I switched to Olay Total Effects, this seems to work pretty good too and I’m on my second tube. This is way more hygienic than Estee Lauder.

    One thing I learned in my very short time of using anti-aging products is that even if you slather these creams morning and night – nothing beats an excellent sunscreen to prevent skin aging.

  21. Kim L

    I am 34 and starting to show some
    lines in my forehead when my skin is dry.
    I only recently started paying attention to skin care and even
    now- not so consistent.
    I try to use –
    Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules (filled with anti
    oxidants, but sold towards the
    older crowd, but I so love the feel and the absorption)
    followed by moisturizer with SPF during day.
    During night (trying to remember to take off makeup and do the following)
    clinique turnaround followed by
    clinique super rescue.

    I really want a routine for slightly dry skin that includes anti-oxidants, exfoliation and retinol in
    some magic rotation, but I don’t know which ones! Help!

    • kfm

      OK, first the bad news- No cream is actually going to get rid of wrinkles- only surgery or injections will do that- but certain ingredients will help to make them less deep and reduce the length. Along with adding moisture to the skin, this can help a lot.

      Without recommending any specific products, here’s a couple of tips:

      – SPF every day, whether in a moisturizer or a foundation is important. Nothing is going to protect your skin better or slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many products that fight signs of aging have daytime versions with an SPF.

      – Look for a cream that has peptides in it. Peptides are amino acids that stimulate the production of collagen- that substance in your skin that gives it elasticity. Greater elasticity makes your skin less likely to wrinkle further and makes existing wrinkles less evident.

      – Regular exfoliation is a great idea. You can use a mechanical exfoliant (facial scrub, rough textured pad, etc.) or a chemical one (usually a cream with an AHA). The advantage of using an AHA cream is that it will only remove dead cells, whereas a mechanical exfoliant will remove living ones as well. The disadvantage is that skin sometimes needs to build tolerance. If you want an AHA cream, look for one with glycolic acid. This is the AHA with the smallest molecular weight, which means it penetrates deeper into your skin. There are lots available. For your skin type, you should probably start with something that has about 4- 6% AHA (oilier skins can handle stronger concentrations)

      – Retinol is a good to include, in that it not only helps fight some signs of aging, but it also helps other ingredients in the cream, lotion or serum work better. HOWEWVER, many people have trouble adjusting to Retinol, so it’s best to start off slowly. Retinol can also increase photosensitivity, so it’s always best to use these products at night.

      – Vitamin C is also a good ingredient to have, specifically something with L-ascorbic acid. This helps the skin look brighter and more even and it helps those, like you, who are going through the first signs of aging.

      There are a number of products that have combinations of ingredients. In the interest of simplicity, the more you can get in one treatment, the better.

      I realize this is pretty long, but I hope it helps a little. Don’t be afraid to ask the people working where you shop to help out- they get training on the products they sell and can usually make good recommendations!


  22. Insane (and often times immoral) marketing is sadly the norm in “anti-aging” products. There is no magic cream or serum that can prevent or reverse wrinkles (outside of SPF for prevention). Plastic surgeons exist for a reason–they are the ones who can do the prevention and reversing of aging. Not a $100 jar of moisturizer. That’s all these anti-aging products are, are moisturizers with a fancy name. And unless you are dry you don’t need a moisturizer. That’s another lie cosmetics companies like to sell you–that if you are oily then its bc your skin is over-compensating bc you didn’t moisturize, so use a daily moisturizer and you will be a-okay! *sigh* Its very disheartening the level of dishonesty that is acceptable in the cosmetics industry. However, the most disheartening thing to me is that we WANT to believe what they tell us so badly that we will go along with their claims sometimes. I’ve heard so many women swear up and down they saw great results using “product X” and they know it really works, etc etc. Its nothing more than projection of what we want to be true.

    Save your money and use it for SPF and more fun makeup colors;)

  23. Z

    I swear by Dr Perricone’s products!! I think he has really done the research. They are so expensive, but I do believe they work. I met a woman at the Neiman Marcus Perricone counter. She followed his diet and used his products. She showed me her before and after pictures and I was SHOCKED!!! She looked 15 years younger. She swore to me she never had plastic surgery or any cosmetic treatments like botox. She also, had zero makeup on. She took a tissue and wiped her whole face. She didn’t receive commission for sales either, just her hourly rate. Never pressured me to buy anything. I really believe anti-aging starts with a healthy lifestyle (foods you put into your body), genes, and staying out of the sun. imo :)

    • ocelot1

      i could swear dr perricone is on record saying that you can put anti-aging on anything and that it would sell. that seems like a skeezy thing to say and i dont trust the guy :(

  24. HebrideanSprite

    What really bothers me is when companies say that their product has collagen in it. Collagen is way way too large of a molecule to bypass the skin barrier (in fact it isn’t even in cells in the body only outside cells because of its large size) so adding collagen to a product is useless! Much better to provide yourself with Vitamin C which is a key component of collagen (so you can make it yourself!)

  25. Luisafer

    I hate Botox, you can see bumps under the skin, looks unnatural, beside you loose all facial expression, definitely not for me!!! I I ever feel like having a treatment like those, guess I would go with a chemical peeling

  26. Casey

    Best anti-aging product = Sunglasses! No joke…not wearing sunglasses on a bright sunny days will cause lines around your eyes WAY earlier than you ever thought. I live in Florida and I made that mistake(I’m 25)! I have been using Doctor Reynaldi’s Restorative Night Cream For Sensitive Skin and it has helped me SO much. I put it around my eyes & mouth every night and it has really improved those lines. I got this cream at Marshalls…TJ Maxx has it too.

    • Ashley

      Kind of hard to wear sunglasses when you already wear prescription glasses :/ And I would not be able to use clip-ons for my one pair, and I would not be able to wear sunglasses over either of my frames.

      I probably get about 2 weeks worth of sun intake during the summer anyway (more like during the entire year… I’m pale, I stray from the light lol)

      • Vijaya

        Two words: transitions lenses. Some say they go back to clear very slowly, but it’s never taken more than a few minutes for me (though they admittedly go dark a lot faster).

        • Ashley

          The few people I’ve known that have used those types of lenses hated them. Namely because they would darken at times when they didn’t want them to darken, and they took too long to transition.

          I’d rather not have to replace my lenses with those anyway.

    • JLouise

      I agree. Dr. Reynaldi’s cream was a pleasant surprise. I got mine at Ross and I’m going to buy another. At some point I’ll probably mix some of the oils together that she lists as ingredients. I have also used just plain old vaseline, which also works wonders in the shower as the steam helps it absorb. I have very dry skin. What you use, and how much, depends on how dry your skin is and there is a lot of trial and error. The thing about Dr. Reynaldi’s cream is I really noticed a difference after just a few days, especially when I looked into a mirror that I use which is placed in strong natural light. That was proof enough for me!

  27. I don’t buy into the anti-aging product hype. The ONLY anti-aging “miracle” is sunscreen. Wear it 24/7 365 days a year, and there is your magic. I feel bad that so many girls and women fall into the trap of the hope in a jar anti-aging $$$$ that the counters want to sell you. I’m going to be 49 – sometimes, you just have to accept aging – and consider the alternative!

  28. L8dytechie

    So should I not buy Neutrogena Serums and use Olay products? Quite a few of you said serums and other products are just selling the idea of anti-aging. Whats the real solution? (I guess I’ll grab a water bottle)

    • kfm

      I think the real solution is to make peace with the idea that you’re going to show some signs of aging no matter what you do. Even well-maintained skin cannot withstand the effcts of time and genetics may predispose you to lines and wrinkles more than others.

      That said, keeping skin hydrated, moisturized, clean and protected from the sun will keep the damage to a minimum and some products can help with (NOT eliminate) specific concerns.