Friday, December 5th, 2008

Project Revamp

If you could revamp Vaseline, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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16 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Vaseline

  1. Ironically enough – I wouldn’t change a thing about Vaseline. It’s awesome as a MU remover, on knees & elbows, and a lip moisturizer when the temps are really low. The key is to use it in moderation, for me at least.

  2. ^Same. I rather like Vaseline as it is. The packaging is a bit ugly and unsanitary, but I feel that its part of what defines Vaseline.

  3. rayne

    I hate how oily it can feel at times.

  4. Maybe get a version where you can get it in a squeezy tube, like Carmex for example =]

  5. i love the little mini tubs of vaseline. It isnt the most “sanitary” but im the only person who uses the little tub (hence why i bought a little one) and my hands are always clean when i use it.

    Vaseline has SAVED my lips in this new winter cold im not used to after recently moving from sunny FL to TN. I put a little on my lips before bed, and every few minutes just massage it in a bit. It saves my lips and i havent had ANY dryness or chappyness yet!

  6. Macaddict

    Never buy or use Vaseline. Too greasy for my liking.

  7. Trace

    I would abolish it all together. Seriously, I just can’t understand why people use it, it’s disgusting.

    “Here, let me rub crude oil/petroleum by-product all over myself” *VOMIT*

    and petrolatum/mineral oil (same thing) are in practically everything! It amazes me how little people look at or even care about what they are putting on themselves.

    There are so many awesome, natural oils and butters that can do 100x better what people use vaseline for. Come on, people.

    ..Okay, end rant. I just have a really strong aversion to shitty products like this, as you can probably tell, hah.

    • But to people who like it, it isnt “shitty”. it works really well for me, and for millions of other people.

      i just really cant stand people who push and push and push natural product or all homemade stuff/masks.

      Just like people who use raw eggwhites in their homemade masks, umm puke in my mouth thats disgusting.

      Its like sweeping the nation, when other more “unnatural” products work JUST fine.

      that and the fact that so many “natural” products cost so much dang money, its ridiculous!

      • Art

        I completely agree with you Rose. You can’t just put down the people who use certain products just because you don’t. tsk.

  8. Trace

    ^I wasn’t pushing anything, I’m stating my opinion.

    And I don’t put raw egg on my face, but I’d much rather do that than clog my pores with petroleum if that’s the case.

    I disagree with the rest of what you’re saying as well, but I’ll leave it at that.. I don’t engage in blog commenting wars. lol

  9. viv

    yeah vaseline is a tad too oily for my liking too, especially since i live in a rather humid area of the earth. i have a friend who uses vaseline for her lips and apparently it’s not working for her now it’s winter o__o i was so shocked.

    the packaging is not very appealing either!

  10. Josie

    I love how vaseline conditions my eyelashes/brows/lips at night- but I would definately change the packaging…maybe some sleek pots.

  11. Amanda

    I’d make the damn company stop testing on animals.

  12. I’ve never liked Vaseline, it is too greasy and I don’t see it as a beauty product. I bought some for my lips once, in a squeeze tube, and it just sat on top of my lips. Natural plant based products absorb into my skin instead of just sitting there.
    Also, “petroleum jelly” sounds like something a robot would spread on toast. 😛

  13. Sweet

    As a chemist and researcher, I would like to state for the umpteenth time that petroleum jelly/mineral oil, etc DO NOT clog pores and are not toxic. In addition, it does not penetrate the skin, instead, it creates a barrier, protecting your skin from the environment. Also, plenty of natural products are extremely harmful and toxic – just because they are natural does not make them “better”, nor does it make you better or “smarter” for using them. This whole organic/natural movement is ridiculous, mostly because many of these products are not even close to 100% natural or organic. What’s even funnier is that almost all manmade products are derived from natural products or created in a way that makes them safer than their natural counterparts…Everyone is different, and what works for you may not work for others.