Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Project Revamp

If you could revamp Urban Decay Primer Potion, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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31 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Urban Decay Primer Potion

  1. Deffo change the bottle shape – who needs the hassle of scooping out the extra parts in another jar!

  2. Lainy

    Exactly what I was going to say. Also I’m not a fan of the applicator too many germs possibly hiding in there.

  3. Chrissy

    I third the bottle design. That’s my only complaint about UD’s primer potion. I know I waste so much product because I’m too lazy to cut it in half.

  4. Kay

    I would change the packaging. What a waste!

  5. The packaging! I took of the little rubber ‘wand cleaner’ bit from the top and found loads still left in there! x

  6. yup, packaging defo. wish they’d make it into a more practical one like TFSI’s.

  7. Elizabeth

    Change the shape of the bottle. It’s cute but you lose so much product. Everything else is great so I guess just the packaging.

  8. Tekoa

    One word. Packaging.

  9. My complaint is that it makes it harder for me to blend my shadows sometimes. Maybe change the ingredient that makes it do that? I dont know how thats possible, though, LOL.

    • nikki

      that can be alleviated by applying your highlight color first all over your lid up to your brow bone and it will make everything blend easier.

  10. macaddict

    Same as all above: packaging and shape of container.

  11. yup i agree with the ladies!!

  12. Shefali

    Packaging all the way…

  13. Shannon

    The bottle and the brush! I dont really know what other kind of brush they could use, but i just feel it tugs at my skin, maybe it should be in a jar or something, so you could use you fingers which some people do, or use a brush of your own.

  14. Silk

    The shape of the bottle.

  15. Arness

    put that bad boy in a pot similar to the paint pots.

  16. Fie

    The packaging. Definitely.

  17. slick

    another vote for packaging. i also think it would be cool if they came out with ‘tinted’ colors similar to paint pots, but in udpp forumula! wouldn’t that be RAD!?

  18. kaoru

    I would change it to a squeeze bottle. I kinda like the applicator, so maybe a squeeze bottle, where the cap still has the applicator, so when you take it out, you can just squeeze some on? I don’t know, it’s had to describe. I do think that the current bottle is cute, but a really poor choice for the product. At the very least they could have made it a regular tube on the outside, like a lipgloss tube.

  19. The packaging is ridiculous, despite the look. I do like the wand though, because half a swipe is all I need – less is more with UDPP.

  20. Julia.

    I think it smells bad.

  21. classic

    I vote packaging

  22. victoria

    change the packaging to a tube like the too faced shadow insurance.

  23. jou

    Packaging! They could still make it cute. Say a little curvy squeezeable lavender container. But that’s all. I still love it otherwise!

  24. Linz

    As with most responses the packaging is really bad and discourages me from buying the product repeatedly because it always seems to run out so quickly. The actual formula works really well.

  25. Carla

    One more vote for packaging here. I feel like I am being cheated.

  26. Chocobon

    Definitely the terrible packaging!!!

  27. Chica

    Another vote for the stupid packaging!

  28. Cat

    I agree with the packaging. However I think the company does it on purpose so you have to buy another one…they would make more money. No? Who knows.

  29. taj

    P-A-C-K-A-G-I-N-G !!!!!