Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp OPI Nail Polish, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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29 thoughts on “Project Revamp: OPI Nail Polish

  1. sweet_plum

    Make the brushes smaller! It’s so annoying to have to clean up the cuticles after each nail. I prefer the new brushes on the OPI Sephora line.

  2. Kathy

    I love it the way it is : )

  3. Nathalie

    I love OPI the way it is, really.

  4. Arianna

    Even more awesome colors!!! Otherwise I wouldn’t change it.

  5. Mikki

    I can’t think of one thing, really!

  6. Evelyn


  7. cmferrets

    come out with new fun colors like china glaze does, i feel like with every collection its always the same pink, purple or red with a diff name.

  8. Jadelyn

    More shimmer-shades. I’m not a fan of matte nailpolish, I like a bit of shimmer or sparkle to my shades, and it’s disappointing to find beautiful OPI reds…but never with shimmer. :-( Oh, and a good, opaque gold would go over great.

  9. besides the price I like them…

    • Nathalie

      I don’t know where you live Jade but I purchase them online on US stores to get them cheaper. Even with shipment charges it’s still a good deal. One single bottle of OPI cost about 17€ in general in France (sometimes 15, sometimes 20, it depends which store you pick them). When you know that 17€ is a bit less than 25$, it’s a shame compared to their price in America… I so hate how in France everything is outrageously expensive.

  10. Marieke

    I wish the colour range was wider! And definitely more GREENS!!! Colours like Jasper Jade or Rainforest!!

    Besides that I wouldn’t change a thing

    CiaoOo Marieke

    • Britt

      Lucky for you, (and the rest of us) in their Fall 2009 espana collection they’re coming out with a great green shade
      Here today, Aragon Tommorow :)

  11. evo

    a wider range of colour for sure

  12. Kristine

    Launch more mini kits! I love those!

  13. Rachel

    More unique colors… like a true gold, nude colors with a twist, or a dark dark grey with purple shimmer or something!

  14. The brush is far too thick for my small nail bed…this is one of the only brands I know I will need a q tip for afterward with nail polish remover.

  15. Kat

    I love OPI but if I were to change it, I would take a cue from Zoya and take out some of the harsher chemicals.

  16. Susan

    I would just make it more affordable!

  17. Simply

    I notice a lot of readers would change the brush to a smaller size…which is strange because I LOVE the “Pro-Wide” brush that comes with certain OPI nail polishes! I’m able to swipe one wide stripe down the middle then two more swipes on the side; it makes the entire nail look less streaky, at least for me! I think I’d change all the OPI brushes to the Pro-Wide brush!

  18. charmy

    The price!!

  19. Mary Thi

    I use to work at a nail salon, and I thought the handle was always a little too thick. Maybe I just have stubby fingers..

  20. Carrie

    The handle! It’s so chunky and clumsy, I hate it, but love the colours, so I deal!

  21. Kimberly

    Bring back some of the older best selling colors, & keep them available!!!

  22. Andrea

    I do love OPI, but I what I would change is the fact that they use such harsh chemicals in their production.

  23. kat

    I love OPI! I like them the way they are :)

  24. Liz

    Make the colors the same wherever they’re made! case in point, i bought hey get in lime from trans design in one shipment, got it, and then bought it again and the 2 bottles were a DIFFERENT COLOR! the first was made in the usa & the second the netherlands, but they were definitely, definitely different. i was so bummed!

  25. Dana

    Definitely the price. Prohibitively expensive!

  26. Zoila

    The handle! Make it available at drug-stores and … smaller brush size, so we can evenly coat the nails..