Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp Make Up Forever HD Foundation, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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27 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Make Up Forever HD Foundation

  1. It’s my HG foundation and I wouldn’t change a darn thing about the formula. I would, however, change the packaging to a more traditional see-through bottle so you can see how much is left.

  2. Mimi

    I totally agree with Alyson. I LOVE this foundation definitely HG status!! I wouldn’t change anything about it!!

  3. A lil more coverage…

  4. pquanda

    Just the price! And see through bottle!

  5. cloudburst

    The only thing I would change is the setting time – if it could take a few seconds longer to set it would be great! But as is it’s fantastic.

  6. victoria

    for me, the price. people like me who are satisfied with their foundation might not be willing to try the brand if it’s that expensive.

  7. I would make it a little less matte by adding a touch of shimmer, but not much.

  8. charmy

    just the price is a lil too much for my budget. But definitely worth it I love this foundation!

  9. Kelsi

    i’d make the lightest shade in foundation with yellow undertones instead of pink. just because you’re fair doesn’t mean you’re pink!

  10. maybe i’m the only person in the world, but i really dislike the hd foundation. i would make it a little more thicker in consistency to get a better coverage.

  11. lily

    I’ve never tried the HD foundation, but I’d change the price, so I can actually afford it hahaha

  12. Liz

    I’d make it also have oil absorbing properties like the mat velvet.

  13. Donna

    More coverage and lower price!

  14. ayat

    I agree with Liz, just a little more oil absorbing and it would be just perfect!

  15. amanda

    I agree with everyone…the price! I’d change the numbering system, too, so more people would be able to understand it! I’d love it to be more oil absorbing, too.

  16. I agree with some of you that you should definitely be able to see through the bottle!

  17. Natalie

    I would like the ‘in between’ shades like #117 and #118 available in stores, not just Sephora. HD primer has an oil absorbing property, same as HD powder.

  18. Deidra

    Just the price…I love MUFE products but if I’m not getting a discount or gratis, I just can’t afford to buy it. When I worked at Sephora, that was the main road block to getting people to try it. The price of their products is just a deal breaker. Especially when people are satisfied with what they have an can’t imagine that there’s something else worth trying. Its so sad. everyone should have sum MUFE in their life!

  19. MzBE

    The only thing I would change is the price. I’ve only had the MUFE foundation for a week, and so far, I’ve gotten so many compliments about how pretty my skin is.

  20. This is one of the best foundations I’ve tried however I find that it doesn’t photograph well with flash. I was matched to #128 which looked awesome in store and in real life, but when photographed (p&s and dslr) it looked super light. At first I thought it was because I used too much of the HD powder, but nope it was just off. I had to shade up to #153 for it to look normal in pictures and IRL. So I guess I’d love it if they made sure the foundations looked good in any light.

  21. Gerri

    I would change the price and double the coverage.

  22. I just finished my first bottle of MUFE in HD and I’d say:

    1. IT NEEDS A REMOVABLE TOP. I dont think the bottle ISNT see-thru able, it’s just the foundation is thick enough that it sticks to the sides. I ono its just a thought. But once you get to the end and you’re trying to use ever last drop, the pump just sputters and splatters all over the place when you use it.

    2. # SYSTEM FOR “YELLOW” toned & PINK toned

    3. BRIGHTER… a lot of people I talk to say thy all felt the foundation had a bit of greyish hue to it.

    • Dawn


      I’ve tried several of the yellow tones and they all ‘ash’ me out..they’re very greyish. The yellow shades need more yellow.

      and finding the colours were a pain..everyone keeps saying if your shade is off try the next shade if you’re 127 go to 128 which is sooo’d have to go from 127 to 140 how lame is that?

    • Sophie

      actually it has a removable top
      turn the part that below the pump
      (the middle thing)