Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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34 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

  1. Nicole15

    Hands down…the price. $40 on foundation just kills me. i understand its high end, but can’t it be like $25-$30? Why so much MUFE???

  2. Gail

    I’d offer paler neutral and yellow shades. 110 is nice and light for the caspers among us but it is WAY pink!

    • Cynthia

      I have been looking for 12 years!! Mat Velvet + No. 35 is the closest I can find and in the winter that is just a bit to dark for me. Does however have a bit of yellow to it not quite enough but better then anything I have found.

  3. The bottle, I wish you could see how low you were running. I was on vacation with my boyfriend nowhere near a Sephora, and I ran out. No bueno!

  4. Sarah Lynn

    I would add some SPF and make it cream based. As consumers, we would use less if it were a cream base and the added sun protection would not hurt either. =)

  5. Nicole

    More fair-tone colors. Too pink or too yellow!
    Also, I get oily with it. I wish it was a bit more matte and heavier coverage.

  6. kara

    I LOVE my HD Foundation, but i agree with being able to see how much is in the bottle! the thought of running out didnt even cross my mind..i hate the pump! when i only want a little bit i have to use a whole squirt & i feel like im wasting it.

  7. Leigh

    Like some others have said already, I’d like the price to go down and for them to offer more yellow/neutral tones in the paler shades.

  8. Shontay

    I can live with the price b/c it only takes a drop, but I want to see how much I have left before I run out and buy another. Another minor quibble, I wish it didn’t dry so fast. I used to put dots all over my fave and blend, but you can’t do that with hd. You have to do one area at a time. I’m actually used to it now, though.

  9. Aja

    I would def put an SPF in it, also like someone else said the bottle it would be nice to see when im running low.

  10. Gigi

    I’d bring the price down some and get rid of the pump altogether. It pumps out way too much at once and, at $40 a bottle, we can’t afford to be wasting the stuff.

    Personally, I take a little bit at a time, put it in a separate container, mix it with Prescriptives Magic Illuminating Liquid Potion, and work from that.

  11. Aramis

    nothing for now. idk how to match myself. a mua helped me match myself and said i was a 118. no frickin way in mac im an nc40. she said that it would warm up to my body but didnt convince me. i was gonna purchase it at the imats but didnt cuz i was sure if the colors matched me.

    • Hey, I’m a nc37-nc40 and I use 128. I find that every foundation I’ve had oxidizes on me except this one, so I don’t think that there will be any “warming up” to your body. But since it doesn’t leave edges or lines, it’s very forgiving when I start to tan a bit. Hope that helps!

      • kara

        i’m a NC35 & i was matched with 128 as well…it might be a little dark but it makes my face match the rest of me..& even when i tan it still matches fine.

    • Rada

      I’m a MAC NC40 and the 128 shade is a perfect match on me. I love it!
      I would not add SPF to it because it wouldn’t photograph nicely and this is one of the reasons why I love my MUFE HD foudation so much.
      The only thing I’d change is the fact that we don’t see how much is left on the bottle – which is very annoying!

  12. Kate

    Take out the talc!!!!!

  13. Definitely the price, ridiculous! And I’d love it if it had as much coverage as the mat velvet+ (can’t find my shade in that mat velv.) Spf would be nice, but it would it interfere with pictures (ghost face!) but other than $$ I really like it.

  14. happyhippo

    It doesnt last the day on me. So – I will make it more lasting.

  15. Cassykins

    The smell. My bottle smells like (and always has smelled like) cheap white wine. It’s a very pungent smell and I hate it. Then again I kind of hate the foundation in general because, for the price, it works no better than my Cover Girl TruBlend (which I often mix it with anyway)

  16. Luda

    Absolutely nothing – I’m in love with it.

  17. Tina

    My MUFE foundation is great and everything about it is great so I wouldn’t change anything about the formula because I think its fine the way it is. The only thing I would change is the PRICE!! $40 is a bit much I wish it was somewhat cheaper.

  18. Jessica

    Since I use MUFE Mat Velvet #70 (my HG), I would say a color that matches!!! I want to try this foundation SO MUCH, but I can’t find a color that matches (unless I but two different shades and mix them, but $80+ is a lil’ high)!

    • Tiffany

      I have the excact same problem. I wear 70 in matte velvet and I can not find a shade that matches unless I buy two and mix them and that is 80 bucks. The foundation is not that great.

  19. pia

    make one that works for oily skin. On me, the look of perfection lasted only for half an hour. After that, I started to feel a gallon of oil is floating on my face underneath the foundie layer. I felt like scratching my whole face to start again. Thankfully I just borrowed my sister’s so I didn’t have to pay a full price of sorry product.

  20. Andrea

    I love it, but I would change the pump if I could. Sometimes I like to mix it with my moisturizer (for a make at home tinted moisturizer), and I can’t seem to get a half pump out of it!!

  21. Amanda

    I’d love to change the price on it! Because of the price I haven’t tried it out yet…

  22. heather

    I would make the web site more user-friendly. I haven’t gleaned any new information since visiting it. Yet, I guess with such spectacular reviews of their products, they are allowed an imbecilic web site (granted, nice visuals, but no new information given).

    Still, I would really like to know what equivalent colors I would wear in “Face and Body Foundation.”

    I am NC 20 in Studio Fix Powder and NC 25 in MAC Studio Fix Liquid. If anyone else out there would like to help, please feel free! Thanks! : )

    Kindest regards,