Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Project Revamp

If you could revamp MAC Paint Pots, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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36 thoughts on “Project Revamp: MAC Paint Pots

  1. Lina

    Good project! There is so much product in it, I don’t know that I will be able to use one up before it dries out or goes bad. I would make the amount smaller, decrease the price as well.

    I would also take all the paints they made and shadesticks and turn them into paint pots (particularly Sublime Nature, Fresh Cement, Snapshot and Untitled).

  2. Ashley

    Make the product more like MAC Paint, which lasts so much longer!

  3. Heather

    My only complaint is that there needs to be more colors and finishes. I would make a silver or gray color, a baby blue, lavender, navy blue, beige, brighter gold (more than Cash Flow), and another shade of green. I have all of the paint pots they’ve ever come out with, and I use them everyday, so I love the ones I have, but I could use more colors ;-P

    I agree with Lina too…smaller might be better.

  4. Sara

    i think the product is fine..they just need more colors! more mattes (think mcqueen) in primary and other colors (a matte yellow pp? omg) and then more shimmery ones too. they just need alot more colors lol

  5. pquanda

    A neutral, true purple with no shimmer. Srsly. Not nice vice with red tones and shimmer in it!

  6. Amy

    I agree with Lina, smaller sizes (with a comparatively reduced price) to ensure it doesn’t get dried up before I use it all. Of course, that’s probably not a bad thing to MAC, is it?

    • Carrie

      This was exactly my first thought, too! Make them smaller and cheaper.

      Also, i haven’t had this problem at home, but I’ve heard complaints about how the plastic lid of the jar is fragile and can break easily if you drop it on a hard surface.

      And yeah, more colors…they really need a gunmetal gray and a forest green!

    • Liz

      Agreed! Smaller and cheaper!

  7. Erin/slipnslide

    I love them! More colors would be great, otherwise I’m a-ok with them.
    I would love it if they would take the shadesticks and paints they’re discontinuing and use the colors…

  8. slick

    More colors for sure! I would also love the formula to be *slightly* creamier, as some PP colors dry out my lids so bad! And less product/cheaper prices too….maybe in a smaller size container like Fluidlines or something!

  9. More colors. :) They need to make another lime green one!

  10. Brooke

    More colors, more matte choices. I love these things. They’re the only MAC product I’ve purchased this year, and I wear them every single day.

    I could go for smaller sizes at a lower price – but unfortunately, as always happens in consumer products, the price probably wouldn’t decrease proportionally with the size. We’d probably end up paying only a few bucks less for half the size if they went this route!

  11. Nicole

    Smaller size and smaller price, I agree. I use mine every other daysince February and I havethe feeling this one will lastforever.
    I wish they maka a non-frost color, with no shimmer and which brimgs out cool brown colors.

  12. Julie

    I like them the way they are.
    I only use Painterly as a base though…

  13. cloudburst

    I wish the formula was a little bit more silky & dried a tiny bit slower. It would be great if they could make a silvery taupe colour too.

  14. Package them in the tinted lip conditioner disc looking things so people with nails won’t chip at it when they use their fingers. And cheaper

    • Amy

      I know what you mean.. I recently started to grow out my nails and I’m so used to applying paint pots with my finger… so what I do is blotch it on with a brush and then spread it out with my finger.

  15. Tekoa

    I’m hopping on the idea train that says “smaller and cheaper”. Or some other magical way to prevent drying out. No problems yet but…*looks warrily on the horizon*

  16. More colours for sure, also same with the “smaller and cheaper” concept just because it lasts so long but dries out before you’re done with it.

  17. Vanessa

    “what they said” 😀

  18. leslie

    i will make more colors like the bright colors in the rainbow and more deep colors

  19. Jen

    I think they should duplicate all the shadestick colors since they are being discontinued and I love almost all the shadestick colors.

  20. pia

    More colors with a variety of finish. Smaller as i hardly ever used up my fluidline, cheaper, too, but honestly i thought mac won’t make it a whole lot cheaper with smaller size. Don’t think so.

  21. Tanya from Oz

    I agree, smaller & cheaper & more colours would be great!

    Also, with the more colours issue, I think that if MAC release more colours in ltd ed. collections that had shades that corresponded with that collection (much like fafi), i would be happy with that.

    It would be good, because then there would be a definate large array of colours to choose from, as MAC collections usually vary greatly from each other. Imagine some multicoloured paint pots coming out with Suite Array or Ungaro (or even Metal Urge)!!

  22. Anna

    It should be slightly creamier, and cheaper! :)

  23. viv

    I agree with what others have said here. The colours, size and price could be better. I love paint pots though! Slightly creamier perhaps, just so it wouldn’t dry up as quickly. Although I really like the packaging so that doesn’t need to be changed!

  24. Lucia

    I agree on size and price. My only wish would be that they were more smooth, like velvet in application. Also the colors were alittle more intense.

  25. Saira

    I love paint pots! The main thing that I would change is I’d like to see them release more colours!

  26. claudine

    oh i love paint pots theyre great as they are …i never had a problem with them drying out …i store them upside down though and i make sure that i always close the lid.

    If your paintpot doesnt open just bang that thing on your desk then it opens easily haha.

    i dont want them to change the texture because paint pots are the only cream shadows that dont crease on me everything creamier etc. creases like hell

    the only thing MAC needs to do is to release more colors

  27. Mariana

    CREASE RESISTANT–more like paints. These things crease like crazy on me, but I otherwise love them!

  28. I definitely make brighter colors . Most of paint pots are extremely natural . The only bright PPs come with Alexander McQueen which I missed . More intense and deep colors.

  29. Follow the other small package

  30. Cristina

    Make it easy to blend, it dries up quickly so I’m forced to hasten my e/s application

  31. Julie Vognsgaard

    I like the sizes but think the packaging is too heavy with too much “waste glass” in the bottom.

    A lot more colors just like you all say, and different finishes too.
    Maybe a “duo” so you have painterly on one side and another great color in the other, so they are fast and conveniently in the same pot for quick application and blending.

    Paint pots are the best thing that ever happended to makeup…

    I would prefer pots but buy shadesticks doe to their colors are not available as pp.

    Great invention, how did we ever live before PP????? Especially when you are a pigment-girl like me LOL

  32. joanna

    last longer please!!! if only paint pot could last as long as UPDD……….
    I will so buy the whole collection !!!