Monday, March 16th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp MAC Nail Lacquer, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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31 thoughts on “Project Revamp: MAC Nail Lacquer

  1. Ashley

    i don’t own any, but i wish they would revamp the bottles!! i’m not so into the ones they have now, but they aren’t HORRIBLE. also, i wish that they had a wide brush like OPI does, it makes it so much easier!

  2. Jenna

    How about changing the price, huh? I also have to agree with Ashley about the Pro-Wide brush that OPI has.

  3. to add more colours and finishes! :)

  4. kat

    I have never complained about a MAC product before… maybe its just the shade I bought but it had the worst consistancy and finish! I actually am going to pour it down the sink and just use the empty bottle for back 2 MAC. I can’t even begin with what I’d want to change!

    • You can B2M things that still have product inside.. it doesn’t need to be empty. Pouring nail polish down the drain is a bad idea!

      • kat

        yeah it was sort of a figure of speech haha I don’t pour anything down my sink haha! I just meant toss it haha!

        • aradhana

          i feel the same way regarding mac products…i pretty much never have any complaints on the product itself….but the nail polishes, although the shades are great, the finish is very poor. i find they set badly, and they don’t look smooth when they dry–doesn’t matter whether something bumps/brushes against them or not.

          i wish they would change the formula to remedy this, because the colours are so good, and they are already formaldehyde free!

          in the meantime, i’ve been using a nails inc or sometimes bourjois topcoat to make up for the crappy finish….

  5. cloudburst

    I had sworn off MAC polishes b/c in the past they chipped on me instantaneously. I caved & got Something About Pink from HK & surprisingly it lasted great even w/out a top coat. So I would say improve the brush (as per above comments) & work on the formula, more pigment & less chipping.

  6. Jan

    When i saw the heading I was thinking “the brush. that needs to be changed” and its great most people think so too. other then that,I think their polish is almost as good as the nail brand polishes of OPI, CG etc.

  7. Same as everyone, the brush needs to be changed.

  8. i would add better colors to the permanent line.. and the bottles could be more interesting to look at but thats not the big issue.. their color selection is.. most brands that have nail polish have over 50 colors that go all across the rainbow! mac should do that too.. it wouldnt be that hard

    • Yes yes yes! MAC is known for their color selection, but their nail color selection kind of sucks. There are so many hard-to-find colors they could include…

  9. More colors!
    And off topic but hey, Sugarsweet is available! When did that happen?

  10. Skyler

    Uh…. make it good? *lol* 😉 I buy MAC’s Nail Lacquers sometimes because they come out with such awesome colours, but I don’t look forward to using them. They all streak, and the brush definitely needs to be revamped. I find it impossible to get the colour even because they are so thick, and by that point, I have ten coats on and it bubbles up. Bah. It’s just not very good polish, IMO. I definitely prefer OPI and China Glaze. They’re not totally impossible to use but they do take a little more finesse than I have the time to do a lot of the time.

    • Shel G

      ita. The formula’s streakiness is a problem. And chip city, even w/ testing out several excellent top coats. So application and wear need improvement. I like some of the shades too, so I hang onto them for a while, then just about give them away.

  11. rt66chix

    Ive always hated how sheer even the cream colors go on, so i’d say make em more opague (more pigment I guess) and I agree that they chip like crazy. Nail polish hasnt been MAC’s strong suit, but I think they’re trying to make em better cuz the newer, limited editions have been better than some of the old permanent colors. For me, its not the brush but the formula that annoys the most.

  12. 1. change the brush.
    2. add more colors to the collection.
    3. reduce the price [especially whn there r some great nail polishes like china glaze n deals]

  13. I’d change the entire formula. It takes far too long to dry, chips easily, and requires at least three coats to get a good cover. The thing I’d keep is the bottle.

    If I had to create a perfect MAC nail polish, I’d put China Glaze nail polish in a MAC bottle.

  14. I would change the formula. I am a lifeguard and wearing polishes is hard at the best time, with the whole being in the water for a few hours a time thing. But when I paint my nails with a MAC polish, it just peels right off. like the whole nail of colour just peels off in once piece. And like I said, I know polish is not an easy thing to wear as a guard but at least other polishes have some staying power. OPI flakes after a couple times in the water. China glaze is the same. One hour in a pool and MAC is off.

  15. cmferrets

    ummm change the price, i just bought the very pretty varicous veins purple one , and i found out that it was like 11.00 . geez thats expensive, atleast make it like 8.50 or so like my OPI, or a better consistency or same.

  16. Katya

    Well i have one of the nail lacquers…. And i have to say – the colors they make are really cute, but, the formula sucks.., i thought it would last much longer on the nail, but it starts chipping on the next 2 days or so..(even with a base and a top coat!!)
    Also i the brush could be changed to more wider one, and also the bottle top could be changed also to a lil bit longer on e- much easier to handle!!!
    So i’m rather to stick to my OPI – haven’t had any ptoblems with it at all…

  17. Nicole

    My problems with MAC nail lacquers are they chip, peel, take too long to dry, you need a lot of coats to get even coverage, and some of the frosted colors are SUPER chunky.

    The packaging is the last thing I’d worry about at the moment (although a wide brush would be nice!).

    • Sarah

      You took the words right outta my mouth. They start chipping on me the same day – and that’s with a top coat!

      • Nicole

        Yeah, they’re awful. I’ve tried everything and I just can’t bring myself to like them. As much of a MAC fan as I am…I tend to skip all nail lacquers from them.

  18. Chloe

    I would change the brush so that it actually fans out across the nail, and also change the smell to something a little less pungent. I know all nail polishes have that kinda smell, but I think MAC’s N/Ls smell a lot more.

  19. miss showbiz

    just got the pink HK n/l n have 2say without using a base or top coat it started2 chip also there r other brands which r cheaper n r better quality being in the Uk recently discovered GOSH cosmetics In superdrug {a drug store} n they have similar colours for cheaper xx

  20. MAC polishes are so chiptastic and don’t have the best application. I much prefer China Glaze, OPI, Essie, or my personal favorite, Sephora by OPI polishes.

  21. Machostage

    I say that MAC should just stay out of the nail polish arena altogether. There are so many other companies that do nail polish so much better, with huge color selections. Leave the nail polish to them.

  22. elle

    Expand the colour selection, its so poor. I really like MAC nail polishes but there are not enough colours. Only recently have the LE collections had some different colours. And they should change the brush too. OPI have good brushes and so do one of the Bourjois ones- they have a really wide brush that covers most of the nail. I love it but Bourjois have an ever more limited colour selection than MAC.