Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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30 thoughts on “Project Revamp: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

  1. Aramis

    less glittery and a couple of dollars less lol

  2. Brooke

    I would make them a bit more silky on the skin, feeling-wise AND look-wise. I would love a little bit more glow. But really, I can’t complain. I just ordered a few mineralized skinfinishes off MAC yesterday! n_n

    • Vivian

      I agree all the way. A smoother feel would = LOVE!!!!!
      I also hate having to break the bank every time I want one! t_t

  3. Lindsey

    mac some of them have less chunky shimmer, and more finely milled. also for $20 instead

  4. Vee

    More sheen, less glitter! Also, smaller sizes in the coloured MSFs (not the MSF-N) so they’re a little less money. I don’t think I’ll EVER go through Petticoat, Perfect Topping or Redhead!!

  5. Less chunks of simmer, more sheen, more perm colors, different texturs (frost and matte)

  6. Kharina

    The perfect MSF would be one that is consistent with the same formulation as Petticoat….it’s perfect because it’s a nice rosy sheen wash of color….NO glitter bombs there.

  7. nicole

    more variety of colors that are kept permanent. Also, keep them more of the mono colour with veining because some trios are hard to choose just one color that you want. AND cheaper, PLEASE!

  8. Brandon

    i wish that they were as soft to the touch as the high light powders from naked honey!I would also love it if more colors were perm, and more msfs with four colors in them a la the BBR Collection.

  9. Keep some permanent damnit! I’m pretty sure they’d get as much sales. Less glitter, and more sheen. I love the size of it. Some people might not get through them, but thats good because since they’re always LE i’d like to not worry about running out of it. 😀

  10. Sass

    I’m on the “less shimmer” bandwagon. The cost is OK, but tone the shimmer down a bit.

  11. Kristine

    oh..this one is easy..make them less you know…satiny instead…and also i agree with Angie..they should have a lot of them as a permanent in their store!

  12. I don’t know if I’d want to change anything, but I wholeheartedly agree with having more permanent colours or regularly bringing back old popular ones like Pleasureflush and Stereo Rose. Of course I wouldn’t say no to a few $’s off the price either. 😉

  13. lisa

    Where is ur review on colour craft christine? I think we’ve all been waiting

  14. Samantha

    more pigmentation, less glitter/shimmer. less expensive.

  15. Lisa

    Take out the bismuth oxychloride!! MAC uses that ingredient in lots of their products I’d like to use but it really irritates my skin.

  16. *permanent
    *less glitter
    *size of mineralized blushes so that they will cost less

  17. niknik

    Make it so it’s not as fragile! Ahh it crumbles too easily.. =(

  18. I think the price should be lower. Also, some of them have really chunky glitter.

  19. Melissa

    I’d like to see some MSFs come out that are less glittery; I don’t *always* need to look like a disco ball. I’d definitely like to see more permanent colors–I’m a MSF fan but in general I can’t afford to drop $200 with every new collection of them. Instead of resellers getting my money over the long-term, MAC would get it if they were perm.

  20. Veronica

    The price!!! TOO MUCH. I only have two because their too much.

  21. cheaper, matte-r, less or no glitter…

  22. mm

    honestly don’t have a problem with them at all except wanting them to repromote a few. I find that there’s a good range of satin-super shimmery sheens. For the people who complain about price- are you serious? MAC has always been the best quality for the price in a cosmetic department. Try heading to Chanel or Dior and see how much $27 will get you.

  23. kim

    maybe they can come up with a matte msf not like their MSF natural like one that is colored but is a lot less glittery or matte…i hope im making

  24. *RN_2_B*

    For those of you who hate the glitteriness of them…try applying a little transleusant powder over it. It kind of takes away the extreme glitter but leaves the color. I still wouldn’t change a thing because I love the shimmer…its what gives the glow. The powder helps take away the shimmer when I dont’ want it though.

  25. Christy

    A bit less glitter would be great. Smaller size, lower price and more permanents would be great too.

  26. Amanda

    I’d get rid of the chunks of glitter in them…think of naked you. I’d make them cheaper and bring more colors into them, too. I really want a violet/purple one!