Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp MAC Lipstick, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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29 thoughts on “Project Revamp: MAC Lipstick

  1. Michelle

    I usually buy the lustre formula, but if I could change something about that I would make it last longer on the lips. MAC lipsticks are much better than any others that I have tried. I do not like the Glaze formula too well though. I would have to change that to be less drying?? I own one frost in Angel it’s very cute! Very pigmented baby pink. I wish the consistency of the slimshines was more consistent. They seem to vary by color. Long Stem Rose is very creamy and not too moisturizing, while Gentle Simmer is very moisturizing.

  2. Shefali

    This and e/s’s are my favorite MAC products. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  3. Lingping

    I would like them to generally be less drying, and my version of the case would be heavier (to feel more luxurious), and have a little mirror on top just like YSL rouge volupte.

  4. Carrie

    I would change 2 things: add a color-coded bit to the rounded tip to help me find the shade I’m looking for, and make the frost formula less drying (the other varieties work OK for me). Frosts look like old lady lips after an hour or so.

    • Taj

      same here ! a coding system would help identifying the colour. pann lipstick is a good idea, and we can store more in the pro-palette !

      • Danielle Sharkey

        I hear ya! I love pro palettes so much that I melted down all my lippies and poured them into quads!!!! 8 quads and sooo much more room in my lips drawer!!!! It truly does make choosing a color easier!

  5. Leah

    I would make the name of the color last longer on the bottom of the tube. After wearing down, it can be hard to tell which color it is.

    Also, I would never allow the price to inflate over $14. :-)

  6. DaniMae

    I would eliminate Lustre lip sticks. Other than that, I don’t have any qualms with MAC lip sticks, I rather love them!

  7. I love MAC’s colours, but I find the Lustres and Frosts make my lips very flaky and dry. It’s not a pretty look!

  8. Skyler

    Two things: staying power and moisturizing. Almost all MAC lipsticks suck the life out of my lips, especially Frosts. They are so drying. I heard this complaint a lot from other MAC users before I even bought MAC lipsticks, and sadly, it proves true. I still buy MAC lipsticks because I love the colours and pigmentation so much, but they could definitely be longer-lasting and a lot more moisturizing. I find MAC lipsticks, most of them, wear off of me within two hours or so. Or they dry my lips out so much that I have to take it off and reapply (even with a lipglass on top). :\ It really sucks because the colours and pigmentation are always great, and I love the way most of them go on.

  9. I wouldn’t change a thing :) I love the formula, the smell (i hate really chemical-smelling lipsticks and have thrown a lot away for this reason!) the colour choice and the packaging! It’d be great if they lasted longer but that goes for all lipsticks – the longwear lipsticks I have don’t really work as they fade from the middle first and end up looking like really dodgy lipliner so until there is a fancypants formula for longwear lipstick that works properly I wouldn’t change MAC lippies at all!

  10. emma

    nothing, they’re perfect. i already think they are worth the price but it could never hurt to lower it :)

  11. emily

    It seems the lipsticks are always dry when I first take them home, compared to their creamy consistency at the store. :( I’d like to make them more moisturizing, like YSL rouge voluptes!

  12. I wouldn’t change a thing. Each formula suits different needs, so there’s really something for everyone :)

  13. kat

    anything I would have liked to change they fixed with slimshines! Plus I agree with Stacey, that the variety in formula means theres something for everyone!

  14. Fatima

    I would definitely change it to not dry out my lips. I’ve used it with the prep and prime and it has not made a difference in the moisturizing facet.

  15. The product itself is nice, but I would change the packaging, like a few have already said. I would make the name stay on the bottom longer and maybe put a little mirror on it. But definitely I’d put some kind of color reference on the outside of the package so that they’re easier to pick out in my stash :-)

  16. vinna

    I like the product itself… but I really do not like the packaging. The shape of the lipsticks to be specific. I forget the LE collection name but the packaging was white/cream and it made the MAC lipsticks look even more like jumbo tampons >_<
    I like the slimshines though but they use up so quickly.

  17. aradhana

    packaging-wise, mac lipsticks are close to perfect with their simple, clean lines. i do agree with the previous comments though–it’d be good to have a colour coding, cuz turning every single lipstick upside down to find the desired colour is a real pain. maybe similar to the viva glam lipsticks, which have a red ring around them?

  18. Eujee

    M.A.C lipstick needs to change. M.A.C’s cremesheen collection is a good start.. ALL of them needs to apply better, more moisturizing, less drying AND stop flaking. It makes my lip much more chappier than they actually are, regardless of what lip primer I use. Also, almost all lipstick except color form (L/E), cremesheen and slimshine clumps on my lips… the color comes out uneven sometimes ( i’m especially taking about giddy!! that luster line!!) The colors are awesome, ALL of them pigment awesome, but they seriuosly need to fix the texture of the lipstick. I don’t think I’d do anything to the package except maybe assign signiture color or something for each line. Simplicity’s better when it comes to packaging…or else it’s just more $$$$

  19. They need to be more creamy. Without a base of thick carmex, I cannot even apply them without flaking. And they need better and more shimmery nudes =D The best thing about them are … they’re true to color, and I think the packaging is not ugly.

  20. Iliana

    1. The (annual/regular) price (increase).
    2. The formula, so that it moisturizes the lips.
    I understand that the trade-off for longwear lipsticks is that it tends to dry out the lips, but I’d rather reapply and moisturize than put longwearing color on a flaky pucker. :)

  21. mars

    More matte shades please! I also don’t like the way the name wears away after awhile. Would love the mattenes to be permanent.

  22. Kari

    SPF! MAC Lipsticks don

  23. Alice

    More mattes!!! i looooove everything about their lipsticks, but i agree SPF would be good!