Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp MAC Eyeshadow Palettes/Quads (Pre-made), what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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35 thoughts on “Project Revamp: MAC Eyeshadow Quads/Palettes

  1. Either make them all Perm or all LE colors. When they throw 1 or 2 Perms in with LE…that’s just mean! I get it…and I’ve been a sucker to buy the whole thing even though I have one or two of the colors already, but it’s still mean >:(

    • Chrissy

      I totally agree with this. That’s my biggest compaint about the pre-made quads and palettes. I hate buying a whole one for one or two colors I don’t have and often will pass on it if that’s the case.

    • I agree. It’s bogus. The entire quad should be special, or everyday. It’s ridiculous.

  2. aradhana

    i like the quads i have purchased so far, but i wish that even pre-made quads would have removeable/interchangeable colours…so that if you want to switch around the colours with others in your collection, you can take advantage of the portable format!

    i also agree with previous comments re the throwing in perm colours with LE…but i guess that’s also a problem with throwing in repromotes…

  3. Claudia

    I think the colors should be removable!

  4. Definitely the colors need to be removable. So often there’s one color I want to replace with another. I’d say I want a mirror but I love the see-through top.

  5. cloudburst

    I agree with all the suggestions above – MAC should limit the amount of perm colours in the quads (1 at most) and it would be nice if the shadows would be like the PRO palette refills w/ magnets on the bottoms.

  6. Christy

    I agree, they should make it easy to swap out an eyeshadow. Yes, they should limit the permanents they put in a palette to 1 at most.

  7. I agree with everyone saying that they should be removable. I acctually ended up up dissolving the glue away with alcohol and sticking magnets to them and its much easier for travel when I want some of the colour but not the whol freaking thing

  8. arness

    I hate when the ones for collections are shaped in square or rectangles. I don’t depot my quads, but I like uniformity.
    I also hate the LE/Perm combo. How much seedy pearl does one need?

  9. Sarah

    The quads especially as they’re perfect for trolleying around, so definitely need mirrors.
    They could do with a little makeover too, they’re too bog standard looking.

    And like the girls above have already stated, they need to be more practical in general when it comes to depotting/filling etc.

  10. I agree with everyone’s imput.

    I think they really need to make one Permanent e/s in the quad, and the rest LE like stated before.

    Yeah i have at least 3 Seedy Pearls.

  11. lexi

    i would get rid of the lustres in the quads/palettes and make all shadows VPs…i love them!

  12. Paola

    i think you should be able to depot them all…single eyeshadows and quads or palettes…

  13. rowan

    all the eyshadows should be limited edition, that’s the point of a limited edition eyeshadow palette -_-
    i’d also prefer it if they made the original quads, i don’t like the strip as much

  14. everything as said above:
    1. magnets needed
    2. Avoid perm colours
    3. Avoid stickers

  15. Kacie

    I think it would be rad if when a collection came out with quads they ALSO put all the LE shades out in singles. That way you don’t have to buy dupes.

  16. details

    Removable pans.
    A mirror ON THE BOTTOM (like the new smashbox blushes have – so you can still see the product through the see through lid – but you have a large mirror for travel or on the go application.)

  17. Erin

    They need to magnetize it rather than glue it into the pans so you can change things up more easily.

  18. Coffee

    I agree with the with the above: NO perm colors in LE quads!!!

  19. Erika

    I prefer for the shadows to be two at the top and two at the bottom. It makes for better organization. That Hello Kitty and Heatherette quads (trios) annoy me so much.

  20. My only request is that the shadows are all LE. NO COLORS FROM THE PERMANENT LINE. I really don’t care that the colors are not removable, because I feel that takes away the originality of the quad.

    It’s because of them always including permanent colors, I have three Satin Taupes, two Deep Truths, two Temptings, two Sketchs, …eh, you get the point, LOL.

    • sweets4uk

      Hey Erin,
      If you have extra satin taupes or tempting or sketch, Id gladly take them off your hands for you! 😛 xox

  21. evangelia

    Everything everyone else has said, and also to make the packaging more durable! the cheap plastic always breaks for me.

    • I agree. I travel a lot (weekly) and these never make it into my bag because I am afraid the cheap plastic lids will break. Chanel & Dior make the cut. MAC does not. Boo.

  22. Macaddict

    I like all the above comments:
    – no perm colors
    – magnet vs glue
    – mirror @ bottom
    – more durable plastic
    I don’t buy e/s or l/s, l/g palettes anymore becuz of all these reasons
    I would also add:It seems to me that the quality & pigmentation of the palettes is not on par with the singles.

  23. I”m all for the above mentioned suggestions:
    – interchangeable/customizable.
    -make LE available as singles
    -separate sections not strips….they get all mussed up

  24. mars

    all of my quads have been depotted and rearranged on a regular basis. I don’t mind the little bit of glue left because it holds it in but still is easy to switch out. I use them as holders until I need another large palette or for traveling. They’re actually a lot easier to depot than singles, except for the Heatherette and Dame Edna trios which were a pain and aren’t at all reusable except for the mirrors now.

  25. cmferrets


  26. Rita

    The only pre-made palettes I have are Spiced Chocolate and Temting Eye, so I have not had any problems with doubles so far. I like to keep the e/s from a collection together, so I bought a square quad for my BBR e/s, too.

  27. Linda

    I would really like to see a mirror and maybe some space for a little brush.

  28. Eva

    I agree with what most people said:

    1) removable pans with magnets (my “Sharp” has a crack down the middle now becuase of my “dequadding”)

    2) a better choice of colours. I don

  29. Amy

    I love quads for their verstility but I agree with most comments – magnets/ mirrors/ durable plastic – one thought I had is why don’t they have pan-shaped magnetic shadows (which they only due for perms) for all the LEs (as well as pots for those that prefer) and let us decide what we want to put in the quad from the collection?

  30. Mikki

    I wouldn’t put any blue color in it. Because lately, MAC loves blue eyeshadows or something and i’m like “Blue?! AGAIN?” so yeah