Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp MAC Eyeshadow, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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66 thoughts on “Project Revamp: MAC Eyeshadow

  1. sej

    yay, Im the first! hehe. I really like the veluxe pearl finishes so I would want more of those and less of the lustres. I would want all of them to be smooth and easily blendable. I love mac eyeshadows for their colors and staying power, so there isn’t too much I would change.

  2. Kayc

    I agree with Sej. I would also want more veluxe pearl finishes. But in addition to that I would want to make the limited edition shadows available in pan form. That would save us the hassle of depotting.

  3. Jessie

    I wish they would have ‘second chance’ offers on some of the LE e/s. I started getting MAC last year and I missed all the cool collections. I get most of the ones I want off ebay. So I wish they would re-release a collection of nothing but past colors! That would be nice.

    Like the greens! lol Greens and teals. I missed the Lure collection and most of the Moonbathe (I want Firespot so so so so bad!)

    • Noemie

      I want Firespot SOOOOOOOOOO BADLY! How about we both write to MAC and beg that they bring it back!

      • Jessie

        Yes! lol I would so do it!

        The closest I found in the regular line is Mythology. Mix it with a tiny bit of Goldmine, and its as close as you can get.

        I missed the blasted ebay on it lol I just couldn’t afford 50 for one e/s

        • Saira

          I agree – I’d so love it if Mac would re-release past shades! I missed some of the shades from the Cool Heat range and some other ranges in the past that came out before I really got into eyeshadows, so it would be great if they could re-release past shades every so often.

          I love Mac eyeshadows and think there is a fantastic range of colours, finishes and they also have great staying power, so I’m pretty happy with the eyeshadows the way they are. I’d perhaps like to see a larger range of green eyeshadows, though. There are some green eyeshadows in the range (extra greens in the PRO range, I think) but not as many as there are in other colour groups.

          • Brittany

            Was cool heat LE?? I just randomly went to make a longtime ago and saw a pretty blue and bought it… how do you know what E/S are permanent?? I really want the going bananas! i started getting into yellow a little more lately.. anyone have a dupe for it??

  4. Frankie

    I’d like more special packaging for limited edition collections. I know it makes certain collections more unique but I love it and would like more.

  5. Emm

    I would want more duochrome’s, resell LE’s occasionally, make them easier to depot.

  6. I wish that the color of the Lustre e/s were either a Frost or a Veluxe Pearl finish. All of the lustre e/s are gorgeous colors, just a horrible texture.

    And I wish the Matte e/s were the texture of Matte2 e/s.

  7. Noemie

    I’d like to see the Lustre finish disappear; it would be WONDERFUL to get Retrospeck in a smoother finish.

    I’d also like them to re-release FIRESPOT pleaseeeeeeeeee!

  8. Liana

    More veluxe Pearls and duochromes !!! Oh and make pro eyeshadows more available to us in limited edtion collections!

  9. carriespooner

    Get rid of lustre formula and make the colors in other formulas. Lustres are just too hit and miss.

  10. i wish they made some LE e/s permanent…i m sure they know by their sales, what we need as perm!!!
    ok, i can’t resist…make these perm…
    Also, can they make more blendable matte e/s??

    • Jessie

      They should have a poll as to which LE/Discontinued colors to bring back! lol I missed so many good ones.

      Like the boneheadedness that is me when I passed up Smoke & Diamonds for Top Hat which I never use lol

  11. i would change the lustre finishes to something more workable.. and i want more VELUXE finishes.. not just three =(

    • Kacie

      OMG I love veluxe shadows. they’re my favorite and yeah, I hate only having three. :( I use kid so damn much, lol.

  12. cloudburst

    I would eliminate the chalkier/harder shadows they’ve been putting out recently, make way more veluxe pearls, bring back some le colours (ie: rye, thunder, somke & diamonds etc.) and introcue a 6 pan pro palette.

  13. Eva

    First of all: no more lustres!
    Second: more matte

  14. Angie

    More veluxe pearl and starflash e/s!


    I would love if they would develop a pallet system similar to that of Bobbi Brown’s… build your own compact. I have no patience to de-pot and I’m sick of all my little e/s falling all around in my makeup kit!!

  16. Marta

    I would like to see more and more and more colours, especially satins. And no lustres :)

  17. Ivana

    For MAC to stop being such cheap, greedy douches and actually put more pigment into their eyeshadows to really make them worth the price tag. I am so sick of all the glitter, sparkles and shimmer they put in to disguise the lack of color in their shadows. There’s a reason some of their so called “finishes” come out chalky, dull, or transparent and it’s precisely for all the reasons I stated….

    • hi

      LOL! Yeah, those “douches” need not only to make their shadows (ESPECIALLY the Lustres!!) of better quality, but also to lower the cost. $14.50 for one stupid eyeshadow is RIDICULOUS. I love their products – having said that, fashion is not a luxury and I’d like to pay less for ALL they sell!! I paid 18 dollars for one Pointblack Liquidlast last weekend, and I expected a much larger tube for all that money. Alas, the tube looked to me like a sample. Good product, HORRIBLE value!

      • Ivana

        Ha! In Canada one mac e.s is approx. $18-something Canadian. If they’re $14.50 US per pan, it should be around $15 in Canadian currency. Not a BIG, big difference but still! Douches.

  18. It’s very rare that an eyeshadow comes out in a collection that doesn’t have the same, great color payoff that the perm shadows do! MAC hasn’t changed any of their eye shadow formuals and still has one of the lowest price points of any competitor…these shadows are second to none! I will have to heartily agree that I dislike the lustres! 😉 There are gonna be some awesome products coming out this summer…in the way of ‘a rose romance’ – the gel blush and see thru lip colors are to die for!

    love and lashes!

    • hi

      Oh, stop – If you really ARE a MAC Makeup Artist, it’s no wonder you’re raving about the shadows. You guys just want to make money. Sure, its one of the lowest prices compared to other high-end brands, but 15 dollars for ONE shadow is pretty awful. We all want larger, better-quality shadows for a cheaper price (around nine or eight dollars – that’s still expensive, but we’d be getting more of our money’s worth!) that have at least GOOD payoff/pigmentation, a smooth texture, long wear time and lots of staying power, and non-chunky shimmer or glitter. We want the pans to be magnetic so we can easily depot them without having to nuke them and pry out the pans with a knife. Personally, I would love some permanent eyeshadow palettes with cult faves from different color families (i.e. Neutrals and Browns: Tempting, Satin Taupe, Shroom, Bisque. Golds and Bronzes: Goldmine, Sable, Go!, Gorgeous Gold.) and other permanent shadow duos other than the Mineralizes.
      Got it, miss MUA?

      • daphne

        Boy! Cranky much? Sorry, hon, but you’re not gonna get all of that from any brand.

        MAC eyeshadows do come in magnetic pans, for one. Nobody’s making you buy pots (except for the LE shadows, which I agree should come in pans!).

        Color payoff doesn’t suck on nearly any of the…45 or so MAC shadows I have. Granted about 20 of those are either veluxe pearl or Matte2, which I think are the best finishes, but the only one that isn’t stellar is Hoppin’ from the Heatherette trio, which was a stupid buy. I’m really not sure what you’re looking for. Not everything can be MUFE and have pigment so strong it stains unless you scrub it with strong soap. And the only colors I’ve seen that have chunky shimmer are the lustres…and even some of those have good payoff! (Swimming anyone?)

        Seriously, why are you reading a MAC blog or buying the product if it gets you so angry?

        • Iliana

          Slightly off topic:
          How do MUFE eyeshadows compare to MAC’s (quality/texture and price-wise)? I’ve only had one MUFE product ever, a lipstick which I wasn’t so happy with (extremely drying) so I swore to be solely devoted to MAC from then on.

          I’m thinking of venturing into other brands as well but I need to be 100% sure of their quality before buying. I love MAC so much because they have Back 2 MAC — I don’t feel like I’m ruining/littering the environment more since my containers are recycled. Plus, I get a free lippie! :)

      • Nicole15

        That was a little harsh, no? She didn’t say anything different than anyone else that commented.

      • macartist007

        Actually, it’s MR. MUA! haha jk! Of course they want to make money – just like any other cosmetics company. You may pay $14.50 for a MAC e/s, but nowadays you’re gonna pay at least 8 or 9 for a cvs or wal-mart shadow with little color payoff and much less staying power when you can get that from MAC! And you know they couldn’t make so many of their colors permanent…what would keep us coming back for more? 😉

        BTW, why would I pose to be a MAC artist? haha

  19. hannah

    i would make pans available at counters. also would make smoke & diamonds permanent 😀

  20. Ilaria

    I would change the price! in Italy their price is 16.50 euros and in the USA it’s 14.50 which are 11 euros… 5.50 euros per e/s for the transport??

  21. tremorviolet

    More bright mattes (and satins too). So many of MAC’s greatest colors of soooo frosty; I’m at an age where that makes my eyes look so wrinkly. MUFE has such a great selection of great matte colors.

  22. Julie

    I like all of the above suggestions. I would also like the name of the shadow on the lid, in black, just under the MAC logo, so you don’t have to turn the e/s if you don’t remember the name, since there are soo many.
    I put lables on all of my pigments, instead of having them upside down, as I see many do.
    Other than that, it is hard to critize the best eyeshadow in the World…

  23. Heather

    For the large eye pro-pallets to have a clear top…I rarely go to it…out of sight, out of mind I guess.

    • Kristine

      i know right..?! i was thinking of that once when i was on a gig…it would my life easier of i could just see the color and not turn my pro palettes to the back(they are arranged chromatically)…i put my labels on the back because i don’t like my palettes to look unprofessional by putting the name of the colors(ex: neutrals,pinks) on the front…when it’s see-through you don’t have to put labels on the palette at all since you see the e/s colors that are in the palettes….

  24. HoneyBrown1976

    Make it a tad more affordable to those without any MAC in their stash.

  25. hi

    I would make the pans magnetic and removable so they’d be easier to depot. As for the finishes, I’d give Lustres more pigmentation and smoothness while still keeping the awesome shimmery/glittery look. Mattes, other than Matte2’s, could be made a bit smoother. Lowering the price would be good, too.. 15 dollars for ONE pan of eyeshadow can get pretty ridiculous if you want more than one color! I hate having to save up on allowance for a month if I want just one new shade in my shadow arsenal.
    Oh, and MAC should SO do a poll of consumers asking what their fave LE discontinued shadows were and bring back the most popular (like Lucky Green or Charred)!

  26. Okami

    1) Release LE shadows in pan form
    2) More Veluxe Pearl shadows
    3) More Veluxe shadows (seriously! only three in the perm line? come on!)
    4) And I definitely agree with other posters who’ve said that MAC needs to bring back some of their best LE shadows.

  27. More veluxe pearl finishes, better quality lustre eye shadows and not to mention — MORE product in the actual eye shadow pan itself.

  28. Shannon

    bring back the whole starflash collection!!! and make more starflash eyeshadows!!!!

    • heyi, i have heard there is a starflash anniversary, in near future…or is it electroflash??
      Anyways, if its starflash…we all will be soo happy…:)

  29. Theresa

    VPs are my fave finish for MAC eyeshadows so I’d most definitely want to see more of them. The Starflash finish is fine too.
    I agree with most about Lustre eyeshadows. I mean the colours are lovely but the pickup and payoff disappoint ALL THE TIME!

  30. Kay

    Change the texture of all lustre finish shadows…:-(

  31. Leah

    I too would love the texture change of lustres to be smoother and would make all of the limited palettes the same circular shape as the pro so we could depot those as well. I never seem to use the ones I purchase in the holiday sets because of this.

    Also, I’d love to see the B2M program a little more regulated. It seems like every MA has a different opinion on the depotting system and whether they count for the program or not.

  32. MizzMACDiva

    Yeah the B2M does need to be more specific and not different every where you go… I took some empty pots back to the MAC store in Orlando FL Mall and they would not take it without the pan!

  33. Hillary

    Idk about revamps.

    But I say more
    Matte and Matte2 shadows.

    I love matte finishes.

  34. Arika BH

    Less shimmer in shadows, and pro shadows should be available at freestanding MAC stores. More matte and velvet finish shadows, please!

  35. Have more red colours, instead of having to go to MAC PRO

  36. Iliana

    Hoohaa! I do love MAC but if I had my way, here’s what I’d change:
    1. Make Lustres less gritty and more pigmented
    2. More Matte shades for the shimmer and color shy 😛 Perhaps a Matte/Matte 2 equivalent for every shimmery/glittery e/s!
    3. Have EVERY SINGLE COUNTER all over the world have ALL the perm shades. I still can’t get over the fact that the only two counters here have no Woodwinked or Cranberry. :(
    4. Lower the price and cut the annual price increase. Here the cost of 1 e/s pot is equivalent to 16.70 USD, doesn’t seem a lot but really, it does! I’d pay that for LE but if it’s something I’m sure to see in my counter then, no. :( Too bad since I love love love the perm line it’s just that I feel it’s more reasonable to pay the same amount on LE colors.
    5. Re-release cult LE items in one humongous collection (all e/s grouped in a collection, all lippies in another collection, all face/cheek products in another, etc)! I’m sure a lot would like to see Spiced Chocolate back :)

  37. Stefanie

    I absolutely LOVE the Matte2 finish, so I’d want many more Matte2 colours.
    Especially the lighter colours could do with better colour pay-off. I am very pale, but a lot of light white-ish/beige colours look like they SHOULD show up on me, but then they’re just always too sheer.
    I’m happy with the colour pay-off for most darker colours though. I don’t even have a problem with Lustres.

    And they definitely need a true red eyeshadow, not pink, not burgundy, just TRUE BRIGHT RED. :)

  38. Luda

    more pearl and satin finishes – i don’t see the reason if LEs at all why not just have one big perm line? i don’t think the price is that bad but if you think about it DIOR 5-color paletes are 56 dollars. thats about 11.50 per color. Ofcourse dior doesn’t have the same color selection as MAC ( no one does ) but i wish it MAC was a little cheaper.

  39. mm

    the only thing i’d change would be to make the lid on the pro palettes clear. lustres i can make do anything i want as long as i’ve got a 242 brush and some fix+. for those who have issues with the price–it’s a lot less than any other department store line. if you’re going to be cheap head to the drugstore.

  40. Janella

    I would change the size of the pots and make them bigger my opinion the price of them they should be bigger than what they are.

  41. Brittany

    Sorry off topic.. but could someone please tell me what Veluxe pearl finishes are and MUFE, b2m, and lustre finishes.. lol just trying to catch up and learn the lingo=\

  42. Nicole15

    It’s a little sad to see people be attacked for stating their opinions here. Everyone likes MAC for their own reasons &/or would change something about their products for their own reasons. I think that is why Christine posted this – to give us all a forum to say what we would like to change or not change. I don’t know, reading the above personal attacks on people, kinda took the fun out of this post. :(

  43. Laudry

    I agree with just about everything that everyone has else said, and it’s great that so many people were so SPECIFIC in their comments! (Maybe MAC will take note of such excellent points & act on them?)

    I get very frustrated that LE’s aren’t brought back a few times (who has the $$ to get every LE color they want exactly when each collection comes out? Not me!). MAC’s huge variety of colors is my favorite thing – but the lack of color payoff in some finishes can be disappointing, I agree, especially when the exact shade you want comes ONLY in that finish!

    For me personally, I’ve had trouble finding cool and/or blue-enough violets, lavenders, etc. SO many of MAC’s shades in this family have too much red or brown for my (pale, cool) coloring. Also, I’ve tried many MAC browns, but haven’t been able to find a true “chocolate brown” – one that’s not too red, yellow or sort of plum-brown.

    But still – man, I do love MAC…

  44. Daniela

    LE shadow in pan form, more matte and matte

  45. CedriCeCCentriC

    There isn’t much to change, MAC shadows are IMHO still the best together with Shu Uemura.

    Yet, I think they should rearage some colors out of the Satin line into other cathegories. Some Satins are matte others, like Club, are really forsty. To me a true satin is semi-matte (with a slight natural sheen).

    I too am for a reformulation of the Lustres.

    MAC could also introduce an eyeshodow into there Viva Glam collection. I’m thinking of universal mid-tone color that works on everybody.

  46. Zoila

    I would make it cheaper! & I would want more product! More mattes! 😀