Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp MAC 187 Brush, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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38 thoughts on “Project Revamp: MAC 187 Brush

  1. kristie

    lower the price!

  2. diana

    lower the price!!!!!!!!

  3. Cathy

    i agree…lower the price…thats why i dont have it

  4. Definitely make them cheaper. That’s why a lot of ppl I know don’t have it & are trying to find dupes of the brush.

  5. Leah

    Make it a touch fuller! I’m all for a soft dense brush!

  6. Leah

    Oh and shed-resistant! That would be nice too.

  7. coco72

    I think this brush worths any cent i`ve paid for it (45 €), I use them (I have 2)for foundation, loose powder, pigmented blushes and bronzing powder, so I don`t need more brushes. The only thing i´d change is the smell, after many washes they continue smelling badly

    • Sasha B

      this might seem strange but i love the smell it smells like clarins sunlotion which reminds me of childhood memories since we use it all the time. i would change the PRICE omg and my black bristles and scratchy idc if we’re not supposed to use them as much as the white it annoys me. and more white bristles i don’t cover enough foundation takes a while when u really take the time to stipple.

  8. Angie

    mine sheds like nobody’s business! i can’t even use it with any liquids!

  9. Angie

    I would have to agree with coco72, the brush is work every cent! I love this brush!

  10. IZzySA

    I loved this brush (past tense). I got tired of black hairs or white hairs on my face. I am using a prescriptives big fat brush which has not shed one single hair and also a cover FX brush no. 190 — fat as a house, fluffy and marvelous. I am about done with MAC’s brushes for the face.. I still love the 182, 219, 239 and 217 though.

  11. Lower the price

    and the 187 wears away.. mac needs to invest in better paint!

  12. xKiKix

    1. lower price to a reasonable and affordable amount
    2. make silver paint for brush number permanent so it doesnt fade off
    3. make the white bristle easier to clean off residue from foundation and such so it is not a hassle to clean when it stains

  13. mediterraneanX

    Less shedding please – mine leaves loads of black hairs everytime I use liquid foundation. In fact my full size 187 is worse than my brush set sized 187!

  14. katkat

    I would make it shed less and lower the price!!! making it a bit fuller would be great too. Also, Tali, if you put clear nail polish on the brush number when you first get the brush, the number won’t wear away :)

  15. Marieke

    1. Lower the Price!!
    2. Solve the Shedding!
    3. Make the silver 187 permanent on the brush
    3. Make the brush just a touch denser and fuller!

    CiaoOo Marieke

  16. I hate the little scraggly black natural hairs that stick out from the brush sometimes…I really do take care of my brushes!! :)

  17. – lower price
    – not bleed so much
    – slightly denser

    • Virginia

      Its so funny how it bleeds, i have the 187 in long handle and SE, and they both bleed, i always wash it out with cold water, and i wash with MAC brush cleanser, and its funny all the MAC girls here have a problem with bleeding.. Obviously more apparent with the white bristles, but still :) Plus i reckon its AMAZING for foundation!

  18. I wouldn’t revamp it much except I WOULD revamp the 187 SE. I’ve had one for a couple of years now and it still bleeds black when I wash it.

  19. Irene

    Definitely make it so the the white fibers are easier to clean once used. Mine was stained after a 1x use! I got mine at Nordstroms and actually returned the first one since it shed like crazy. My 2nd one works much better – never sheds!

  20. KnitForte

    I thought it was just my 187!! Mine started to shed like crazy and I’m always cleaning it and combing the brush so it will stop shedding.

  21. Allison

    1) Lessen the shedding!
    2) Thinner handle–way too fat!

  22. niknik

    lower the price, make it a little denser
    it’s my HG liquid foundation brush <3

  23. mm

    I love this brush, to keep the synthetic bristles from staining I use cleanse off oil to get them clean and then deep clean as usual with brush cleaner.

  24. Probably the number! “Cause it’s 187 on an undercover cop!” LOL.

  25. jessica

    lower the price!

  26. Miri

    it sheds too much…I love it, but picking of the hairs from my face is not fun

  27. Nica

    The only reason why I am not buying this brush where I live, which is Finland, is because the price is ridiculous!!! 50 euros for a brush. The prices here for all the brushes are super high so i always try to get brushes when i travel cause they are a lot cheaper than here. firstly change the price. second of all make all the printing on it permanent and thirdly make brushes that don’t shed. However I would say that all of these factors go for all the brushes.

  28. Andrea

    Two things: 1. Make it denser; 2. Stop the shedding!!!

  29. Make the white part denser and minimize the shedding! I hate that I have to pick the black hairs off my face!!!

  30. francesca

    Lower the price and solve the shedding!

  31. Carla

    I agree with all the readers, it needs to cost less, it took me awhile to be able to purchase this one. Also after a few washings the glue came undone and I had to pop the whole brush back into place. Never would have thought that would happen…I am always careful now, when I wash it.

  32. Deirdre

    The price was not a factor, I waited until I got my pro card to buy it, but the one think I don’t like is the shedding. If the guys at mac could fix that problem then I would give the 187 5 stars. Also the first thing you do when you buy a new mac brush is paint the mac logo with clear nail polish and you will never have it wear away.

  33. Aire

    I would definitely make all the hairs black. The white hairs on the brush stain so easily and it is difficult to get them off/out of the white brush hairs.

  34. LESS BLEEDING and make it more dense. The brush pays for itself after a while :]

  35. daniela

    less bleading, less flinfy*spelling??* and lowered price!