Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp Creme de la Mer, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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30 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Creme de la Mer

  1. Rachel

    the ridiculous price tag!

  2. bumblebees

    the price! Definitely lower the price. Either that or include more product.

  3. Tre

    I swear by this stuff…but it sure doesn’t come cheap! I would definitely lower the darn price. But I guess that makes me a sucker because I pay for it anyway. However, when you do buy it they are super generous with the samples. And you don’t need to use a lot. I bought mine 2 months ago and have only gone through about half the jar, and it’s the smallest jar they carry.

  4. Cheapen it down of course!! Umm, maybe the smell too.Just awkward

  5. Nosh

    It’s really sad though because the main “miracle” ingredient in La Mer is sea kelp. Sea kelp is DIRT CHEAP. Mix it up with some vitamins like vitamin E and you have La Mer.

    I know that a lot of people swear by this stuff, and I am not adverse to paying a ton for a good product. But in this case, I really think people are being duped into paying way too much for just a name brand. :(

    • Rachel

      where do you buy sea kelp? I’m intrigued by this.

      • kat

        I know they harvest it in huge bulk for both biomedical research and cosmetic products where I live… but I have no idea which companies do it, or how they ship or sell it hahaha! But yeah its super insane cheap haha!

      • You can order organic kelp powder from Mountain Rose Herbs online- one pound is $5 but you can buy it in smaller amounts, too. (I’ve never ordered kelp from them, but the herbs/ flowers I’ve ordered have all been excellent quality)

  6. Milan

    Definitely the price!

  7. maz

    No brainer, the price!

  8. Like most La Mer fans, I would definitely purchase this as my key face cream for years to come – if the price was more reasonable.
    With the Aussie dollar so low right now, this product seems to be more expensive right now.

  9. Shannon

    The price!! I would love to try this product, and i spend a lot of my beauty products. ALOT. But i draw the line on this, i would love to try it if it was just a little cheaper!

  10. emma

    the insanely ridiculous price. i dunno wut else because i dont even own it bcuz of the price lol

  11. I would revamp it so that it does not make me break out in huge gross zits. Sorry.

  12. christy

    doesn’t it have mineral oil, and is that good to put on your face. i think i would want it not to have mineral oil. and the fact that i read somewhere that not only does it not hydrate your skin but it dehydrates it

    • Trace

      I agree, I’m not paying that much.. what is it like $150 a jar? for basically Nivea cream with sea kelp in it. Sorry but that’s just insane. There are so many better products out there for cheaper that don’t have mineral oil in them.

      Its. All. Hype.

  13. Tekoa

    Reduce the price. It seems a popular choice.

  14. Well considering I want to try it but due to the price I haven’t.
    I’m going to agree with everyone else, the price.

  15. This is expensive stuff, but Guerlain Orchidee is even MORE expensive! I’d feel like I were putting gold on my face or something haha! Yeah seriously…the production cost cannot be THAT much…give consumers a break :-)

  16. Theresa

    i am gonna echo everyone when i say THE RIDICULOUS HEFTY PRICE TAG that comes with La Mer products.

  17. DJ

    the fact that la mer doesn’t sample unless you purchase something—and by then it is too late for us sensitive skinned folks! can’t see why I would buy it without being able to try it for at least a few days.

    and…the price!

  18. rowan

    to put it simply – nothing! i used the oil absorbing lotion once and it was the most amazing skincare product i’ve used in my life, my skin was so perfect. yes it’s expensive but there’s a reason for that

  19. seems like most people agreed – the price!

  20. UDPop

    Since it smells and feels the same as Nivea, maybe they should just put Nivea on the jar and stop charging hundreds for what I can buy for pennies at the drugstore? Dunno…I’ve literally tried them both and the original creme feels the exact same. Go figure. (they are both out of France)

    • Chica

      Totally agree – my friend swears by this stuff and let me try hers out for a few days – it’s freakin’ Nivea! They must be laughing all the way to the bank…

  21. Vivian

    I agree with everyone else here, the ridiculous price tag! La mer struck me as gimmick as Chanel sublimage that sells as much as $325. What’s the idea? I heard people rave about La Mer so much and showing before and after photos, but really their photos showing Before in yellowish light and After in whiter lighting. I think it’s a state of mind! I’d rather buy L’oreal regenerist when I get over 35… Not to say that La Mer doesn;t do a thing, but for the price tag, it’s an over statement

    By the way, I also don’t get putting gold on your face. What’s with that? I really don’t know if Cleopatra used to do it or was it an advertising thing.

  22. Joanna

    Price tag!

  23. Make it available in my city so I can try it! :p

  24. Debra

    I use both Nivea and Creme De La Mer. I work outside all year long. Creme De La Mer is not the same as Nivea. Also, I used to work for Estee Lauder as a production supervisor – we were able to order all Estee Lauder products at fifty percent off and that is how I started to use Creme. The sea weed is formented for months and supposedly music is played to the plants as well. The price can still be reduced. I only use it on my face in the Fall and Winter months so I 2 ounce jar lasts me 2 years. I get acne if I use it too much but it is very soothing to the skin after being outside is 0 degree weather!