Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Project Revamp

The Project:  CoverGirl Lash Blast

Oh, yeah, that’s right — the cult mascara that swept beauty addicts everywhere, in that utterly recognizable orange tube.

Your Task

How would you improve this product? What would you change?  What would you want to keep the same?  How would you make it an even better product?

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24 thoughts on “Project Revamp: CoverGirl Lash Blast

  1. SarahT

    Nothing!!! It is my HG Mascara… so glad I found it 😉

  2. fiaspice

    I would make the tip of the brush differently so there’s not a lump of mascara when I take the brush off the tube.

  3. Michaela

    I would make the entire brush less thick…but keep the bristles the same length.

  4. I would make it not flake off so easily.. I love what it does to my lashes but then I find black flecks all over my cheeks once it dries!

  5. Christine

    I’m in love with Lash Blast. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

  6. Make it less flakey! I LOVE this stuff, other thank the flakes its PERFECT. I do not enjoy having to carry around a brush to brush away all the flakes that fall off because of it :[

  7. Randi

    Less flaky and better lengthening properties, for sho.

  8. Tattoo Girl

    I love this stuff! It is my HG! The one thing I would change would be the smell. It is strong, especially strong when you open a new tube.

  9. electrik love

    the formula makes my eyes sting.

  10. Kornesican

    I wish it would be more thickening but keep everything else the same

  11. Michelle

    I think the brush is too fat — I wish it had more lengthening to it, but it does a great job for volume.

  12. The formula seems to work very well when I use the mascara fan brush. It is the brush that I canot get to work for me. I cannot get my inner lashes or my very outer lashes…only the ones right in the center. The wand is just far too large. I would make it smaller.

  13. Kajsa

    Love the mascara itself, but hate the freaking brush, I still catch the skin after a few month..!

  14. vane

    omg !:(
    i would change the ingredients!
    when i bought it, i obviously wore it haha, and OMG it made the roots of my eyelashes it, and i would scratch and like two or three eyelashes would fall oout :(!

    im lash-less now.

    thanks lash blast.

  15. Ruth

    SMALLER BRUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Caroline

    A smaller brush and more lengthening.

  17. Sarah

    love the mascara but caz i have the waterproof one its is extremely hard to get it off. thats what i would change. otherwise the best mascara ever. whenever i wear it ppl think i have falsies on.

  18. Cassykins

    Nothing. This is the one and only CG item that doesn’t make my eyes sting, so no changing it on me!! I also don’t have the flaking problem nor do I find the brush to be too big. I also don’t do my lower lashes, though, so I can see how it might be a problem for those that do.

  19. I’d have CG stop all animal testing.
    Makeup can’t mask an ugly heart.

    For more info cruelty free cosmetics, you can check out

  20. Vanessa

    I agree about the smaller brush… I really like LashExact but I can’t wait to try the LashBlast length that comes out in Sept! But LashExact is my HG.. I ALWAYS go back to it!

  21. Ju

    I agree about the smaller brush… [2]

  22. liana

    love the formula but would make the end of the brush smaller to get the smaller lashes too!

  23. Bren

    Smaller brush
    Make it last longer 😉
    Ditch the wide packaging

  24. Nunu

    Lose the flakiness, add more lengthening, smaller brush, and thinner tube/handle for a better grip. This was a so-so to me. I actually switched to it when my HG Maybelline Lash Stylist got discontinued. When I didn’t LOVE it, I went on a rampage and finally found my HG and bought 5 tubes. Does Mascara expire if its sealed and all?