Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Project Revamp

If you could revamp CoverGirl Lash Blast, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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41 thoughts on “Project Revamp: CoverGirl Lash Blast

  1. i don’t really like the brush. i like the idea of the brush, but for some reason it doesn’t quite do it for me. especially near the tip where there are almost no bristles and it’s just like a log with mascara on it? i’d make the bristles longer i think

  2. Hollie

    I would make the brush taper off, instead of just stopping. I hate that there is a huge glob of mascara at the end that I have to wipe off or I sometimes get mascara globs on my lashes or face. Also, I find that mine dries out very easily like in a month or so, that is very annoying. It seems after a month of using it it just stops working as well as it should have, and it just seems like it’s dry. I don’t know what is up with that but very annoying.

  3. Make it actually decent. Haha, I’m sorry it’s a mean thing to say but I get really sick of the CoverGirl and other commercials where they say their mascara formula is the ‘most advanced yet’. I know it’s made affordable but it gets kind of annoying and repulsive when they come out with a ‘new, most advanced length formula yet’ mascara bi-weekly.

  4. I actually like this mascara. I just did a video stating that this was by far my favorite mascara to date. I’ve tried lots over the years and I like the brush, I like the colors and the sparkles in this. I get great even coverage with NO CLUMPING and it extends my lashes even further with a fantastic curl to them.

  5. Colleen

    I hate that the end of the brush (the part you hold) is so big and thick. I really can’t get a good handle on it. Also, the brush doesn’t really get any mascara on my lashes. I don’t know if the bristles are spread too far apart or if it’s my technique, but I completely despise all aspects of the applicator.

  6. Shealyn

    I love it the way it is. I mean, the non-tapered end is kinda annoying to have to wipe the glob off, but really? That’s nothing. I’m not one to complain about little things like that in beauty products, as long as the formula works.

  7. Cassykins

    I love the mascara itself, but agree the brush is kind of clunky. I would keep the bristles as-is while making the body of the brush less log-like. I actually like this mascara more than any high end stuff I have tried, though.

  8. Audrey

    I would somehow reduce the amount of product you get on the mascara wand. I think its a great mascara but I always wipe the wand around the edge of the tube. It really is a good mascara there is just so much that it kind of ruins the product.

  9. okay my first response to a revamp i think lol…i wud def change the big ole fat brush handle haha :) it makes it so clumsy…but i love this mascara!

  10. Stephanie

    change the formula, the current one irritated my eyes terribly and I’ve never had that happen with any other eye products

    • lizzii

      !!! i thought i was the only one. i personally HATED this mascara. burned the crap out of my eyes a minute after i put it on. and it did absolutely nothing for me except make my lashes black.

    • Danielle

      It BURNS my eyes and makes them water!!!! I want to soooo love this product because I love the way it makes my lashes look, but it really, really irritates my eyes!!!

  11. Raveen

    I would change the brush, its so big its hard to get those itty bitty lashes at the corner without having a smudging incident. I would also change the packaging because mine dried out super fast. I think its a good mascara but not the best!!

  12. creolesugar

    I like it just the way it is, but I would make it come in a rainbow of colors. lol

  13. Kelly

    i would make it not tested on animals!

  14. Melanie

    The formulation is great but the brush is absolute rubbish. If it had a brush like L’Oreal Voluminous then that would be perfect. I’d also change that hideous orange packaging.

  15. kat

    love it! it’s a great dupe for diorshow! but i’d change the fact that it runs out so quickly!!

    • Luda

      I absolutley agree on that. DiorShow Blackout is my favorite but this one follows in a close second place. BTW the combination of the two mascaras is phenominal. It really looks like I have fakes on.

  16. Brittany

    I’d change the brush as well. It’s pretty difficult to get the corner lashes because it is so huge. I also wish the formula was a little better, I don’t get a huge amount of volume from it like the commercials say.

  17. Emma

    1. dont test it on animal
    2. make the tip narrower so i can get it on the lashes in the inner corner of my eye

  18. I love the formula to death, love the packaging since it makes my mascara easy to find. The only thing I would change is the brush, like everyone else says. I have small hooded eyes, so it is a bit hard to get to all of my lashes with such a huge brush. I have another brush I like that I plan to clean and use with it instead.

  19. Hannah

    The only thing I would change is the awkward package shape.

    I love this mascara!!!

  20. bCreative

    I would change everything about it. The huge tube, that huge horrible wand and that horrible orange color.

  21. I would change the too-short bristles. They don’t grab any lashes! Also, I think I would change the flakiness & how quickly it dries out.

    It’s not my favorite mascara. :(

  22. dhalia63

    i would change the dreadful solid orange bottle and give it a lace or damask-like pattern i guess using orange gold and black

  23. Anett

    i would change the handle to something easier to grip-otherwise i like the brush and the formula

  24. i hate the mascara cause it doesn’t hold my curl. but i love how it makes my lashes long and thick. i just hate the formula… and maybe the brush could be thinner so it would be easy to apply for those who has shorter lashes.

  25. amy

    I love my lash blast it thickens and lenghns awesome but I agree the handle makes me feel a bit clumbs and they should taper the tip better and it does dry out sooo quick I’ve never run out of n e thing else so fast I do like the idea of a rainbow of colors and itd be cute if was sparkly mascara

  26. I love how this mascara gives my lashes great volume, and I have large eyes and long lashes, so the fat brush is just fine for me.. but I do find that I ed up with dried mascara flakies under my eyes by the end of the day.

  27. Ju

    i love this mascara!

  28. Ruth

    Half the brush size, it’s way too big.

  29. katie

    i love the mascara, but if they could avoid having such an unnecessarily big bottle i think it’d be better. takes up a lot of space.

  30. I’d change the package color. I just hate orange!

  31. SusyLovesMac

    Do not test on animals!
    Second change the handle and make it a bit more slim.. NOW LADIES…Are you having the same problem of your mascara drying up in about a month! So not worth it :( great on the lashes but dries to fast

  32. Nothing! I love Lash Blast!

  33. I would change the wand and the packaging. Something pink and black would be cute or just something sleek and sophisticated.

  34. Alex

    I love eveything about the Lash Blast mascara! It WAS my favorite mascara until I found out that it was tested on animals, so now I refuse to buy it. I found a mascara from Hard Candy that has the same effect as Lash Blast, and Hard Candy is NOT tested on animals!!![=