Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Project Revamp

The Project: Benefit Benetint

Bzzzz, bzzz, it’s a cleansing brush for your face that whirs and spins and comes with a hefty price tag. Gadget girls with an affinity for beauty rejoiced…

Your Task

How would you improve this product? What would you change? What would you want to keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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18 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Benefit Benetint

  1. Melissa

    *psst* The title doesn’t match the product. :)

  2. amy

    I would make it creamier and doesn’t dry as fast because the current formula I find that it dries too fast. Often when I don’t work fast enough, I am left with splotchy dots or an even coloured cheeks. Currently I would need to add more product in order to make the colour more even, but too often I end up using to much product. Too make it creamier, I would make it similar in texture to Moonbeam or Highbeam but keep the transparency and gel like look.

    • Jen

      2nd this, Benetint’s texture could be more like PosieTint, I think I would also prefer a more secure bottle cap. Mine broke when the tint is dried and caked.

  3. Jennifer

    I would change the applicator. Not sure of one that would be better…Just thinking of one that could also help with buffing it into the skin, so my finger doesn’t have stain on it the rest of the day.

  4. K

    Hrmm, your description doesn’t match the product!

  5. Michaela

    I’m just not sure how to use it over any foundation that’s not cream or liquid-based. Since I don’t wear cream/liquid foundations, I feel like I’m limited to using this only on my lips.

    • Sairah

      Hi there, you can try putting Benetint on before your foundation instead of over it and see how that works… Just put it on after your moisturizer or primer, let it dry and then put on your foundation. This way it’s supposed to give you that healthy glow from within. 😉

      Hope this helps!

  6. Wilcoa

    As for the benetint portion, I think the only thing I would change is the brush. Not sure what I would change it too, but all I can say is that I hate the nail polish brush applicator, jsut doesn’t do it for me application-wise.

  7. Kalie

    Lolz…I iz confuzzled?

  8. J

    Like others have mentioned – you’ve got a description that sounds like the Clarisonic, not Benetint

  9. NaNa

    Just one post today? Jeez, you must be *really* sick. :c

    Anyway, I’d change the applicator– maybe a rollerball. For some reason it’s a little harder to use the nail-polish wand applicator with Benetint than it is with Highbeam or Moonbeam but I think that has to do with the staining properties.

    Hope you get better!

  10. Andrea

    I wish it were less drying on my lips.. Besides that though I don’t have any problems with it! I also like that when I got it, it came with some little instructions That helped me to not be so intimidated the first few times I used it on my cheeks!

  11. I’ve only used a mini size version, so I can’t say much about the packaging. I do like the color, but perhaps a slightly thicker texture would make it more long lasting. I find that once I achieve my desired color, that midday it has faded.

  12. happyhippo

    if it’s for benetint we are talking about (the desrviption doesn’t match that) I just won’t bother. not a great product at all.

  13. Cindy

    There’s definitely room for improvement, even with all the love people have.

    1) Change the aroma/flavour – rose may smell pleasant but tastes nasty when used on the lips.
    2) Fix the formulation – There has to be a way to have it fast drying enough to be practical without stealing all the moisture from your skin.
    3) Another formulation issue – Make it slightly less liquid, more creamy so it doesn’t bleed, drip or run when you use it, and so that it can be blended well.

    That’s what comes to my mind immediately.

  14. Jodie

    I would make it so it doesn’t spill when dropped! as i have dropped it soo many times and lost most of the product and i would make it have a little sponge on the end so you can dot it on the cheeks instead of having brush strokes on your cheeks for the whole day!


  15. Takari

    I’d change the fact that it’s made from pure carmine and not a vegan friendly product.