Friday, December 12th, 2008

Project Revamp

If you could revamp Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation, what would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make it an even better product?

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19 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation

  1. Chica

    The bismuth – it made my skin itch and burn like crazy, I had to throw it away because i couldn’t send it back.

    • Sunshine

      Chica, I’m so with you on this one. It does make me itch as well. On a hot or sunny day, it feels like my face is burning. And I couldn’t figure why until I stopped using it. They must create a no-bismuth version for sensitive skin. And there is no suitable shade for fair skin with yellow undertones. Fair shade they have now is too pink, Light is too yellow, Medium is too red, Medium Beige is too dark, and Fairly Light still looks too yellow. I know they came up with Golden Medium and Golden Dark, perhaps Golden Fair will be available soon. Though I’d never use it again unless they remove bismuth oxychloride!

      So far, bismuth is the main ingredient in each of their loose powders especially if you buy in sets. Bismuth does help minerals cling to your skin and makes minerals water-resistant but it’s also one of known skin irritants for sensitive skin and does clog the pores. I guess, they use it so much because it’s one of the cheapest minerals you can find. Lauren Hutton uses much higher quality minerals like real gemstones and they feel comfortable on. Also, I adore 100% Pure compact powder with fruit pigments and SPF. Have been enjoying Laura Geller Balance and Brighten compact lately as well.

  2. Tami

    A spillproof container

  3. Rio

    I’d make it work! 😛 It doesn’t give me any coverage, which I found odd since people love it so much.

  4. Crystal

    It wouldn’t break me out. I used it twice, once for a few hours to go to a party, and my skin is wrecked!

  5. lola

    I absolutely love that stuff! I honestly can’t think of one thing I’d change. Maybe a more matte variety for oilier skin types?

    • Aurora

      Hi Lola, I had the same problem since I have combination skin. A friend gave me a bottle of Mary K oil control lotion, and on hot days I wear that underneath the foundation and it helps a lot. I find a lot of the foundation primers are too thick and my skin can’t breathe, but that stuff works pretty well. :)

  6. I’d really like for it to be more travel friendly – maybe offer a pressed variety with one of those shaver thingies? I travel a lot, and loose powder just isn’t something that’s convenient to carry around all the time.

  7. Gigi

    Wish there was a matte formula, and also that it provided more coverage. When I use Bare Escentuals, I feel like I’m getting NOTHING. I might as well just being using a regular loose translucent powder.

  8. A matte/sensitive skin version excluding the Bismuth Oxychloride! And a closable sifter jar, for easy travelling.

  9. No bismuth or ferrocyanides or all the other stuff that’s in there and made my skin blemished. I used this stuff for TWO YEARS not knowing the problem, and then when I stopped, everything just magically went away.

  10. Jou

    It makes me itch like crazy so I’d have it reformulated for sesitive skin . No bismuth!! :)

  11. Emma

    the packaging, definitely. the packaging right now sux!
    the little card board thing on the inside of the cap fell off and i have bare minerals all over my counter

  12. Shazia

    The packaging – it is messy to travel with. Otherwise I love it.

  13. Stacey

    Personally, their fairest shade is still too dark for me. More of a spectrum would be nice.

  14. Jennifer

    No matter how careful I am the product still spills on my vanity. I would like to see a different container that would allow you to not have to turn it upside down.