Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Are there any products that you absolutely love but are afraid to hit pan on? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerGuerlain Wulong! Guerlain Parure Gold (foundation, so hit… bottle?).

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63 thoughts on “Are there any products that you absolutely love but are afraid to hit pan on?

  1. Basically any staples in my makeup routine…foundation, blush, bronzer, Nars eyeprimer, liquid liner! It’s something I use everyday so when I hit pan it’s just a pain to go buy some more when I want to try so many new things.

    • Karen

      I used to be really worried about hitting pan on both “evil monkey” and “wtf” eyesadows from the Kat Von D Candelabra palette. I actually did hit pan on those colours, then I really expanded my eyeshadow collection just in fear of using up my favourites from this Kat Von D palette. In the process I’ve found lots of new favourites!
      I was so happy to see the eyeshadow shade “wtf” was in the new Kat Von D Spellbinding palette!!
      Still my favourite!!

      • Karen

        Oops! I did not mean to have added my comment as a reply, I am so sorry, I really don’t know how that happened!

  2. The color Betrayal in the UD Vice 2 palette, although I found a good dupe from the Ulta brand in Electric Lights.

  3. Layla

    Have already hit pan on Guerlain Wulong…. :( Am in denial, but also too addicted to stop.

  4. I think that will be my Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. Just can’t do without it!

  5. Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Stark, I use it as an eyeshadow – the perfect reddish brow.
    Athena Recently Posted: Illamasqua “Have Yourself A Little Selfish Christmas” Collection Launched (Pictures Heavy)

  6. Although I just said in my previous post that I would be proud of myself if i finish off my Tom Ford but yeahhhh the thought of it scares me :)
    so yeah TOM FORD Lipstick and my guerlain girly rouge g lipstick :) i am sure by next yr i would purchase it again .. am already through half way

    i think am only obsessed with lip colors :( :(
    Rashmi Recently Posted: Makeup Look : Shades of Purple

  7. Pretty much everything (but especially LE or discontinued products that I love). ._.

  8. My MAC brow shader in Porcelain/Browning!! I bought it in 2007 and I haven’t hit pan yet, though the porcelain side is long gone lol. I’m really not looking forward to finding a replacement.

  9. I’ve only ever hit pan on finishing powder and a bronzer. So this isn’t really something that I’ve thought about. I would be sad if I hit pan on my NARS Foreplay palette, but I don’t think it will happen for a very long time.
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  10. C

    Jouer moisture tint. I love it and it’s so expensive.

  11. Nadia H

    Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeliner!

  12. I would hate to hit pan on Nars Ride Up to the Moon palette. It was love at first sight. So sad that it’s limited edition.

  13. Astrild

    No, really. It’s extremely dificult for me to hit pan on any product and my most loved products are not limited edition, so I could repurchase them.

  14. breyerchic04

    MAC sweet succulence lipstick.

  15. san

    :( IT already happened-i loved Benefits la la land lipstick,it was my mlbb shade.i never ever thought it would be heartbroken.I know its a dupeable shade but i cant find that exact color.i wonder if anyone knows a good substitute?

    • Lauren

      I have lalaland, and I just went through my lip products to see if I could find a dupe for you. Color-wise, Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle comes very close. Fig Jam in that line is also pretty close. They are both more sheer than lalaland. They are all great MLBB shades!

  16. Anne-Laure

    Guerlain Terra Inca Highlighter… Already hit the pan in the center gloden color, there’s only the pink remaining.
    It was the only Guerlain summer product that wasn’t too orangy for me, or too dark, I use it as a bronzer, because I have fair cold toned skin.
    But it was a limited edition. When it’s finished… :-(

  17. Maybelline eyestudio cream eyeliner in brun (not available in my country)
    Lancôme blush subtil in Miel Glacé (idem)
    Tarte amazonian clay blush in dollface.

    Seriously damn you Belgium, there’s nothing here!
    Judith Recently Posted: Heavy under eye darkness? Stop concealing, start correcting!

  18. lovesunshine

    “hit bottle” : a beauty junkies equivalent to “hit bottom”. lol:)

  19. caglayan saglik

    dior nocturne lipstick :-(

  20. If Chanel doesn’t repromo or come out with a new version of Notorious then hell yes,, I’m surprised they haven’t yet.

    I’m also a bit nervous about Chanel Joues in Accent. I use this a lot as a top layer accent blush

  21. Megan L

    I love MAC’s notoriety palette from several years ago. I love that palette for a quick and easy look, but I find myself not reaching for that quad as much because I’m TERRIFIED of hitting pan.

    • I’m with you! I also love the Notoriety palette and ever since I hit pan of the lovely shade on the lower left side (I’m terrible describing colors), I rarely reach for it :(

  22. Absolutely – a few MAC LE eye shadows (Prepped for Glamour, Carbonized), Benefit Where There’s Smoke eye shadow, Guerlain Cruel Gardenia and TheBalm Insane Jane. I’m sure there are a few more but those are the ones that come to mind right away.

  23. zainab

    I’m worried about when my mini bottle of Guerlain Mahora runs out because they don’t make it anymore, and I rather like it.
    I guess at some point my only LE MAC product (‘You’ve Got It) will be used up and I got the last one they had in stock here. But by then who knows if I’ll love it as much as I do now.

  24. I am so scared of using up MAC Gem of Roses lipstick. It is my #1 favorite lipstick and I’ve been savoring it over the last few years, although I do tend to wear it a lot more in autumn than any other season. I wish MAC would repromote it so I can buy a couple of backups!

  25. Oh, yes! Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs Les Ombres Turandot, Meteorites Exceptional Pressed Powder in Wulong, and Terra Ora Sculpting Powder and Contrast Highlighter for Face and Decollete. :(

  26. Melissa C

    Wet N Wild’s Nutty eyeshadow, Tarte Exposed and Chanel’s Mat Lumiere Foundation (I’m pretty sure this foundation is discontinued and I just don’t like Perfection Lumiere nearly as much).

  27. Alison

    There are TWO people in my household regularly using Guerlain Wulong, and yet, it barely looks touched! The pattern is only a bit blended together, and there are no dents – its amazing.

    • Haha! It’s amazing that it’s as long-lasting as it is, you know? It seems like you would just use it quickly or use more than you think you need (and therefore go through it faster) because it’s so translucent.

      • Alison

        Ha! You would, wouldn’t you? I was so expecting it to be really soft and buttery, to the point where a lot would come off with each use, but it lasts really well! I was expecting the pattern to be ruined quickly, too.

  28. Guerlain Parure de Nuit Pressed Powder. Kind of a HG highlighter for me as the finish is dewy on the skin. That sad a little goose along way and I’ve barley remove the embossing. lol
    Ani_BEE Recently Posted: TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude: Swatches & Review

  29. Tori

    I’m a hoarder so most things really but in particular the LE and discontinued items like Chanel’s Kaska Beige and Tom Ford’s Tainted Love. The only things I’m not afraid to hit pan on are my Suqqu palettes, except for the palette from Set B of this year’s Christmas set, because I’ve found the pigmentation to be dismal, not really true to pan and the brighter colours go bye bye in an hour or less. I sometimes chuck non-performing items out after a few uses because I know I absolutely won’t use them again.

  30. Karla

    Sidecar and toasted eyeshadows on my naked palette

  31. Cristal

    My YDK eyeshadow in the Naked2, it’s my favourite one, but if I hit the pan the palette won’t be “complete” anymore :(.

    • Allie

      I’m not sure if you know this, but it’s in the permanent range! But yes, YDK is such a beautiful color.

    • It’s a little risky, but what you could do, which I’ve done, is buy the YDK single, break it up, yes, you read right, gently crush it, then scoop it into the pan in NAKED, drip just a few droplets of rubbing alcohol in it, as needed, smooth it out, and let it dry overnight. I had to do it with a couple shades. I felt like a surgeon performing life-saving surgery and my boyfriend thought I looked like a crazed junkie! lol

  32. Allie

    Echo Beach from the UD Vice palette. I love that color so much. I wish that UD would make it permanent! It pairs beautifully with bold or bright lips. It’s shimmery, but it isn’t too pink or too gold. It’s that perfect neutral, “natural” all over lid color. I haven’t hit pan on it yet, but I’m dangerously close!

  33. Guerlain Terra Inca Radiant Powder and an older bronzer from The Body Shop (which is showing some major pan already). Both are discontinued and are the only two bronzing products that ever worked for me. And Chanel Notorious, although it doesn’t show much sign of wear at the moment.

  34. Lipbalm! Ok, I mean I hit pan (or stick bottom?) of those all the time. But it’s always on a cold windy day, or when I’m about to do public speaking, and it’s never when I have another on hand and it’s really just awful.

  35. ms

    chanel dragon, which is dumb cos i never wear it and i have a backup. and there are so many red lipsticks i have.

  36. CeeBee

    TheBalm shady lady eyeshadow in Insane Jane from Vol. 2! LURVE it but it isn’t available as a single so far as I know…

  37. Natalia soulati

    Mac play boy Glitter cream- almost impossible to find now

  38. My stash is getting so ridiculous I’m actually on a mission to start hitting pan on stuff lol. If I had to choose it would probably be my everyday staples like my brow pencil and lash glue. I run out of both frequently and it’s kind of annoying lol
    fancie Recently Posted: Sephora VIB Haul

  39. I’m afraid of “hitting bottle” of my MAC Lipglass in Pret-a-papier – it´s my super favorite lipglass!
    Hitting pan of Wulong also gives me the creeps, though at least the compact may be refilled with Mythic!

  40. My Chanel Mystery Blush, it’s limited edition and my favorite blush ever. :(

  41. Lisa C

    Guerlain terra nerolia bronzer – its the most beautiful natural looking bronzer I’ve ever seen and I use it almost every day.

  42. Mac blush Her blooming cheek! i love it so much! and Cruella from venomous villains her own devices blush!! which i have hit pan and an using the last lil ring before it breaks. so sad!!! Also i recently back2mac my empty of eyeshadow Grand Entrance, i was trying to make that last ugh!! Oh and if i hit pan on either of my two smoke and diamonds mac shadow i really will shed a tear!!! Plus my old school mac le shadow Blue Absinthe is broken and barely any left….. i guess im a mac whore!!! There are certain things i use up so fast!! Powder,foundation, blush!!! And lipglass. My fave is my mac hello kitty palette and lipstick and beauty powder i barely use as i dont know what i would do if they ran out omg!!! So yes my short answer is i hate to hit pan on things i cannot replace. If its replaceable no worries!! then i can back2mac some containers also!!!

  43. chanel rouge allure laque in ming. am on 2 last tubes each about 50 is the perfect milky pink.

  44. Alia

    Christine is the Guerlain Gold Parure foundation discontinued????

  45. Quinctia

    UD Midnight Cowboy lipstick. My last tube of UD Greed Primer Potion!

  46. I’ve only ever hit pan (and subsequently finished) MAC MSF Natural and that was after about 30 months! It will be a terrible shame when I hit pan on any LE products but other than that I quite like it because using up a product means it was a goodbuy. I think the next thing I will hit pan on will be MAC Ladyblush but I’m more likely to finish my Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand in Titian before that.

  47. Astrogherkin

    NARS’ Taj Mahal. I know that I am not going to repurchase it because it is just too expensive, but I’ve barely used it, so it’s going to take a long time to hit pan on it. I’m going to be worried until I can find the perfect (accessible) dupe for it.

  48. Definitely my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua! I love these products so much and they are the perfect color match!