Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette Vice 2

Vice 2

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

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Urban Decay Vice 2 Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 20 x 0.03 oz. / 0.60 oz.) includes twenty new and exclusive eyeshadows, which means the palette contains $216 worth of eyeshadow, plus a dual-ended brush that we'll value at $16 (using the lowest-priced brush they have, which is the Blending Brush, and this is one-half of the dual-ended brush, too).

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3 Written Reviews

Profile photo of Tabitha


3 years ago.

Amazing palette with a wide variety of shades. You have brights, metallics and neutrals so you can easily create different looks. The eyeshadows themselves apply really well and slide on effortlessly when applied using a brush. The texture is quite buttery and smooth. I managed to get an evenings wear out of most of the eye shadows and the pigmentation was never lost. Although the palette is quite pricey I would say its worth the price as you can easily have the palette as an entire shadow collection.

Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Olive
Profile photo of Mariella


3 years ago.

This is an amazing palette from UD. What's surprising is just how versatile and wearable these shadows are (depending on what shades you put together) but you can also do some really "WOW factor" looks as well. I think it's a bit heavy on the black shadows (3 in one palette) especially since most of us already have at least one or 2 blacks that work well for us, and if you've got either of the Naked palettes, you are well supplied with black. But I can overlook this because I LOVE Poison (it reminds me a bit of MAC's Moonlight Night pigment when I look at it in some lights) - it is SO pigmented that I have to be really careful only to pick up the slightest amount, which is more than enough for my outer V and crease! Fortunately, this shadow blends and blends effortlessly so what you think it is going to be an alarming black splotch blends out to a lovely fading gradient of dark to light smoke. This palette has great highlight shades (matte and sheen) and some standout rich neutrals and eye-catching jewel tones. Strike, Stash and Derailed are probably my favourite shades simply because I do like neutrals but I love every shade in this palette and I am WAAAY older than UD's target market, I'm sure. This palette is so complete and so well packaged (in a nice, hard plastic case with a big mirror) that it is great for travel - you can have day and dramatic evening looks all from one palette. The brush isn't bad either - seems a bit different and a bit nicer than the one in Naked2.

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Undertone: Pink
Profile photo of Sarah


3 years ago.

This palette is so incredibly awesome! I was kind of unsure about it because there were a bunch of neutrals (I have both Naked 1 and 2 so I'm pretty set on neutrals) and some colors that I didn't think I'd use but I'm so glad I bought it. The colors are all stunning--Prank, which sheers out really easily, is the only one I'm not in love with--and the possibilities for looks are endless. Even the neutrals have some spunk to them (Ambush totally blew me away: it looks super ordinary in the pan but GORGEOUS when swatched) to keep them from being too common. The array of colors means that you can go neutral or smoky or bright with ease. I love that there's pretty much one of every color (except orange or yellow, both of which I'd love to see done by UD). As soon as I got it, I did a random smoky look using Smokeout, Lovesick, Voodoo, Betrayal, Madness, Shellshock, Dope, and Habit--literally going "hmm, what if I added this next?"--and it turned out great even for a makeup newbie like me. The palette itself is extremely pretty, the button makes the mirror pop up by itself (which made my jaw drop from glee when I first opened it), and the mirror both stands up on its own and is big enough to actually use (which for someone who normally wears glasses like me and has to get up close to a mirror to do make-up is SUCH a plus). The only other gripe I'd have is with the double ended brush, which is kind of small for my liking. Still, it seems like it's pretty good quality. Overall, for $59 dollars you're getting 19 beautiful colors (and 1 so-so one), so I'd definitely say that it's worth it.

Skin Tone: Light - Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Undertone: Yellow