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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette Naked 2

Naked 2

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette


Urban Decay Naked 2 that is permanent and retails for $50.00 and contains 0.71 oz.

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PPermanent. $50.00/0.71 oz.
$70.42 Per Ounce

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Foxy Eyeshadow

PPermanent. $19.00/0.05 oz.

Half Baked Eyeshadow

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Bootycall Eyeshadow

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Chopper Eyeshadow

PPermanent. $19.00/0.05 oz.

Tease Eyeshadow

PPermanent. $19.00/0.05 oz.

Snakebite Eyeshadow

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Suspect Eyeshadow

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Pistol Eyeshadow

PPermanent. $19.00/0.05 oz.

Verve Eyeshadow

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YDK Eyeshadow

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Busted Eyeshadow

PPermanent. $19.00/0.05 oz.

Blackout Eyeshadow

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Naked Lip Junkie

DCDiscontinued. $19.00/0.34 oz.
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The Good: Easy To Apply (39), Great Value (31), Versatile (28), Long-wearing (27), Easy To Use (27), Travel-friendly (25), Great Gift (24), Buttery (20), Creamy (15), Easy-to-Use (4)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (33), Buildable (22), Sheer (1)

The Bad: Fall Out (16), Powdery (10), Creases (3), Fades (3)

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The Good: Easy To Apply (39), Great Value (31), Versatile (28), Long-wearing (27), Easy To Use (27), Travel-friendly (25), Great Gift (24), Buttery (20), Creamy (15), Easy-to-Use (4)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (33), Buildable (22), Sheer (1)

The Bad: Fall Out (16), Powdery (10), Creases (3), Fades (3)

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6 Written Reviews

Profile photo of Jade

By Jade 10 months ago.

Naked 2, just like Naked 1 and Naked Basics, totally revolutionized my makeup stash when I got them. I now use these three palettes almost exclusively, and if I do use other shadows, there will always be a shade I use from my naked palettes to pull the look together. Naked 2 is my go to for a nighttime look, specifically Snakebite, Suspect, YDK and Busted. Pistol and Verve are slightly too cool toned to work on me most of the time, and I rarely use Blackout just due to personal perference, though I can attest to it being extremely pigmented. Foxy is a good shade for blending out a shimmery highlight, such as Bootycall. Tease is an absolutely gorgeous shade, though sadly the one shade in this palette which I feel is subpar, as it is powdery and sheerer, though I still love it as a transition shade. Half-baked is an odd addition to this palette, as it is extremely warm toned, as well as being a repeat from Naked 1. I really would have preferred an antique gold in its place. Chopper is another odd one out, though a lovely highshimmer shade in its own right. This palette is a mainstay and I would be lost without it!!

Tags: buildable, highly-pigmented, buttery, creamy, easy-to-apply, fall-out, long-wearing, easy-to-use-product, great-gift, great-value, travel-friendly, versatile
Skin Tone: Light - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Neutral
Profile photo of Ash

By Ash 10 months ago.

This is a solid palette, with 12 shades that are excellent for daily use. It includes a double-ended brush and a mirror. The eyeshadows are not as pigmented as some other brands that place strong emphasis on pigment, but this makes the palette very useable as a tool to build everyday office looks and "nude" looks. It is possible to do more dramatic looks with this palette alone as well, since there are darker brown shades, a glittery gold shade, and a matte black shade. There are definitely a couple of shades that stand out more - in my own palette, I find that I use Half Baked (glittery gold), Snakebite (shimmery brown), Pistol (shimmery grey), Verve (shimmery silver), YDK (glittery silver with a hint of pink), and Busted (shimmery dark purple-brown) a lot more than the other shades. There is excellent value for money here. I do not really use a lot of product in my eyes or build a lot of coverage (or at least, not with this palette). I have had this palette for 2 years now, and use it lightly about 3 days a week. I have only hit pan on Half-Baked, Verve, and Busted. I can easily see myself using this palette for another 2 years. The brush that comes with the palette is not bad, but I would say that the flatter brush is not always precise enough for more clearly defined looks. I use the brush mostly for creating smoky looks, or when I contour areas of my face that need a brush that is smaller than a regular contour brush. I did not have a lot of issues with fallout - the shades in this palette are not so pigmented that fallout is a major issue. However, on darker colours like Busted (this shades tends to crumble more than the others, probably because it is probably the most pigmented shade in the palette), you may want to apply some powder on your undereye area for safety before applying it. Overall I would highly recommend this palette for people who want a palette that can handle both workplace-appropriate looks as well as more dramatic smoky eye looks. It would make a fantastic gift for anybody who likes makeup, granted they do not have the palette already.

Tags: buildable, powdery, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, easy-to-use-product, great-gift, great-value, travel-friendly, versatile
Profile photo of Mariella

By Mariella 2 years ago.

As much as I love Naked1, I love Naked2 even more for its slightly cooler shades. This is a wonderfully versatile neutral palette that offers great shadows in terrific colours (at least for me) that are neutral and still exciting.

Tags: highly-pigmented, buttery, creamy, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, easy-to-use, great-value, travel-friendly, versatile, great-gift
Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Undertone: Pink
Profile photo of Lorena

By Lorena 3 years ago.

I absolutely love this palette! There is at least one color I will use everytime I do my eyes. Its my go to for travel since it has a very slim case and there is such a variety of looks you can get with just this one palette. There is a slight fall out with the shimmers and thats easy to fix. 1. Tap out the access before using the brush 2. Use an adhering spray or liquid like MAC Fix + or 3. Do eyes firstt before face. That way any fall out that you get, you can easily remove with a wipe or hide when you apply your foundation. The palette is pricey. I got mine when Urban Decay was still selling them at $49. That was still pricey then but now any Naked palette will run you $54. The price has been steadilly increasing for the last few years, if it ever goes over $55.

Skin Tone: Medium-Tan - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Neutral
Profile photo of Lisa

By Lisa 3 years ago.

I wanted to love this. I wanted to love it *so much*. I'd heard sooo much about Naked (original) but it just looked too warm for my skin (though I do have a slight yellow-leaning tone, most warm shades look awful on me!). Naked2 seemed ideal, with it's "greige" (aka grey-beige) and taupe shades - right up my alley, I thought! Um, not exactly. Yes, the colours all swatched gorgeously on my skin. However, I find this palette very hard to wear unless you mix it with other mattes (only 3 in here, I believe), OR you can handle very shimmery-to-almost-metallic eyeshadows. For myself, I find I can usually use one very shimmery/metallic shadow but I like to balance the rest with matte or satin shadows or it's just too much on me. I also purchased the Naked Basics palette and LOVE that - using the Basics and adding a high-shimmer from Naked 2 would work well, but I felt that it was not the best use of my money to have the Naked 2. The quality sure is there; I could immediately see what people are so crazy for UD shadows! You need the lightest hand for the shadows as they're so pigmented. They feel creamy to apply and only the most glittery shadows have much fallout. The double-ended brush it comes with is cruelty-free (synthetic bristles) and works nicely for patting on shadow with one end (can also use the flat end for lining the eyes with shadow); the other end is great for blending and crease definition. Considering that each pan is almost exactly the size of a full, single eyeshadow but costs approx.as much as 2.5-3 X single shadows would, you can't argue with the price. I would rate it 5 stars for quality, but only 2-3 for wearability - again, unless you can easily rock a lot of high-shimmer shadow or you don't mind mixing in other more matte shadows with the Naked 2.

3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Normal - Undertone: Yellow
Profile photo of Jarvis

By Jarvis 4 years ago.

Features a good variety of shades that work well on many skin tones and some surprising essentials (the pair of highlighters is nice, as is the all-matte taupe Tease). The brush is durable and usable, and the packaging itself, while a step up from Naked's hard cardboard, has a weird flaw: the individual pans are not very tightly attached to the metal case. While this can be fixed with a hot-glue gun and some patience, it's a bit of a pain. Another curiosity is the repetition of the shade Half Baked from the original Naked palette; while it's a great shade, a bright glittery gold might be harder to use everyday than say, another matte nude. Regardless, it's a great palette and makes an excellent present.

1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
Skin Tone: Fairest - Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Undertone: Pink

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