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Avatar of Jessica Jessica
Deluxe Eyeshadow
Skin Tone: Medium, Skin Type: Oily, Undertone: Yellow

I LOVE ALL THESE EYESHADOWS!!! They are AWESOME!!! I have almost all the shades. They are highly pigmented and don’t crease and blend great. My least favorite is Ransom; it is not that pigmented.

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Avatar of Jillian Jillian
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Olive
Avatar of Quinctia Quinctia
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Normal, Undertone: Neutral
Avatar of Sarah Sarah
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily, Undertone: Yellow
Avatar of Jelena Jelena
Deluxe Eyeshadow
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry, Undertone: Neutral
Avatar of Christina Christina
Deluxe Eyeshadow
Skin Tone: Fair, Skin Type: Dry, Undertone: Neutral
Avatar of Cynthia Cynthia
Skin Tone: Light-Medium, Skin Type: Oily, Undertone: Olive
Avatar of Alyssa Alyssa
Deluxe Eyeshadow
Skin Tone: Fair, Skin Type: Oily, Undertone: Neutral
Avatar of Nikki Nikki
Deluxe Eyeshadow
Skin Tone: Tan, Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry, Undertone: Yellow
Avatar of Cynthia Cynthia
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Yellow

The Glossover

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Vibrant, silky, and luscious to-the-touch, Deluxe Shadows feature couture quality, a larger fill, and the richest, most brilliant color imaginable. Our divine collection of high-tech creamy powder eye color will turn your eyes into opulent works of art. Why ‘Deluxe’? Definitely incomparable, the creamy formula feels like cashmere, blends beautifully, and delivers an even more intense burst of color than regular Urban Decay Eyeshadows. And, Deluxe hues have an even greater fill weight than our regular Eyeshadows – a generous serving.