Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner) Chaos


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner)

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3 years ago.

I own so many 24/7 pencils, and I often wonder WHY I keep buying them when I don't care much for any of them, to be quite honest. I strongly prefer MAC's Chromographic Pencil in Black Black over Perversion. I detest the way the glittery, shimmery pencils refuse to leave any color on my water line. I find myself screaming in a histrionic rage at these stupid metal caps that fall off constantly, either ruining my pencils, or just annoying me by forcing me to retrieve lost caps off the floor after they roll under my bed because I was silly enough to place the cap on the back-end of the pencil AGAIN, just as I do with all my pencils. I have asked myself a thousand times, WHY OH WHY ARE THESE THINGS SO POPULAR?!? because of all of my frustration and disappointment, and for $20 a pencil, I ought to be squealing with excitement over them every single time. And then it happened. CHAOS came into my life, and made all the 24/7 hype make sense. This has to be the most amazing eye pencil I have ever owned. Vibrant, beautiful, sexy. It glides on (as advertised) with great ease and comfort. It is easy to flip into a lovely and flawless sharp-tailed wing, which is no simple feat with the average pencil. I cannot say enough about how deeply I adore this pencil. Now, I am desperate to complete my 24/7 collection of MATTE shades specifically, as well as a few of the brighter shimmer shades that make me feel all warm and fuzzy just to look at online. I can only hope even one of the other pencils I'll be buying is half as awesome as CHAOS is. LOVE LOVE LOVE.... LOVE.

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