Urban Decay   10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette

10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay  

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The Good
  • Long-wearing (14)
  • Easy To Apply (14)
  • Great Value (12)
  • Easy To Use (11)
  • Buttery (10)
  • Versatile (10)
  • Travel-friendly (10)
  • Great Gift (7)
  • Creamy (4)
  • Easy-to-Use (1)
The In-Between
  • Highly Pigmented (15)
  • Buildable (5)
  • Sheer (2)
The Bad
  • Fall Out (8)
  • Powdery (7)
  • Fades (2)
  • Hard To Blend (2)
  • Too Little Product (1)
  • Hard To Apply (1)
  • Dry (1)

3 Written Reviews

Profile photo of Mariella


1 year ago.

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this palette in all the years I've owned it. When it first came out, I nearly bought it simply to get the shade Mushroom (which, at the time, wasn't available as a single shadow) but when I looked at this, I realized it was silly to purchase it for just that one shade, especially since I already had Rockstar and Gunmetal and perhaps Money). But then my daughter received it as an Xmas gift (she'd really wanted the original Naked palette!) and liked it but wasn't thrilled. So I bought Naked for her and she gave me this. I really like it. It is actually a pretty good travel palette - small and with a range of versatile colours from light to darker and from neutral to "less neutral". I would never use Infamous - I simply don't wear colours like that on my eyes - but every other shade in here is great and it's in this palette that I discovered Wreckage, which is a fabulous mid-toned brown that doesn't lean red. And Mushroom is a staple taupe-grey and one of those shades you can always rely on when you want a nice eye but don't want to have to think or do a lot of work. The only downside is the case....it's actually not that difficult to open once you know the "trick" of sort of pushing just on one side rather than trying to pull it open with even pressure all around but until you figure out the best way, it can be fiddly (and even when you've got it sussed, it can still be tricky!).

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Undertone: Pink
Profile photo of Jessica


3 years ago.

I love the mariposa pallete its great for smoky eyes. It has evrything u need. Lid crease and highlight shades. I just wish it has a mirror but thats not a big deal.

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Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Yellow
Profile photo of Jessica


3 years ago.

I'm not a fan of this palette. It's too glittery for me, and there is so much fall out. I have to apply my eyeshadow before my foundation and I hate doing that. I will never get this pallet again. Worst $34 or $39 I have ever spent.

Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Yellow