Teddy Bear Brush Set

Too Faced

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  • Price $65.00

Temptalia Review

Too Faced Teddy Bear Brush Set ($65.00) is a new, five-piece brush set that features synthetic brushes. I think, generally, if you have larger-sized eyes or tend to do looks with one or two colors, these may work. I also think it may have been more practical to include an additional face brush (perhaps a blush brush) rather than just one (and then four eye brushes) or made them all eye brushes (perhaps an angled eyeliner brush). The set had me feeling a bit like Goldilocks; the eye brushes were, generally, too large for my eye shape/size. As a result, it was challenging for me to use them with my eye shape, so this is just an overview, rather than an in-depth review. The brushes are soft, and I haven’t had any issues after washing them a dozen or so times.

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