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Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow

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3 years ago.

It was really hard to choose a colour from the drop down list to describe this shadow. Sephora describes it as "Taupe Violine Shimmer" (whatever the heck that means!) but this is somewhere in that strange land between grey, pewter, taupe, lavender and soft, dusty plum. It is a beautiful shade that marries well with so many other shadows in my collection and is a perfect crease defining colour because it really looks like a "shadow" rather than like "eye shadow". And, again, kudos to Sephora for making these shadows easy to de-pot and also for offering the larger palettes for "free" if you purchase 2 shadows (a free 3 pan) or 3 shadows (the larger palette). I do wish they'd make the 3-pan into a 4-pan; that would be just that little bit more practical for me. The Sephora shadows are, for the most part, really excellent and I plan to be buying a few more of these.

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