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Avatar of Lotus Lotus
Turkish Delight
Skin Tone: Fairest, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Pink

Being a fan of the original Turkish Delight, I’m quite disappointed with the run down useless formulation of this! For me, this is just another example of what tragically occurs when a company stops making a great product and then tries to replicate it. Failure. I also loved the original LancĂ´me eyeshadows and UD. The greatest thing about this product is the reminder that I have a few backups of the better discontinued one. Also, if a product is NOT going to be the same, I think the company should NAME it DIFFERENTLY. This is not Turkish Delight.

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Avatar of Ami Ami
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Yellow
Avatar of Kristin Kristin
Skin Tone: Tan, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Neutral

The Glossover

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