Maybelline   Volum' Express The Rocket Washable Mascara

Volum' Express The Rocket Washable Mascara


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Profile photo of Kuávsui


2 years ago.

The non-waterproof Rocket is a good enough mascara for adding some (but not loads) of volume to your lashes if you don't find the rubbery, spiky short-bristled brush off-putting. I didn't find it very lengthening, and the non-waterproof version smudges easily on my oily skin and doesn't hold any curl at all. I would use this more if I had naturally long, curly lashes that only need a little definition but otherwise, Maybelline probably has better mascaras for those who really wamt a boost of volume.

Skin Tone: Light-Medium - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Olive
Profile photo of Mabel


2 years ago.

This clumps big time, no matter how I don't wiggle it or apply and re-apply. I noticed the product caking on the brush like crazy, even after I clean it off and try again. It does extend as promised.

Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Red
Profile photo of Carrie


3 years ago.

This clumped up on me so badly. My lashes stuck together and had little chunks of product. I did a de-clumping on the brush but it didn't work. Way too frustrating.

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Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Normal - Undertone: Neutral