Maybelline   Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara

Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara


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  • Thickening (4)
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  • Lengthening (3)
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Profile photo of Viet Ha

Viet Ha

1 year ago.

I used to be a Lancome's mascaras fanatic and I used to have every single waterproof Lancome mascaras cos I sweat a lot and easily and my lashes are like super straight. The Full n Soft mascara was the one thing that converted me to use drugstore mascara (sounds so snobbish I know but back then I knew nearly nothing about make up and thought only high end products are good enough!). Ever since, this mascara has been my best bet whenever I dont wanna risk trying something new, having really little prep time and want my lash to stay beautiful all day. The brush looks quite normal, no swirling, no twisting, no extreme this and that, just a regular type of brush that isnt too big or too small. Since the big one tends to give volume but it's also easy to make a mess of (I have asian eye, a little bit protruding) and the small brush tends to give length and too little volume and definition so this middle size is perfect for both volume and length. I dont apply it in zigzag way, just like straight up and I find that it didnt clump at all, just adds definition to my lashes. I would wait for it to dry before go back another 1-2 coats for a more dramatic look at night. This way it doesnt feel sticky. Of course as with every mascara, I always go back with a clean brush to clean up and thin the tip of the lashes so that it looks more like the real thing (ie falsies!) Yes, people thought I was wearing falsies. I actually like this much much more than my used-to-be favourite Lancome mascara, at a fraction of the price, not to mention it's on sale quite often so I always wait for it to go on sale to buy a new one. Another good thing to point out that it has never dried out, though I know that I handle mascara (pushing in and pulling out the handle) very very gently cos I've seen people literally pumping it like they're working out their arms and then complaint that their mascara dries out so fast. So, it could be my handling, or the formula, or BOTH! I dont know but that's how I handle it and I find that it works for all mascaras in terms of keeping it from drying out.