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3 years ago.

Pros: The brush is very soft, sometimes I just like to pet it. It is very dense so it picks up powder well yet somehow it distributes the powder so wellis impossible to get a cakey powder application with it which is awesome. The shape of the brush and is small size make it very easy to powder the small hard to reach areas of the face. It also does not shed even when you wash it. Cons: The handle is crap, it is why i gave it only tree stars. First of all the "Make Up Forever" logo is just printed on the plastic base and will rub off within a week making it look like a generic brand brush. But the worst offense is that the handle will crack, majorly! If you drop it even from a 2 cm distance it will crack instantly and pieces will start falling off until you are left with nothing but the brush hair. Even if you don't drop it, it will eventually crack just from washing it and normal wear and tear. I have to keep mine together with tape. I dont know what Make Up Forever was thinking making it so fragile even my elf brushes don't break like this :/

Skin Tone: Light-Medium - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Neutral