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The Glossover

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  • Price $21.00


The angled edge of this brush allows for precise and controlled lip color application along the lip line while its flat side is ideal for filling in. It features straight, flexible fibers, and can be used to blend lip pencils, lip glosses, or lipsticks with ease to create precise definition or modify the lip shape.

Temptalia Review

#300 Lip Brush ($21.00) is a small, flat, rectangle-shaped brush designed to fill in with lip color blend out lip products. The brush head is 7mm in length, 5mm in width, and 2mm in thickness. It had a pinched, metal ferrule, and it had a total brush length of just under 6.5 inches or 16.25 centimers. It worked well for applying lipstick more precisely, though I found it a good size for my lips, it seemed like it might be too large for those with thinner lips. MAC 316 ($20) is slightly rounded and a bit smaller overall.

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