#260 Bent Eyeliner Brush

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The Glossover

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  • Price $24.00


This brush is ideal for beginners because the bent handle allows for greater control while viewing the area of application. The small head can access the tightest corners of the inner eye, depositing the perfect amount of product to create a precise, clean look. The brush features straight fibers, and can be used with creams and liquids.

Temptalia Review

#260 Bent Eyeliner Brush ($24.00) is a narrow, triangle-shaped brush that comes to a point that has a bent ferrule, so eyeliner can be applied at an angle. The brush head is 5mm in length, 2mm in width, and 1mm in thickness. It has a bent metal ferrule that opens at the top, and it has a total brush length of just under 6.25 inches or 16.5 centimeters. It’s great for applying gel and cream eyeliner along the lash line with precision and control.  I can’t recall having a brush like this, though I know that there are several others available, and the most popular one that I can recall would be Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush ($5.99).

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